8 K-Pop Girl Power Anthems Pt. 4

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Most K-pop songs are about love, despair, or encouraging jams for youth who might be going through difficult times, and they don’t always have the best messages for women. However, once in a while, a girl group or soloist releases a song celebrating being a woman and representing girl power at its best. We’ve had three previous installments of girl power anthems, and here are eight more songs for you.

1. Mamamoo “My Heart”

For member Hwasa’s solo, Mamamoo released a song all about being a woman going against the current and owning it. Hwasa sings about being what society deems a “bad girl” and “rebellious.” She drinks, wears fish nets, work hard just to spend her money at the nail salon, is cocky, etc. “My Heart” is all about being real and owning it, even if people think you’re a bad person. Because being young is all about experiencing life to the fullest.

2. Lee Hyori “Love Radar (feat. Beenzino)”

It’s really hard to write romantic songs that aren’t all about losing yourself for a man in the name of love. However, Lee Hyori has that down with “Love Radar.” There’s nothing wrong about being crazy in love with a partner, as long as you never lose track of what you want, also have your needs met, and owning your sexuality.

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3. Girls’ Generation “Catch Me If You Can”

With age, one becomes wiser, even with love, and that’s what Girls’ Generation are showing with “Catch Me If You Can.” It’s basically saying that this woman has matured and isn’t a little girl anymore. It also advises the guy to keep up and accept her for what she is if she wants to be with her, hence the title. With the line, “I’m going to find my heart,” the song makes a strong statement that even if you’re in a relationship, when it comes down to it, you first have to know yourself in order to be with someone else. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first.

4. Neon Bunny “Oh My Prince”

But not all boys are nice and accepting, and instead of sulking, Neon Bunny calls this prince out for all his bs. “Oh My Prince” asks all the important questions to this self-absorbed guy, like which star did you come from? Or, if you’re that perfect, why are you still single? It’s the biggest f-u to all those guys out there that get too carried away by the status quo and judge romantic interests accordingly.

5. EXID “Ah Yeah”

People come in all shapes and forms, so if there are sweet, understanding guys, there are also the pests who just don’t want to get it when you say “no” to them. A lot of girls are shy and don’t always say what’s on their minds, even when it comes to something that bothers them. EXID’s “Ah Yeah” is sung by a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you to step off.

6. D-Unit “Stay Alive”

It seems that women empowerment anthems in Korean are more popular in rap than in pop. And yet, a lot of them rely on putting other women up in order to stand out themselves. However, D-Unit’s “Stay Alive” doesn’t need to diss other women in order to boast about themselves. On the contrary, it promotes all girls at the chorus, making it a truly positive song.

7. Gilme “My Turn”

Gilme’s “My Turn” does diss people in order to set herself apart from the rest, but at least her diss is directed at everyone, “ladies, fellas, balla.” But the song is not only a self empowerment jam, it also declares that she’s in charge of her life and her destiny.

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8. Ivy “You Are the Ace”

Whenever you’re down in life and needing a good pick-me-up, this song by Ivy reminds you to always feel yourself and forget the criticism. “You Are the Ace” is a comforting song that says we should all be who we truly are without any hesitation.

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