8 Misheard K-Pop Lyrics Pt. 5

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As we’ve talked about previously, as foreign K-pop fans, sometimes we don’t get the lyrics right. We’ve gone through this on multiple installments of this list, but for the fifth, it seems we got a bit hostile. Either by [content warning] hearing bad words or completely interpreting a good message as a bad one. So here it goes again: here are the latest eight songs we misheard.

1. “Hello” by B.I.G

What we heard: “I’m a lady”
What it says: “I’m a like it”

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2. “This Love” by SHINHWA

What we heard: “We live for this club”
What it says: “We live for this love”

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3. “Cheer Up” by Twice

What we heard: “Shut up baby, shut up baby”
What it says: “Cheer up baby, cheer up baby”

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4. “what2do” by DEAX X Crush X Jeff Bernat

What we heard: “Your love is just a bit boring”
What it says: “Your love is just a memory”

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5. “Joker” by Dal Shabet

What we heard: “Jotka, jotka (fuck off)”
What it says: “Joker, joker”

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6. “Champagne” by TVXQ’s Yunho

What we heard: “I only want tits, I only want that, I only want tits”
What it says: “Only one chance, only one take, only one chance”

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7. “I (feat Verbal Jint)” by Taeyeon

What we heard: “Bitches on the sky”
What it says: “Bicheul ssodneun sky”

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8. “I Need U” by BTS

What we heard: “Fuck everything, fuck everything”
What it says: “ Fall, everything falls, everything”

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