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What to Expect from ‘Go! B1A4 2.0 – Road Trip’

B1A4 recently visited four U.S. cities with their Road Trip Tour, and Mnet America documented it all in Go! B1A4 2.0 – Road Trip. The four episode show will showcase B1A4’s adventures in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco, where they explored the cities and mingled with fans.

To people acquainted with the boy group, their playful and high spirited manners are no surprise, but for those of you who are not, you’re in for a treat as well. B1A4 showed their charms in previous Youtube series and more, but Go! B1A4 2.0 – Road Trip will follow them as they made their way through the country in their first ever American tour. And even though the guys were pretty active on SNS and fans flooded different social media sites with their accounts on their interactions with the group, there’s still a lot unknown from their travels.

So whether you’re familiar with them or not, B1A4 is a group that will have you smiling ear to ear with their antics and their overall fun nature. But taking all this plus the several teasers uploaded to Youtube, what does Go! B1A4 2.0 – Road Trip have in store for viewers? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Interactions with American Fans

From past shows, fans know that B1A4 is very dedicated to their fans. For example, on B1A4 ‘Road Trip’ Ready? Behind Clip, Gongchan says he monitors fans through SNS to see what they say about him and amongst themselves. Moreover, clips of them greeting fans at different events are also common, so having the boys on this side of the world means that they will now cater to American fans.

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From the several teasers of the show, we can see the boys roaming the cities while always being followed by fans. Instead of leaving the site or having someone make them stop recording them, they acknowledge and/or approach the fans and even take pictures with them. Right from the get-go we know their interactions with fans won’t be limited to the high touch events at concerts. Instead, viewers will see more direct interactions on Go! B1A4 2.0 – Road Trip.

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Baro’s Sexy American Accent

Out of all the boys, Baro is probably the member who speaks the better English. As seen on their various Danny from L.A. appearances, he can easily make himself understood. Since the show will follow them through four U.S. cities, we can assume we’ll see B1A4 speaking English at times, but no one will be as good as Baro. And while some people may find K-Pop idols’ attempts at speaking English cute, others (like this writer!) finds them hot.

Maybe it’s because he’s the rapper of the group or because he carries himself in a very cool demeanor, but when Baro speaks English, he owns that ish. Even if he struggles, Baro will bluff it through and the outcome will be flawless.

Fun Adventures

As mentioned several times before, Go! B1A4 2.0 – Road Trip will feature the boys’ antics through Dallas, San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, and not just focus on the actual concerts. While not preparing for their shows, the guys visited a few tourist attractions such as when they were in Chicago, B1A4 visited the Navy Pier and Willis Tower, which is the eighth tallest freestanding structure in the world. Moreover, headlines plagued different sites about fans doing a flash mob in San Francisco to welcome them and show their appreciation for the group. And while we’ve seen fan cams and a short clip in the teasers, we’ll finally see the full length version in the show.

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Members Tease Each Other a Lot (Especially Sandeul)

Having five guys around or of the same age who live and work together filmed is bound to reveal something very close to their true natures. In past shows, we’ve seen the members tease and borderline bully each other –especially the main vocalist. Who can forget that mean joke where they made Sandeul believe a cute, blonde girl was asking him out during the Danny from L.A. taping? However, they all get their fair share — remember CNU, Sandeul, and Jinyoung making fun of Baro’s Esquire editorial in B1A4 ‘Road Trip’ Ready? Behind Clip? It goes around, and this show won’t be any different.

Just by the teasers, viewers already see a few instances of how playful the guys are amongst each other. Whether they’re teasing Sandeul for eating a lot of deep dish pizza or mocking Baro for being afraid of heights or filming CNU while sleeping, viewers will get lots of moments to laugh with and at B1A4. To say the least, we can expect it to be funny and lots of fun.

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Acoustic Versions of their Songs

B1A4 made their mark in K-Pop for not sounding like any other idols in the industry. The guy’s concept is a lot quirkier than most boy groups since they don’t have flower boy or beast idol images, and their songs reflect that as well.

The group has lots of slow tempo songs, but their singles are mostly always upbeat and have lots of production behind the melodies. However, through the show’s features we see various instances where the boys unplug for acoustic sessions or just jam it out for fun. In Washington Square park, they sing Lonely and, in San Francisco, Because of You. Plus, Jinyoung plays his newly bought guitar in the Chicago hotel room while Sandeul delivers a powerful rendition of Baby Goodnight. Needless to say, viewers are in for reinterpreted versions of their favorite songs.

Since each episode will follow a reality show format, fans and viewers (aka future fans) can expect to see the boys let loose, have fun, and enjoy their new journey through a new country and meeting new fans. Go! B1A4 2.0 – Road Trip premieres on November 5th through Mnet America.

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