6 K-Things To Watch This October: Big Bang, ‘Answer Me,’ INFINITE, Lee Min Ki & More

DramaFever octoberSeptember is just about over and we’re getting really excited about what our friends at DramaFever are bringing to their site this October.

1. YG Entertainment Concert Series – Every Wednesday

YG-stans rejoice! Yup, we’re not joking here. Each week, DramaFever will bring audiences a new K-pop concert that K-pop fans from around the world can enjoy. October is all about YG Entertainment, so fans can watch “Big Bang: Tour II” on Oct. 7, “YG Family Tour” on Oct. 14, “2NE1 Concert” on Oct. 21, and “G-Dragon One of a Kind” on Oct. 28.

2. “Because It’s The First Time” (Drama) – October 8

This drama, starring Park So Dam, Choi Minho of SHINee, and Kim Min Jae is the first ever drama series to air on the Korean channel, OnStyle. It’s a cute, lighthearted comedy about six friends and their stories. Each episode is only fifteen minutes long, and everything about the show looks so adorable, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t watch it.

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3. “GROW: INFINITE’s Real Youth Life” (Documentary) – October 10

This is more than just a movie for fans of INFINITE (like myself,) because it’s a documentary about their world tour and what it’s like being a K-pop star traveling the globe and performing. K-pop is well-known for its intensity, both from entertainers and fans alike, and “GROW” gives real insight into the lives of these seven K-pop idols.

4. “Bubblegum” (Drama) – October 26

Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won play a doctor and radio show producer respectively, just living their lives and seeking contentment. This slice of life drama takes place around a hospital and a radio station, as the characters of the drama sort out their individual problems to become happier. There will surely be a few serious moments, but this stellar cast will not disappoint.

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5. “Answer Me 1988” (Drama) – October 30

I am so excited for this throwback show that I cannot express it. “Answer Me 1997” and “Answer Me 1994” were really great dramas from tvN, with casts that really outstanded and surpassed expectations (I’m looking at you, Eunji and Hoya.) Even if you weren’t alive in the late 1980’s, the latest in the “Answer Me” series will make you wish you were. Lee Hyeri (of Girl’s Day) and Go Kyung Pyo will be the showrunners, but the rest of the ensemble will surely also surprise us.

6. “Spellbound” (Film) – October 30

Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin, that should be enough for most people. Take it a step farther, and combine those two amazing Korean actors with a comedic horror film, and throw in some romance and magic? There’s really nothing more that a person could ask for. The 2011 film was one of the most popular romantic comedies in Korea, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be everyone’s new favorite. Lee plays a street magician who spots Son’s character, and the two become business partners. The character-who-can-see-ghosts plot isn’t entirely dissimilar from the 2013 drama, “The Master’s Sun,” but this is one movie that everybody should definitely check out.

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