K-Pop Stand Out Remixes Part 2

There are so many K-Pop remixes that stand out for us here at KultScene that we just had to continue our list of stand out remixes. Whether you feel like twerking or just dancing like crazy with any of the remixes, this time around the list went a little more club influenced. Making it the best additions to your personal K-Pop dance party playlist.

1. T-ARA – Sugar Free (Aeria Remix)

When T-ARA released their comeback single Sugar Free it gained the attention of many fans and the media due to plagiarism claims. Aeria’s remix for Sugar Free really makes the listeners forget about those past allegations and enjoy the good and addicting chorus of the song. The trance remix blends in very well with the original voice track and makes it remix that is perfect for the club.

2. 2PM – Go Crazy (BOYTOY Crazy Remix)

If 2PM’s Go Crazy wasn’t danceable enough, BOYTOY’s remix gets the track ready for the clubs or a fun night out with your friends. The remix is packed with electronic and dubstep beats that create a chaotic track that goes well with the title of the song. This crazy remix includes a few clapping sounds that make the listener feel that you are watching 2PM live. If you really think about it, this could have been a very good rendition for one of 2PM’s stages.

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3. 2NE1 – Happy (Aeria Remix)

Yes, we have another Aeria remix on our list, but we just can’t help it. Their remixes are very well produced and they have remixes of the best songs in K-Pop. 2NE1’s Happy is one of my favorite songs from their CRUSH album, and when I found this remix, I instantly fell in love. The bubbly feeling and happy vibe of the song translate perfectly into the remixed track.

4. Mino – I’m Him (Mr. Haneul Remix)

Feeling like you want to twerk? Mr. Haneul remix of Mino’s solo song, I’m Him, from WINNER’s debut album brings out the twerking vibes from the original song. The trap in the remix makes the listeners wants to dance, twerk, wiggle, or whatever style of dance you feel like doing while listening to this track.

5. EXID – Every Night (Moises Karo Remix)

EXID’s Every Night remix by Moises Karo really brings out the sexiness of the song. He took the ringing phone theme of the song and made the listeners feel like you are in a sexy phone conversation with the ladies of EXID. If you listen carefully, the vocals and the sound of the ringing phone change to the left and right speakers through the remix creating a sense of desperation, like when you are hearing your phone ring, and you can’t find it. Which, in a way, if something is unavailable to you, it makes you want it even more. The strong bass through the track ties in the remix combined with the different arrangement of the girls’ vocals, making it a very sexy and sultry house track.

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SAINT & G-BUCK – Gijibae

Saint & G-Buck collaborated to create a remix that samples CL’s The Baddest Female. Diplo and CL even sampled this track on their SIA 2014 performance, and it gained a lot of recognition for it. The remix uses CL’s chorus of the song and Saint & G-Buck loop it throughout the song and blend it with amazing trap beats.

Below is CL’s and Diplo’s performance in SIA 2014. CL even did a live cover of Diplo’s Revolution that slayed the original version.

Will you be adding any of this remixes to your K-Pop dance party playlist? Which one was your favorite remix? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

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K-Pop Stand Out Remixes

What’s really amazing about K-Pop remixes is that they give you a new view on a song. They transform a dance song to a more acoustic version or make it ready for a dance party or a club. Sometimes they even make you wish the original version of the song was the remix. There are a lot of K-Pop remixes out there, but only a few stand out; from fans to recognized artists, the remix list is endless.

  1. SHINee-Hello (Glen Check Remix)

 SHINee’s track Hello is on of their most loved songs in their roster. It was without a doubt a great choice by K-Indie band Glen Check to create a remix of this song. This remix takes us back to the time when Electro was at the peak of the electronic music scene. Glen Check managed to take SHINee’s song and recreate it in a very unexpected way. Full of hard basses and electro beats, this remix really has a life of it’s own.

  1. G-DRAGON – Who You (Jake K Remix)

 G-Dragon’s song Who You talks about how much a man feels bad and really misses their ex lover. The original track itself is very fun but sad at the same time because of the lyrics. Jake K managed to make the song happier, thus creating mixed emotions for the listener. The song was made to a more upbeat sound while still managing to get the song’s message across. Add it to your Breakup Playlist and cry while dancing to this remix.


  1. 2NE1- I’m The Best (HUGLIFE Remix)

 2NE1’s staple song I’m The Best is already a very powerful song. Convert it to a Trap song and it totally brings out the fierceness of the song. The bass is so strong, and the drops followed by the “Oh my god” are amazing. This was really a great remix by HUGLIFE for 2NE1’s song. It would even fit perfectly as part of their show, really. It fits their strong personas perfectly.


 4. EXO- Growl (Sakana-P Mellow Remix)

 There is no doubt that EXO’s Growl is one of the best K-Pop songs released in the past  few years. Sakana-P’s mellow remix gives a more vibrant sound to EXO’s song while still keeping the wow factor of the original track. It was a really bold move to remove the distinctive sound at the beginning of Growl, but the piano is beautiful and goes very well with the song.


  1. Red Velvet- Happiness (Lee JeSup Remix)

 Lee JeSup’s remix of Red Velvet’s Happiness is truly outstanding. It’s completely ready for the club, and it managed to keep the song’s happy mood. He brilliantly keeps the intro (which lets face it, nobody likes) but lowered the volume of it so it wouldn’t stand out as much. The electronic beats of the remix track mixes well with Red Velvet’s vocals, and them being a very young group, the remix fits them well.


  1. KARA- Mamma Mia (Lee JeSup Remix)

 KARA’S comeback with Mamma Mia is so fun. It’s a very cool ode to the ‘80s, and Lee JeSup kept that same vibe on the remix. The clapping sound that he added makes the listener feel like if you are watching a live performance from KARA. It makes you want to stand up, get your disco pants, and start dancing.


  1. Got7- A (‘collapsedone’  Acoustic Remix)

 Got7’s A is a very cute and addicting song. An official remix by ‘collapsedone’ appeared on Got7’s GOT LOVE mini-album as an acoustic remix. The voice track that is used doesn’t have an acoustic arrangement, but ‘collapsedone’ managed to add an acoustic track to the song. Close your eyes while listening to the song and imagine the members from Got7 playing guitar and singing to this song; it’s magical!


So there you have it, a few stand out K-Pop remixes. And because mashups remixes are always fun here, we say goodbye with a mashup of SHINee’s Lucifer and Super Junior’s Bonamana.

 Which one was your favorite remix? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.