6 K-Pop Airport Fashion We Want To Wear

It is well-known that K-pop artists look fabulous and their style is on point when they step on an airport ready to board their next flight. With the airports filled with reporters, paparazzis, and raving fans, their stylists, and sometimes even themselves, put on the extra effort to make them look effortlessly chic. K-pop airport fashion has been constantly making headlines due to the idols’ unique looks. Sometimes they even outfit them in the same styles as the one they are promoting for their newest comeback or show a more crazy editorial look, like BIGBANG’S G-Dragon who seems to be coming out of a runway in Paris. Once they have scheduled their private charter flights, and from the moment they step foot in the airport ready to board the plane that will take them to destinations all over the world, the idols already know that their looks will surely create a new trend and inspire many fashionistas out there. Let’s take a look at six K-pop airport fashion that we want to wear.

6. 2NE1’s Dara

Dara has a mixture of masculinity and femininity in her looks all the time, Ccreating a very tomboy chic style that fits her fun and crazy personality perfectly. She is always spotted at the airport wearing cool jeans, designer T-shirts or head-to-toe prints that make her stand out. The look that caught our attention was an all-black ensemble. Dara is not only wearing a Maison Martin Margiela beanie and Comme des Garçons skirt pants, but she is showing support of her fellow band mate and leader CL. She sported CL’s T-shirt for her first solo single The Baddest Female that features CL’s eyes and lips. She paired this look perfectly with platform converse and oversized sunglasses and bag.

Dara Airport Fashion

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5. WINNER’s Seunghoon

Seunghoon perfectly exemplified how to dress up a T-shirt, even if that Givenchy T-shirt is no way an ordinary nor simple! The complete look resembles London’s mod era with the black trousers and beautiful chelsea boots. He completed the look by tucking the shirt in to show the amazing statement belt, a half-up ponytail and black rim glasses. He looks cool, very modern, dapper, and, of course, very sexy.

Seunghoon Airport Fashion

4. Orange Caramel’s NaNa

NaNa is known for her airport fashion. Her look is also very tomboy (as we seen on SBS’s Roommate), but a little bit more refined than Dara. NaNa is always seen mixing jeans and simple shirts with statement jackets or shoes that make her effortless look very chic. In this particular instance, NaNa wore pushBUTTON‘s Zig Zag faux-fur jacket and paired it with a white T-shirt and gray jeans. She let the jacket be her statement piece and didn’t let any other pieces from her outfit outshine it. The only thing that could outshine that beautiful jacket is NaNa’s beauty; she is gorgeous!

NaNa Airport Fashion

3. SHINee’s Key

Key is already known for being a fashion icon. He is one the idols that loves to have fun with his outfits. His airport fashion doesn’t change from his looks we are used to see on variety shows and on stage. His looks in the airport have always interesting pieces and give a very good inspiration to fashionistas out there. Key’s outfits can easily be worn by a woman, and this one is totally on trend for this season. Ripped jeans are a must in everyone’s outfit, a red flannel in the waist, trainers, a biker jacket, white cap, and a simple long line white T-shirt create the perfect cool rocker chic outfit that can be easily recreated.

Key Airport Fashion

2. BEAST’s Junhyung

Not only is Junghyun and amazing rapper and producer, but he also has an amazing fashion sense. He is always showing outstanding looks for his airport fashion, but the look that caught our attention this time is one of our favorites yet from him. Trainers are still on trend and you can basically pair them with everything. Jonghyun let his trainers be the statement pieces and paired them with black and white pieces that coordinate very well. His wide brimmed hat paired with oversized sunglasses, coated jeans with a zipper detail, a long line white shirt, and a blazer makes a perfect example of how to dress up trainers. Even if he is wearing very common pieces, he manages to make it look fresh and avant-garde and made it to our list with this amazing look.

Junghyun Airport Fashion

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1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

The number one spot is for the king of airport fashion, G-Dragon. He has transformed airports around the world into his personal fashion runways. Everytime G-Dragon is spotted, he seems like he is walking out of a fashion editorial or any fashion week runway. His outfits are amazingly curated by his stylist and has him making headlines for his outrageous fashion sense. G-Dragon paired his Givenchy dress shirt and jumper with leather joggers, Chrome Hearts shoes, and accessories that added a very cool edge to his look. Layering is a very easy thing to do and you can make it look very modern by adding different textures and prints like on G-Dragon’s look. He has not only escalated to one of the best artists in Korea but has now become a fashion icon not only in his mother country but all over the world.

G-Dragon Airport Fashion

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