8 misheard K-pop lyrics pt. 6

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As long as K-pop artists put out music, the chances of foreign fans mishearing the lyrics are large. We’ve talked about it in previous installments: we think a certain line is in English, but it’s actually Korean, or it’s the other way around. Either way, in most cases, it makes for a funny experience. So let’s do this one more time and list the latest misheard lyrics.

1. “1llusion” by Dok2

What we heard: “Is it Ilsan? Is it really Ilsan? Let me know it’s Ilsan if it’s really ill”
What it says: “Is it ill son? Is it really ill son? Let me know it’s ill son if it’s really ill”

tara t-ara kpop gif confused misheard lyrics

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2. “Knock Knock” by I.O.I

What we heard: “Knock knock knock knock”
What it says: “Tok tok tok tok”

iu confused gif misheard lyrics

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3. “RE-BYE” by AKMU

What we heard: “It’s ok”
What it says: “Iksukhae”

wu yifan kris confused gif misheard kpop lyrics

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4. “Symptoms” by SHINee

What we heard: “Chillin’… Chillin’”
What it says: “Gipsugi jjillin … jjillin”

confused kpop gif annoyed misheard kpop lyrics

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5. “Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG

What we heard: “Come on donkey”
What it says: “Geomeun dokgiui”

confused gif misheard kpop lyrics crayon pop

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6. “She Is” by Jonghyun

What we heard: “I like this bitch”
What it says: “?????”

confused tiffany snsd girls generation gif miseard kpop lyrics

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7. “Artificial Love” by EXO

What we heard: “She don’t love me naked, artificial love”
What it says: “She don’t love me, naegen artificial love”

shocked siwon super junior gif misheard kpop lyrics

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8. “Pick Me” by I.O.I

What we heard: “Pin me pin me pin me up”
What it says: “Pick me pick me pick me up”

g.na shocked gif misheard kpop lyrics

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