6 Reasons to Attend the Los Angeles Korean Festival

los angeles la korean festival 2015

As fans, we all love K-pop concerts. Your bias group comes into town and you save up to buy a ticket plus everything else it entails, you show up the day of, and enjoy the show, finit. However great that experience can be, it’s also very limiting. That’s not the case with festivals, especially the Los Angeles Korean Festival, which hosts an annual event to celebrate Korea’s community, culture, and entertainment. Oh, and brings K-pop stars for a slew of great performances.

This year, the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation (LAKFF) has done it again by bringing an impressive lineup of Korean stars and expanding the festivities by offering more of everything. So if you’re in or around Los Angeles and are still on the fence about attending or are not even aware of this event, here’s a little bit of persuasion from our part as to why you can’t miss it.

1. It’s a Four Day Celebration

This year, the LA Korean Festival is a four day event filled with food, goodies, and, of course, Korean performers including talented K-pop stars, from October 1 through the 4 at the Seoul National Park. The truth of the matter is that the performers are what draw in much of the attention, but with four days, the festival will host many activities including a parade, beauty pageant, and traditional music performances. So no matter what, there’s something fun for everyone of every age and gender.

2. Food, Food, and More Food

What’s a festival without food and what’s a celebration of Korean culture without Korean food? Get ready to taste some great food from local restaurants and vendors, Korean and non-Korean alike. So if you don’t feel like eating kimchi fried rice, seafood pancakes, or garlic shrimp, you can always go for the lemonade ice bars, pipe ice cream, or waffle bites. There will be something delicious for every palate from sweet to spicy to salty.

toppoki dubokki los angeles korean festival

via Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation (LAKFF) Facebook Page

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3. Diversity in the Korean Acts Performing

K-pop has been the focus for Hallyu for quite some time now, it’s no secret. But there are a few other genres in the industry that are getting more popular abroad and the LAKFF know it. That’s why in addition to the K-pop acts like Mamamoo and D.Holic, there’s also rap stars Vasco and #GERAGIDA, satoori rap-pop hybrid PUNDENG-E, and soloist Esna, and more, including a few trot singers.

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via Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation (LAKFF) Facebook Page

Mamamoo, the headliners, will perform on Oct. 3 at p.m., Vasco and special guest #GERAGIDA will perform on the 2nd at the same time, while PUNDENG-E will entertain audiences with two performances, one on the 1st at 8 p.m. and another on the 3rd at 9 p.m. If you would like to know when the rest of the artists will perform, be sure to stay tuned to the LAKF event page on Facebook.

4. PUNDENG-E Will Have a Special Comeback

This female three piece group has not made a huge impact in Korea… yet… but that doesn’t stop them from promoting themselves abroad to the international audiences. So to come on here with a bang, PUNDENG-E, a rookie group, will have a special comeback on the LAKF stage. As mentioned before, the group mixes in satoori rap with electric beats that make you WTF harder than Orange Caramel. They’re quirky, they’re goofy, and they rap, and it all oddly works.

pundeng-e comeback los angeles korean festival pundeng-e

via Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation (LAKFF) Facebook page

5. Shopping!

If you’ve been riding on this wave we call Hallyu for some time now, you know it’s not only about the music and the dramas. Oh no, Hallyu encompasses all kinds of goods that come from Korea, so come prepared to score the latest in cosmetics, accessories, clothing, and even appliances. Also, food vendors will come with all kinds of yummy stuff you’ll want to take home.

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6. Entry is Free

If you’ve ever been to a K-pop concert in the U.S. you know how expensive they can get. So what if I told you you can see Mamamoo, Vasco, Esna and more for free? Well, you can because the LA Korean Festival is free of charge. All you have to do is show up and enjoy it all! And with the stream of concerts in Los Angeles especially, fans’ pockets could sure have a break. The foundation even has a coupon online for discounted parking — because you know how expensive LA parking can get…

And in case you can’t make it, worry not for the performances will be live streamed through Airelive.

For more information, be sure to check out the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation’s Facebook page as well as the event page, for the moderators are great at keeping fans up to date with the latest news on the festival and answering questions.

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