6 Songs to Get You Ready For B.A.P’s Comeback

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B.A.B.Y’s worldwide can finally rejoice because B.A.P’s long awaited comeback is finally underway! After a turbulent and what felt like a never ending 12 months, the guys are finally back and is set to release their latest music video for “Young, Wild & Free” on November 15th. In order to properly prep you for this overdue comeback, here are six songs to get you ready for it!

[Disclaimer: As a B.A.B.Y myself, I suggest you seclude yourself in a room with a box (or two) of tissue, seeing as you’re about to experience some serious “feels” with these songs.]

1. “Warrior”

B.A.P sure knows how to make an entrance! They set the tone for the rest of the 2012’s rookie groups the moment they released their debut music video and track, “Warrior.” Most people’s first impressions were probably something along the lines of, “who are these six blonde newbies?” Sure, it was probably hard to tell them apart in this music video, considering all the uniformed outfits and non stop choreography that prevented the viewers a chance to take a peek at their faces. But that was it! There was something about all of that that reeled potential fans in.

During the time of B.A.P’s debut, it was beyond uncommon to see Korean boy bands or “idol” groups in general tampering with hip hop as much as they did. This song came out during a time where other boy bands were all about that flower boy image and cute concepts, whereas “Warrior” was the polar opposite. It showed strength, determination, and power; it was refreshing and completely unexpected. Not only did B.A.P set the bar high with their debut for the rookies that followed, but “Warrior” was a way of them setting their own standards, raising the bar sky high for their own comebacks.

2. “Crash”

B.A.P’s strong hip hop image was heavily present for their first three consecutive releases with “Warrior,” “Power,” and “No Mercy.” People were probably starting to wonder if it was always going to be like this. But that came to a semi halt when they surprised fans with a behind the scenes type music video with “Crash.”

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It was a great feeling getting to see the members in a more natural state of being. Although they were still technically working, by being in the outside environment and enjoying fresh air even if it was just for a few hours, versus being cooped up in a room somewhere must’ve been revitalizing for them. They weren’t expected to be the perfectionists that they are when they’re on stage performing. This was an opportunity for them to frolic around, goof off, and engage in activities that anyone their age should have a chance to do. On top of it being a fun filled music video, the upbeat tune in “Crash” meshed in perfectly with B.A.P’s energetic members. Just like the song lyrics insinuates, hearts were definitely stolen.

3. “One Shot”

How can one make a B.A.P list and not add “One Shot?” This extravagant production came in at a whooping $910,000, and it surely shows! The music video itself has its share of intense violence and plot twists, but if you took the time to listen to the lyrics, it’ll be one of the most lyrically influential songs you’ll ever encounter.

It’s too early for failure, you’re still young.
Hell yeah, challenge yourself, spread your small self out, just do it.

When B.A.P’s leader Bang Yongguk wrote the lyrics for “One Shot,” he did it with the intention of sending a widespread message to everyone on self empowerment, especially the youth. You typically feel the most invincible when you’re young, like you can do anything and everything because there’s no such thing as fear. There’s no scientific reasoning behind why that is, things just seem to work out that way. Don’t let your mind self instill you with thoughts of despair. Always believe in yourself, test new waters because life is always about experimenting. How will you ever know if something will work out in your favor if you never try? Don’t let someone else try and tell you how something may or may not work out; they’re not you, only you can find out the outcome for yourself.

4. “B.A.B.Y”

As someone who’s followed B.A.P since their debut, re-listening to this song after the announcement of their comeback has struck chords that it’s never struck before. It’s insane how a song’s meaning can totally change depending on one’s situation. When “B.A.B.Y” was first released, it was B.A.P’s way of expressing their gratitude to the fans. Although the lyrics don’t necessarily point towards the fans, with it’s cheerful melody and loving music video, it was indeed meant for us. Now looking at the lyrics, lines like “if I don’t see you for a day/I think I’ll go crazy” and “whenever I see you, my heart feels like it’ll burst,” explains the exact epitome of how B.A.B.Y’s were feeling during their hiatus.

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Even when the members were dealing with self-exhaustion, enough that they’d have to check themselves into the hospital, they never wanted to show us their weak sides. Even when they were going through their lawsuit with TS Entertainment, they were still trying to protect the fans. Now when I listen to this song, instead of listening to it as a song that was dedicated to B.A.B.Y’s, it feels as though we’ve re-dedicated it back to the members.

5. “1004”

B.A.P may not be the first group that pops up in your mind when someone asks you to name a popular dance group. However, they are known for their high intensity choreography. I always feel so out of breath every time I watch the “1004” music video. Instead of incorporating the classic one-two step footwork and synchronized arm movements, you can always count on B.A.P to use and throw their entire bodies around whenever they dance. It’s really never anything simple with these guys; everything from their puffed out chests while doing mid air jumps to their different angled hip thrusts down to Jongup’s knee floor spin and Zelo’s limbo move, at a stand still. “1004” showcased each member’s matured strengths and of course without forgetting to highlight the groups dancing machines, Jongup and Zelo.

Even though the music video is rather dim and dark, the thrilling beat easily lightens the mood. The song’s high energy blends in well with the group’s dynamic, considering they’re their best when they’re performing powerful choreography. Not only is “1004” a song worth marveling over but it also gave B.A.P their first music show victory, giving them one of their proudest and longest fought moment in their careers.

6. “With You”

When you’re tired and suffering, I’ll hug you.
If no one’s on your side, I’ll embrace you.

Have you ever found yourself spiraling out of control, down a deep dark hole? Who or what pulled you out from that never-ending tunnel? I think I can speak on behalf of a number of people when I say B.A.P has gotten me out of a lot of the darkest moments in life. It may sound insane, especially maybe to someone who doesn’t understand that music is a universal language and that it can speak wonders to various people. There were days when I felt at my lowest and even when nothing else was working, a simple 20-second snippet of a B.A.P song or video would clear things right up.

“With You” has been the go-to song in the last year. Aside from all the emotions and countless tears that it brings, it’s a well-written song that’ll show you that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dark your days may seem, just remember that as long as you’re willing to reach out your hand, there’ll always be someone on the receiving end willing to reach back and help.

Although we don’t speak the same language and come from two very different worlds, there’s just something about B.A.P. They give off a more than humane side of them that you sometimes don’t get to see in other Korean entertainers and artists. A vibe that makes them feel even realer than they already are.

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably already gone through that box of tissue. But you know what, it’s better to let out those emotions that you’ve been building up for the last year and start afresh on the 15th, right? How have you been preparing yourself for B.A.P’s comeback? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.