8 Misheard K-Pop Lyrics Pt. 3

kpop korean song lyrics misheard

As if mishearing lyrics in our own native language wasn’t enough of an issue, K-pop is at a whole other level of confusion. As we’ve discussed in the first and second installments of this list, with mixing English and Korean lyrics being the norm in K-pop songs, it’s really easy to mistake Korean words for English ones and vice versa. This, of course, gives way for funny interpretations that, in some cases for fans, end up replacing the real lyrics. So, once again, here are another eight misheard K-pop lyrics.

1. Brown Eyed Girls “Sixth Sense”

What we heard: “Bitch, bitch. Guilty, guilty”
What it says: “Nun bichi, bichi. Guilty, guilty”

misheard kpop lyrics confused korean lee joon

by hellosarang


What we heard: “Betty annyeong”
What it says: “Betting on you”

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3. 2PM “A.D.T.O.Y.”

What we heard: “Booty ya, booty ya”
What it says: “Ppuniya, ppuniya”

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 4. G.NA “Banana”

What we heard: “Lipstick, chicken, butter roll”
What it says: “Lipstick jitge bareugo”

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5. VIXX “Rock Ur Body”

What we heard: “So we got ya pregnant”
What it says: “Show we that ya climax”

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by yurismile

6. BTS “Dope”

What we heard: “Energy, energy, energy drank”
What it says: “Energy, energy, energy, what

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7. SHINee “Hello”

What we heard: “Who knows tutti frutti?”
What it says: “Who knows uri duri”

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8. AOA “Heart Attack”

What we heard: “Para, para, parasol”
What it says: “Banhae, banhae, beoryeosseo”

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