Weekly K-pop faves: November 21-27

k-pop playlist November 27

As the end of the year inches closer and closer, so does the wintery weather and K-pop’s seasonal tunes have begun in earnest. Both B1A4 and Dok2 released wintery singles this week, while Sistar and Zico (plus Crush and Dean) also returned with songs that are perfect to listen to at this time of year.

“A Lie” by B1A4 (Released Nov. 27)

When it comes to B1A4 making a comeback, there’s no doubt that this group will deliver. They may be a bit lesser known internationally than some other K-pop boy bands, but the group’s production creds and their harmonious vocals actually make them one of the most solid acts in the industry. Their newest song “A Lie,” co-written by Jinyoung and Baro, combines B1A4’s quirkiness with their more soulful side, resulting in a wintery rock ballad that plays with with subtle electronic melodies before resulting in the building chorus. Like many of B1A4 songs, “A Lie” gets better with each listen so as to pick up on each nuanced beat. The accompanying music video is shot beautifully and combines seamlessly with the song to depict a short, yet meaningful, story.


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“Put it Down” feat. Kim Hyo Eun, Chang Mo by Dok2 (Released Nov. 24)

Despite the new drama Entourage (yes, a “remake” of the American TV series) getting bad reviews, the soundtrack is pretty solid. One of the newest releases brings Illionaire Records’ Dok2, featuring rappers Changmo and Kim Hyo Eun. “Put it Down” strays from the heavy trap sound Dok2 has been using for awhile and slows it waaaay down. His flow has never been that hard-hitting, but paired with this almost dreamy beat makes it a pretty laid back track. For lack of a better word, “Put it Down” is a pretty refreshing track in Dok2’s repertoire. And since I’m already resorting to cliches, I’ll go onto saying it’s perfect for the season. It’s great to see Dok2 leave the club and the flexin’ for a bit.

— Alexis

“One More Day” feat. Giorgio Moroder by Sistar (Released Nov. 22)

I only realised it now, but Giorgio Moroder’s move into K-pop should have been something we were all looking forward to for a long time. His trademark electro disco sounds have influenced the majority of the big producers in K-pop and they would fit just about any group he could get his hands on. So it was great to see him pair up with vocal heroines Sistar for this project song, “One More Day.” He mixes his two favourite sounds for an EDM inspired disco track, where Hyorin’s “woah ohs” recall the discoballs, while his synths are modern and heavy. It’s produced as well as you might expect, but falls short of being great thanks to the attempt to meld these two styles. But its highs are greater than its lows and even better is the lesbian-revenge music video that comes with it.

— Joe

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“Bermuda Triangle” feat. Crush, Dean by Zico (Released November 27th)

This is the collaboration I’ve been waiting for. I’m also trying everything in my might not to type everything in caps lock right now — the feels! A few things I absolutely love about Zico, Crush, and Dean are their versatility and the passion that oozes out of their souls for music. We all know Zico is always 200 percent when it comes to his raps, and Dean’s vocals are sweet like honey, but, excuse me, Crush? What did you say? “Y’all fake bitches tryna act like me.” That part in the song caught me off guard the most but how is it that I actually don’t hate it and wish he’d spit more fire like that. At first, I was contemplating on not tuning in for the MAMA Awards coming up this week but, I mean, if their live performance is going to be as lit as this song and music video are, then hell yeah I’ll wake up at the crack dawn to witness what’s about to be an epic stage!

And, oh, I mean, I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but can we talk about how visually appealing these guys make this kind of plain video? Well, maybe minus Zico’s grills. Zico wasn’t kidding when he said “paint a perfect picture.” If these three showed up at my local church, then I’d attend mass every Sunday, even though I haven’t gone in over eight years. Whoops.

— Tam

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Weekly K-pop faves: November 14-20




Each week, KultScene’s writers highlight a few recently released songs from Korea that we’re big fans of. The middle of November has surprised us a bit and we picked some music featuring acts like KNK, Super Junior, Buzz, and upcoming girl group LOOΠΔ.

“U” by KNK (Released Nov. 18)

I’m about to make a bold statement, but it’s one I’ll stand by until the end: KNK is the only worthwhile 2016 male debut group. With their newest release, “U,” the quintet further establish what’s been clear from the get go: they’re really not doing anything new in K-pop, but what they do, they do it well. Angsty and powerful performances, tight choreographies, and killer visuals; what’s not to like? We all joined the K-pop fandom for some variety of these reasons. “U” is a dance track reminiscent of, like everything else they do (no shade!), TVXQ. It’s a solid piece, and like KNK, it’s not breaking any molds or offering anything new, but it’s good nonetheless.

— Alexis

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”Sweet Dreams” by Kim Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon (Released Nov. 19)

Super Junior is known for their dance hits and main vocals, but I’m probably one of the few people in this world who think that most K-pop fans out there are sleeping on how good Kim Heechul is as a vocalist. Over the years, he’s released several collaborative tracks with popular rock vocalists and “Sweet Dreams” with Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon is another solid rock ballad that emphasizes just how good Kim Heechul is as a vocalist. Plus it’s a really emotionally-wrought rock ballad that deserve multiple listens. The music video, featuring the pair, Twice’s Momo, and the cast of Knowing Brothers is comical and heartbreaking, and the perfect vehicle for this song. The video also was preceded by a teaser image that spurred many rumors of SM Entertainment featuring a same sex couple in the video, so watch closely for the quiet love triangle.

— Tamar

”I’ll Be There” by Hyunjin & Heejin of LOOΠΔ (released Nov. 16)

Exciting new girl group LOOΠΔ continues to tease their debut. While a group with 12 members, only two have so far been revealed and they already have three songs and music videos out. Their latest track “I’ll Be There,” a duet between the two known members Hyunjin and Heejin adds another element to what they have shown already. It’s a synth-infused disco bop that showcases a more fun, energetic side to them. No info is out yet but it also sounds like it continues their collaboration with producers Monotree. Whether Digipedi did the video or not is harder to tell. Given these three releases I am getting seriously hyped for LOOΠΔ despite the time it seems to be taking to debut them all.

— Joe

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Weekly K-pop Faves: November 7-13

K-pop November 7-13

Each week, Korea introduces us to a variety of new songs. Each week, KultScene’s writers pick a few to introduce. In our latest article, some of our team focused on Momoland’s debut, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s finale before heading to the military, and Standing Egg’s recent foray into a bit of a different sonic style.

“Jjan! Koong! Kwang!” by Momoland (Released Nov. 9)

It’s not every week a debuting group makes history and it’s never usually as fun as Momoland. They are the first K-pop group to debut using the crowdfunding website Makestar, a platform made famous by charismatic girl group Stellar. Momoland used Makestar to raise money for their debut and they used it well. “Jjan! Koong! Kwang!” is a Duble Sidekick pop explosion of synths, catchy hooks, and the first ever Bora-inspired rapper. Not that we really needed that; the track still delivers thanks to its pure sweetness. I have a feeling Momoland could be coming for your cutesy faves. It pains me to say that, yet again, Kyuhyun’s new song isn’t as good as “

— Joe

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“Still” by Kyuhyun (Released Nov. 9)

New material from Super Junior or a solo from one of its members generally signals the same thing: someone’s enlisting soon thereafter. And with one Kyuhyun left, his newest release “Still” (together with his other release “Blah Blah”) means it’s his last hoorah before he goes into the army. It would’ve been amazing if “Still” (or “Blah Blah,” for that matter) matched up to the perfectness of “At Gwanghwamun,” but alas, it’s still a solid track. Personally, the music reminds me of Mexican balladier-superstar Luis Miguel’s ‘90s-early ‘00s albums. Like the songs on those albums, “Still” has the air of romance and lets the vocals take certain stage — although with a full band, the performance would be to die for. Moreover, while somber, it still wraps you up deliciously in its melancholy, which, to be honest, who in the US doesn’t want to right now? (Apparently half of the country, but I digress!). It’s a weak send off, yet Kyuhyun showed what he’s the master at: gut-wrenching ballads and stellar vocals.

— Alexis

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“Voice” by Standing Egg (Released Nov. 10)

I’ve been a fan of Standing Egg for several years now (check out “Little Star”) and their newest song “Voice” offers something brand new . The group tends to be a bit mysterious, hiding their identity in favor of working with different artists, but “Voice” features Standing Egg (Egg#2, I believe) singing the powerful ballad. “Voice” keeps the group’s signature soft melodies but laid over the classically inspired strings is a heavy rhythm and strong, building vocals. Even though it switches things up from being the typical indie song Standing Egg is known for and heads into the realm of midtempo rock ballad, “Voice” is such a pleasure to listen to. The relaxing vibe is still there, albeit a bit hidden, and the music video is absolutely gorgeous. And heartbreaking.

— Tamar

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Weekly K-pop faves: October 31st-November 6th


Just about every week is a busy week in K-pop lately, and this week was no different. We saw high profile comebacks from BlackPink, B.A.P, MC Mong, and many others. Some of our writers were big fans of these new songs and took a few minutes to praise the glory of this week’s K-pop releases.

“Still” by Loco featuring Crush (Released Nov. 3)

Loco is a rapper and in most cases when one hears the word “rapper” they tend to assume that that person has no filter, is loud, intense, and likes to incriminate others in their lyrics. However, Loco is quite the opposite. He has a quiet and shy personality which occasionally translates over into his songs, and in all the right ways. “Still” is a fresh, kick back track with a chill beat, which I can’t help but slightly bob my head to (Loco also a signature head bop, look at his live performances) whilst swaying my body back and forth to. The music video is sweet a delightful to watch, much like the lyrics behind it.

As much as I enjoyed the bromance and stage chemistry between Crush and Zion. T, I enjoy seeing Loco and Crush on a track together just a tad bit more. Both are apart of VV:D (pronounced Vivid) and have featured on each others singles before and although Crush had a smaller part this time around, it was just as impactful as any other piece. Loco and Crush’s familiarity and friendliness bounce off of one another, making “Still” a song filled with charm and warmth.

”Skydive” by B.A.P (Released Nov. 6)

There were theories floating around on social media within the BABY fandom in regards to B.A.P’s latest music video “Skydive,” the title track off of the group’s second full length album “Noir.” One that kept showing up was that this was going to be some sort of continuation to the group’s “One Shot” music video. It wasn’t a part two per se but it definitely felt like a blockbuster, considering it was a ten minute video!

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If I had kept my mouth open any longer, my jaw probably would’ve hit the floor. The production of the video was flawless and totally badass. The member’s acting, especially vocalists Daehyun and Jongup, were superb; they’ve all come a long way and grown (literally) a lot since the filming of “One Shot.” Although there was little choreography shown, it was enough for me to know that their live performances will be top notch. Due to all the cinematography, I had to watch the video several times before I could fully focus on just the song alone. “Skydive” is a thrilling and satisfyingly intense song, gunshots and all, beginning to end. Each member had a pivotal part in the song, especially some of Himchan and Youngjae’s high notes and Yongguk and Zelo’s slick rap breaks.

— Tam

”Visual Gangster” by MC Mong feat. Jung Eunji (Released Nov. 3)

For someone who really pissed off much of South Korea by trying to avoid his mandatory army service, things aren’t so bad for MC Mong. The rapper is back with a new brighter sound on “Visual Gangster,” combining saccharine EDM synths with his typical hip-hop braggado. While it’s honestly more of an EDM-pop song with rap laid over it, “Visual Gangster” is a verified earworm: The song has been in the top 10 on Korean charts since it was released. APink’s Eunji features on the song, adding an even softer tone to the cute love song and contrasting sharply with MC Mong’s rhythmic verses. Respecting MC Mong as a person is hard, but there’s no denying that he knows how to create great music.

— Tamar

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“Playing With Fire” by BLACKPINK (Released Oct. 31)

With the demise of 4minute and the uncertainty of 2NE1’s future, the void for a fierce, confident, and cool girl group in K-pop was a notable one — that is until BLACKPINK debuted a couple of months ago. While still very young and new, BLACKPINK’s got a long way to go, but their newest release “Playing With Fire” is a testament to claim the bad gal throne. They might be recycling 2NE1 formulas down to a T, but as a starved Blackjack who has 0 hope for a comeback, I’m here for it. With their first four singles, the girls are showing off the styles they excel in, and with “Playing With Fire,” we know they can pull off the mid-tempo ballad a la “I Love You.” “Playing With Fire” is no “Whistle,” but it was nice to see Jennie take on those vocals and the beat reminds me a bit of BTS’ “Blood Sweat & Tears,” which is good company to be with.

— Alexis

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Weekly K-pop playlist: October 24 – 30


October is just about over, and with it is one of the busiest month for K-pop in the past year! This week, our KultScene Weekly K-pop Playlist overlooked some of the biggest names in favor of musicians who we feel could use a bit more attention. Like EXO’s Lay (Just kidding!). Also included in this week’s playlist are songs by Korean-American singer Grace, Crucial Star and Kim Na Young, and indie artist Mugamgak.

“Trick or Treat” by Grace (Released Oct. 26)

Female rappers came out in force this week, but few can boast the personality of every cool person’s favourite New York born Korean artist Grace. Just in time for Halloween, she has released “Trick or Treat,” a filthy slice of hip-hop. Extremely heavy synths and bass kick in straight away, proving unstoppable as the song goes away. It’s a fearsome concoction of deep sounds that bring the scary atmosphere. The best thing about Grace is that she can swap between rapping and singing with seemingly no effort. It gives an extra dimension to her music, with little need for features and showcasing her talent. Like Azealia Banks, minus the problematic fave syndrome.


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“Lose Control” by Lay (Released Oct. 27)

I don’t care that this song is not K-pop. Lay is a K-pop star, from an important K-pop company in the country that produces K-pop. So yes, we’re going to talk about “Lose Control” and how it’s a good apology from SM Entertainment to fans who have been suffering from their neglect of one of their best talents. In “Lose Control,” Lay got to show off what he’s good at: sexy dancing and good enough (let’s be real, he’s not the best) R&B vocals. The whole concept fits him like a glove and proves he can pull off a solo without the need of the rest of the EXO members in a sub-unit (#shadenoshade). “Lose Control” is a pretty standard R&B track, but when you look at the whole package — the smooth moves, the body rolls, the no-shirt scene, and all the silk — it’s golden.

— Alexis

“The day my heart fell apart” by Mugamgak (Released Oct. 25)

This debut release from Madeleine Music’s newest artist is a gentle and emotional ballad which is perfectly suited to Mugamgak’s sentimental voice. His beautiful voice has a high register, which makes reaching climactic high notes effortless for him, creating a wonderfully enjoyable listen. I’m more than happy to report that this song is quite well-received in Korea, partly owing to the fact that the singer had a sizeable fanbase from posting covers on Youtube before officially debuting. His experience as an artist is evident through this debut and I can’t wait to hear more from him.

— Anna

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“Fall” by Crucial Star feat. Kim Na Young (Released Oct. 27)

K-pop is good and all, but I’m always a fan of Korea’s affinity for coffeehouse music, especially when it’s seasonal. Every year it feels like there’s a song or two that perfectly reflect the mood of a season, whether it’s a song like the infamous “Cherry Blossom Ending” or Kyuhyun’s “At Gwanghwamun.” I think that “Fall” by Crucial Star and Kim Na Young is that song. But unfortunately, I doubt this one will ever truly gain popular. The melodic hip-hop track is a bit too under the radar to garner a large following, but when I first heard it, I felt like I was sonically being enveloped in the changes of autumn. (And it doesn’t hurt that it has one of the most beautifully shot music videos of the year).

— Tamar

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Weekly K-pop faves: October 10 – 16

october playlist faves kpop 2016 songs

With two weeks into October, K-pop releases have slowed it down for the more solemn months of the year. This, of course, doesn’t mean it’s all ballads, but the overall mood has dropped a bit from the thrill of summer. Here are our most recent faves that have been on repeat all week.

“Better Day” by 100% (Released Oct. 12)

The charismatic guys of 100%, who always makes sure to highlight their uptempo choreographies for every comeback, are finally back! However, this time around, they’re experimenting with a more mellow and mature sound for title track “Better Day.” Unfortunately, another member, maknae (youngest member) and rapper Changbum departed from the group a few weeks ago, but they regained their leader back, Minwoo, who was on hiatus from the group due to his military service.

“Better Day” reminds me of something I would’ve listened to growing up in the ‘90s; a fusion of what pop and R&B was. Unlike some of the songs that are currently out, nothing about this song seemed forced or over the top. Everything from the smooth transitions to those exceptionally high notes, were all easy on the ears. And even though the song is about a breakup, I couldn’t help but feel entirely relaxed while listening to it. Although the beat for “Better Day” may not be as intense as previous songs, I’m sure they’ll kill it with their choreo anyway!

Top Media needs to do a better job at actually promoting 100% (they’ve been around since 2012 and are still heavily underrated) so that everyone can stop sleeping on them.

— Tam

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“Love Is” by Davichi (Released Oct. 13)

Davichi came back recently with their latest album “50 X Half” and while all the tracks this time around are amazing, my personal favourite would have to be “Love Is”. This sorrowful song is perfectly suited to the vocal talents of this duo and my heart melts whenever I hear their emotional crooning. The track as a whole is a quiet one but it seems to reach the recesses of my soul and touches me deeply, something I haven’t felt from a song for a long while. The music video released is just a cherry on top, since Lee Jong Suk’s marvellous acting really matched the sadness of the song. The video is also beautifully directed and shot, with an obvious but still heartbreaking plot. This album is a great comeback for Davichi, who hasn’t been disappointing with their various releases this year.

— Anna

“Prove It” by GOT7 (Uploaded Oct. 15)

This is cheating, I’m aware. GOT7’s newest album has been out for a minute and the single and b-side they’re promoting are good, but as an IGOT7, I can’t help but want more. Sadly, when it comes to K-pop mini and full albums, we only get one single before they come up with the repackage. It’s frustrating because sometimes the original album has amazing songs you want a music video of, but nope; we get an entirely new song. So when GOT7 took to V app to deliver performances of the other b-sides on “Flight Log: TURBULENCE,” I was here for it. Especially when the live performance of “Prove It” came out. Written by JB, he recruited the crooner line (Youngjae and Jinyoung) plus the group’s best rapper Mark (yep, I said it). The combination of these specific members’ voices is the perfect formula for a heartfelt yet sexy rendition of a love song. Extra points for JB being in his feelings as per usual.

— Alexis

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“Pet” by Davichi (Released Oct. 13)

For year’s I’ve been a lowkey fan of Davichi. The pop-ballad duo wowed us all at KCON LA in August and now again with their new EP 50 X Half. Along with absolutely adoring the single “Beside Me,” I fell in love with the playful “Pet.” Davichi is pretty well known for their more serious songs, but they’re also phenomenal when making things a bit more upbeat. The bouncing melody and Davichi’s reassurances of being fine are just so heartwarming, and I really adore the beats and the guitar melodies that seem like something out of 10cm’s music.

— Tamar

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Weekly K-pop faves: October 3- 9

K-pop Playlist Sunday: October 3-9

One week into the whirlwind of October, we’ve seen just a hint of the oncoming storm that we’ll see later this month. For this beginning of the month playlist, we have a list for you featuring a few of our writers recent faves. Jersey girl Ailee returned with her new “Home,” and K-pop legends SechsKies returned the promise of their “Three Words” to both old and new fans. And, of course, fans of the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo should check out Jung Seung Hwan‘s addition to the soundtrack.

“Three Words” by SechsKies (Released Oct. 7)

If you talk about the early beginnings of K-pop, there are a few names that come up. SechsKies, the six member group from the company now known as DSP Media highlighted for their intense popularity in the late ‘90s and their sudden breakup in 2000. So when they released their first single in over a decade earlier this week, it was something I definitely had to check out. Up until this point, my knowledge of SechsKies was primarily thanks to the drama Answer Me 1997 (sorry!) and the individual members, particularly Eun Ji Won. But then I was floored by how heartfelt ”Three Words” felt to me, a brand new fan. Combining the melodic ballad-rock sound we’ve been seeing from YG Entertainment — SechsKies’ new company– lately (particularly with WINNER) with an old school rap would have been enough for me, but I absolutely love how the song and music video begin with the group’s final farewell from more than a decade ago since the song is the fulfillment of their three-word promise: Here, Now, Us that they reassured fans with, promising that SechsKies would have a second wind. This little splice of K-pop history resonates with me, so I definitely suggest everyone should check it out even if they’re not necessarily a big fan of ballads.


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“Home” by Ailee feat. Yoon Mirae (Released Oct. 5)

What’s fall without an Ailee comeback? This song is much different than the rest of her music — it’s not as slow as the ballad singles she frequently drops, but certainly slower than her usual power-packed (Beyoncé-esque) sound. And it works brilliantly. The delivery of her vocals is especially fantastic on this song, mixing her lower and higher registers to make the track both powerful and emotionally evocative. I totally applaud Ailee for managing to both maintain and differentiate her sound with this release.


”Wind” by Jung Seung Hwan (Released Oct. 4)

I’ve been in love with Jung Seung Hwan’s voice ever since I heard it on K-pop Star 4 and I’m more than happy to hear the numerous releases he’s had over the years, mostly consisting of OSTs for various successful dramas. His latest OST, for the currently airing Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is one that I’m extremely addicted to this week. His strong vocals flow perfectly with the rich instrumentals in this track and perfectly expresses the sadness of this drama as a whole. Among the numerous stunning OSTs released for this drama, “Wind” stands out because of Jung’s emotional and distinctive voice, especially when the OST is used effectively in scenes featuring our tragic fourth prince Wang So.

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Weekly K-pop faves: September 26- October 2

kpop faves playlist songs releases september october 2016

As previously warned, this month will be the month where everyone and their mommas make a comeback. It’s only been two days since September ended and the K-pop gods have already unleashed a plethora of new releases. This also meant that some groups rushed their comebacks to the last week of September before it got crazy. For two of our writers, however, it was the week one of their fave groups came back, so anticipate the bias. With that out of the way, here’s our faves of the week.

“Dreamin’” by GOT7 (Released Sep. 26)

All JB has to do on a track is breathe and I’m here for it. Add the fact that he not only delivers the perfect chorus and verse complete with a falsetto, but also co-wrote the lyrics for “Dreamin’” and it’s my favorite song on GOT7’s new album Flight Log: TURBULENCE. Bias aside, like the title suggests, this song is so dreamy thanks to the vocalists’ tones and beat, but it also has a bit of duality going on with the rap line’s sometimes hard-hitting sometimes deep verses. Hands down, it’s one of my all time favorite GOT7 songs. There’s just no pretense about it; they’re not trying to be all swagged out nor cheese balls. They’re just real and showing off their talent, which has grown immensely since the last release. I love it!

— Alexis

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“Sugar Rush” by Gemma (Released Sep. 26)

As K-pop fans, we see plenty of our favourites go overseas in search of international glory. Korea has been a great feeder state for pop all over the world yet has had few established stars from outside come in and do well. Taking up that challenge is Gemma aka Gui Gui aka Emma We aka Wu Ying Chieh, Taiwanese Mandopop star, actress, and former member of Taiwanese girl group Hey Girl!, but you probably recognize her as Taecyeon’s virtual wife from their season on We Got Married. She is now expanding her pop career into Korea with “Sugar Rush.” It was recorded in both Korean and Mandarin, and I might actually prefer the Mandarin version. It offers wildly complex tones to a song, going from a soft hush to a quite sharp harshness. The song is a fairly fun bit of bubblegum pop with great guitars and chorus. Although it does transition with seemingly no clue as to what came before or what will come, the best part is by far the tiny bit before the chorus where it sounds like it might go full on rock out mode.

— Joe

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“Sick” by GOT7 (Released Sep. 26)

When a relationship is over, are both parties left with lingering pain or is it just one of the two? Ballad track “Sick” off of GOT7’s full length album, “Turbulence” will flood your mind with any past heartaches and painful farewells. Sure, most of GOT7’s members might’ve never even had a chance to fully experience a relationship or what love might be, but their voices says otherwise in this song.

Vocalists, JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Yugyeom, all carry such diverse characters when singing, but it was Youngjae’s emotive voice that shone the most in “Sick.” His voice did a remarkable job of conveying the aftermath of an unfortunate break up; his every word made me want to cry (maybe I did). Unfortunately the rap line, Mark, Jackson, and BamBam, plays a small role in this song, but their one liners in conjunction with the other members had impactful messages, leaving you with a major sense of loneliness and bitterness. Is it weird that I want GOT7 to sing this to me, even though it’s such a heartbreaking song? Yeah, I guess it’s that GOT7 fever.

— Tam

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Weekly K-pop faves: Sept. 19-25

weekly kpop playlist september songs released 2016

Summer’s officially done and that generally means the pace and concept for K-pop songs will change. This week marked the end of summer and the start of fall, so here are our faves from this transitional period.

“Thank You” by INFINITE (Released Sep. 19)

INFINITE made their long awaited comeback this week with sixth mini album Infinite Only and while their title track “The Eye” was a fantastic one, “Thank You” is my favourite track of the album, hands down. It sounded like a normal ballad on my first listen, but that was before I realised how vocally challenging the entire song was and how beautiful the lyrics of the song were. I was also hooked after watching Infinite perform it (flawlessly) on their first comeback performance on M! Countdown. It was probably the most relaxed yet sincere performance they had ever given and was full of bromance as well as fanservice. This group… is just perfection.

— Anna

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“Love Yourself” cover by Melon5 aka Super Junior-M’s Henry, B.I.G’s Benjy, N.Flying’s Jaehyun, Day6’s YoungK, and Astro’s Eunwoo (Aired Sep. 25)

The SBS live music show Inkigayo started doing this new Unplugged segment and this week’s episode featured the collaborative cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” performed by Melon5. For a music show without a lot of live music performances, this sweet rendition was really quite nice to hear. (Plus I’m a sucker for collaborative stages). Aside from the fact that the five men are all talented singers, you could see and hear the fact that they enjoyed being able to play instruments on stage. The highlight of the cover was clearly when Henry and (I think, sorry!) Eunwoo were having fun with their violins, using a variety of different techniques to recreate the song’s original style on stage. The only criticism I have is that YoungK only really got a chance to sing at the end, because he clearly has the most distinctive voice from within the group of otherwise similarly-toned singers. Not that it was a bad thing to hear the four others, especially Henry who is overdue for some new music either as a soloist or with Super Junior-M, but it seemed that, aside from YoungK, Melon5 was trying to emulate Bieber’s voice rather than to put their own spin on things vocally. Hopefully, we’ll get to see this grouping being a bit more adventurous in the future.

— Tamar

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“What Season Are You? (feat. Giriboy)” by Fromm (Released Sep. 25)

As we transition from summer to autumn, the mood for the season gets cozier and calmer. The perfect dose of comfort comes in the form of Fromm’s “What Season Are You?” Her long awaited comeback, as always, did not disappoint giving us just the right amount of melancholy paired with her sweet vocals and the haunting guitar that leads the melody. Moreover, Giriboy’s input in the song is interesting, since he sings a few verses here and there rather than rapping (thank god!). And we can’t forget about the music video; it’s absolutely visually stunning. From the colors to the photography, it’s simply breathtaking.

— Alexis

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Weekly K-pop faves: September 12-18

kpop playlist september 2016 songs k-pop korean

2016’s been quite a year for K-pop, and each week our KultScene team aims to share some of our favorite releases of the past seven days. Over the past week, we discovered songs by the queen of hip hopYoonmirae, rapper Beenzino, and the boy band 2PM. Take a listen and let us know what your favorite song of the week was!

“JamCome On Baby” by Yoonmirae (Released Sep. 12)

Aside from the fact that Yoonmirae is a true queen of Korean music due to her immense versibility and fierce nature, I really love this song because I love puns. While the song’s title is “JamCome On Baby” in English it’s“잠깐만 Baby” or “Wait A Minute Baby” but the Korean word jjamkkamnon sounds similar to “JamCome On.” So let’s also give Yoonmirae the title of “queen of the punsters.” As for the song itself, I really love the fact that it melds electronic music, Yoonmirae’s sweet ballad tone, and her hip-hop flair into one four-minute song. The song is a sleepy banger with a pounding beat and inspiring lyrics and made to be listened to again and again.

— Tamar

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“Time Travel” by Beenzino (Released Sep. 12)

I have to come clean about something. I was largely underwhelmed by Beenzino’s newest album “12,” especially since “Up All Night” was glorious. So when his newest music video for “Time Travel,” I had to go double check if the song was in said album, cause I was definitely digging it now. This, of course, is mostly due to the aesthetically pleasing music video. The rapper takes us into an Alice in Wonderland-like trippy, artsy world. The video is colorful, neon, weird, and just overall signature Tiger Cave studio. As for the song, what I initially thought was a forgettable release, together with the music video becomes this dreamy experience that’s really soothing.

— Alexis

”Promise (I’ll be) by 2PM (Released Sep. 13)

The (not-so) beastly idols made their long anticipated comeback this week after more than a year with their album “Gentleman’s Game.” The songs on their album, in particular title track “Promise”, definitely reflect how much 2PM has grown as artists. Penned by resident rapper Taecyeon, this song plays to the strengths of each member and has an extremely addictive chorus, along with one of the best raps I’ve ever heard in a 2PM song. The experimentation that 2PM has been carrying out in their songs continues successfully here with the song’s interesting mix of beats and sounds. The accompanying music video, while classy and appropriate for the song, also thoroughly drives home the point for fans that the boys are all fully grown men. This release was a great way to end off on a high note (at least till they return from the military) and while it hasn’t done exceptionally well on the charts so far, here’s hoping that the boys will get some recognition for it.

— Anna

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