2NE1 Style: Top 5 Music Video Fashion

We already know that when it comes to fashion, 2NE1 has done it all. They’ve showed us from punk to glamorous femme fatale styles.   And to celebrate 2NE1’s fifth anniversary, we’ll take look back at their best music video fashion.

YG Entertainment is a trend setter; 2NE1 became the first female K-pop group to show us a different style than the cookie cutter cutesy style. The always bad ass members CL, Bom, Minzy and Dara never seize to amaze us with their transformations.

Here are my top five options of the best outfits worn by the girls:


2ne1 Scream Fashion Outfits

This is not only my favorite song, but the styling for all the girls is simply amazing. We get to see both sides of 2NE1: their badass, I-don’t-care-I’m-the-best attitude, and the ultra chic one.  They wear outfits from designer houses like KTZ, Versace, Balmain, Givenchy, and Burberry Prorsum. Check out the video below, you need to see it in full to appreciate all the outfits.


From Rapunzel length hair to feathers and green wigs, 2NE1 looks fabulous while being sad. The Tim Burton-inspired video has the girls adopting a very gothic look.  Those huge braids that Dara sports in the video gives me life! They could have gone another route with the style and concept of the video, and I’m glad they went this way. The Gothic Lolita trend was very popular in 2010 and 2NE1 adapted the concept very well. Take a look at the amazing piece of art below.



Dara Purple and Magenta Hair

After many years of telling boys to go away and telling them they don’t care, 2NE1 came back with I Love You, and we fell head-over-heels in love with them once again.  Who could forget all those gorgeous Versace  pieces paired with Chanel and Roberto Cavalli? Plus, the  Mary Katrantzou  pieces at the dancing scene were to die for! Two of my favorite looks where CL in the all black unitard dropped it low scene. Dara looked amazing with the purple and magenta wig. Love, love. love!

CL Unitard I Love You


2ne1 Come Back Home Fashion

2NE1 took us to the future with Come Back Home. People are obsessed with the virtual world and our girls hack into that world and destroy it.  Our lady rebels were decked out in AMBUSH, HOOD by AIR, Alexander McQueen, and Rick Owens for ADIDAS. Once again, Dara takes credit for the best hair in the video.  They also took us back to the 1990’s by channeling Seo Taiji and the Boys, with the beanie and blue wig. Even the YG Entertainment building sported the same beanie during promotions for the song.

Dara Come Back Home Beanie


2NE1 Missing You Wearing Saint Laurent

The number one spot goes to all the fashion on the Missing You music video.  The video has really beautiful visuals that are paired perfectly with an amazing styling. It’s nothing new that the ladies love Versace, but this time around, the Saint Laurent pieces stole the show. The styling for each members is flawless. It makes me think that we are watching a fashion spread from Vogue. Even the only male in the video is styled perfectly, wearing a Maison Martin Margiela mask that makes his scenes that more dramatic.

Maison Marting Margiela Mask DramaticMaison Martin Margiela Hat

CL in Versace Fur Coat

2NE1 always surprises us with amazing fashion, not only on their videos but also in their live performances and on the streets.

To continue 2NE1’s fifth anniversary celebration in good spirits, here is a bonus entry for Happy. I really love the styling on this video  and I couldn’t pick a spot on the countdown. The video even has a cameo from their good  friend and designer Jeremy Scott.

2ne1 Happy Jeremy Scott

What was your favorite styling? Did I leave out one of your favorites looks from 2NE1? Let us know! And don’t forget to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.