K-Pop Inspired Back to School Trends

KPop Inspired Back to School Trends FEAT

Mostly everyone around the world is already back to school. And the best part about going back to school is getting a new wardrobe. You can showcase a new style or an upgraded version. All the options we give you on this list are interchangeable, meaning you can play with almost every suggestion and make the look your own. For example, pairing a retro dress with a denim jacket. Remember these are just suggestions you can get your inspiration from. Fashion is always fun and we encourage you to have fun and get inspired with our K-pop inspired back to school trends.

Tennis Skirts

Red Velvet wore tennis skirts for their promotions for their mini-album “Ice Cream Cake” back in March, but they’re still relevant for the summer and onto fall. They are easy to pair up with anything and versatile since you can dress it down or up. For a casual look ready for school, pair it with your favorite crop top and a nice denim jacket and you are good to go. If you want to dress it up for a party after school or a nice dinner, pair it with a sequin top or a nice chiffon cami and let the skirt be the statement piece.

Photo via SM Entertainment

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Vintage Nostalgia

Girls’ Generation’s newest comeback saw the girls in retro pin-up looks. If you want to stand out amongst thousands of students, you can easily get inspired by their looks in “Lion Heart.” The best part of this is that you can find retro pieces at thrifts store without splurging. A-line dresses or skirts that accentuate your waist, paired with a simple cat eye and long wavy curls will give you the perfect retro look. Moreover, you don’t have to wear heels for this look. Nice flats will compliment the outfit very well, but if you want to transition it into a party look, change into a nice pair of heels and you are all set.

girls generation pinup retro look fashion

Photo by SM Entertainment


You can never go wrong with denim; it’s one of the most versatile items in everyone’s closet and can be paired with almost anything. But if you want to be daring and stand out, a cool trend that is still going strong for fall is denim on denim. No matter what gender you are, this look applies to you. Denim jackets over a denim shirt and denim jeans look amazing, it doesn’t matter if the denim is a different shade as longs as you think the combination looks great, go for it t. A popular item for women are A-line button up skirts they are the perfect nod to the ‘60s miniskirts and look great paired with anything.

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Graphics and Colors

got7 trends fashion back to school just right album jacket

Photo by JYP Entertainment

GOT7’s “Just Right” music video was full of colorful outfits. And if you take a closer look at their outfits, most of the shirts they wore have stripes and graphic words on them. The look borrows from the normcore style but is upgraded with colors and graphics. The looks are very simple yet have so much appeal due to to the multiple colors. This look is perfect for school because it’s comfortable and it’s also effortless chic. With this look, you can incorporate denim skirts or jeans and tennis skirts and will look amazing. Go to your closest American Apparel to get that color fix and have fun with their extensive gamma of colors.

Photo via JYP Entertainment

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Top Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2015 Collections


Seoul Fashion Week is one of the most coveted events among fashion photographers. From the runway to the streets, the fashion in Korea doesn’t cease to impress and generate a buzz all over the world. Modern silhouettes, perfect tailored pieces, and avant-garde and obscure collections took charge of the runways of Seoul. And since keeping up with all of the F/W 2015 can be a bit much, we did the work for you. Take a look at our picks for the best collections at Seoul Fashion Week this season.

Jehee Sheen

Jehee Sheen presented a collection full of elegance, perfect for the modern man. The color palette was somber but very neutral, with black, grey, and burgundy being shown in different shades. The combination of smarts pieces like jumpers and trousers mixed with coats and leather jackets created crisp combinations that gave off a fresh look. His use of different textures gave a modern twist to the classic suit for men.

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JKOO’s work with prints and texture is admirable. The use of neoprene and techno fabrics gave off an edgy look to his fall/winter collection. The collection is full of interesting details, like raw edges and faux fur appliques. The silhouettes are modern and play with different proportions that create an interesting look. The prints of the collection tie in perfectly with the fur appliques that create various abstract figures.

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Androgyny plays an important part in Byungmun Seo’s collections. His menswear and womenswear almost become unisex and a synonym of avant-garde. Unlike Jehee Sheen who took the classic suit pieces and added modernity with its textures and fabrics, Byungmun Seo played with silhouettes and proportions to create new and edgy suit pieces for men. Dropped crotch pants, wide leg trousers, and hybrids of leather jackets with classic blazers are seen throughout the collection. At first glance, it seems like each look has different layers of clothing, but if you look closely, everything is one piece. The dark palette of the collections makes it timeless and a must for fans of brands Rick Owens, KTZ, and Hood By Air.

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His impeccably tailored collection made us fashion lovers fall in love with his fall/winter collection, and gave everyone in Korea a nostalgic feel by incorporating the popular Korean cartoon character, Dooly, to the collection. He took a very modern route by mixing the cartoon characters with perfect tailored pieces that were clearly inspired by military elements. Unlike other previous designers that have added famous cartoons into their collections, Kaal E. Suktae’s use of the characters seems like a perfect addition. The inclusion of Dooly doesn’t look childish or foolish, it seems very modern and chic. It feels, in a way, that it was almost meant to be.

Moreover, neoprene is here to stay, and being a very malleable fabric, it adds great texture to a collection, screaming modernity. The mix of industrial zippers, PVC, leather, and oversized buttons gives an amazing edge to every look. The color palette was kept simple, with a few colors added to make a statement in head-to-toe monochromatic looks or pops of color with color blocking. That yellow fur bomber jacket is to die for. Every look has amazing details and the collection itself is very cohesive.

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Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: November Releases

November saw many releases, but in the K-Pop world there are a lot of styles and fashion that are often recycled. This month’s list is short but it features an array of different concepts, such as Cross Gene’s more mature look, to the playful and futuristic styling of Got7, and the simple yet vulnerable look for Kyhyun’s solo debut. Here are the best fashion seen in this month’s music videos releases.

KyuhyunAt Gwanghwamun

Kyuhyun Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via SM Entertainment

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun finally had his well deserved solo debut album. His first single At Gwanghwamun features the singer looking handsome in three simple outfits. The stylist was able to enhance the sadness of the song with the styling by dressing him in a color pallette that evoked nostalgia. The nude sweater paired with the white trousers creates a sense of vulnerability that goes well with the theme of the song and with the storyline of longing for his lost lover. While the styling is very simple, everything is paired with the beautiful photography and creativity of the video, making the simple fashion stand out. And can we take a moment and appreciate how handsome he looks?

CROSS GENE – I’m Not a Boy Not Yet a Man

CROSS GENE Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via Amuse Korea Entertainment

CROSS GENE released their music video for I’m Not a Boy Not Yet a Man on the second week of November. The boys came back with a styling that enhanced the members’ maturity and blended very well with the song’s concept. For the two different group shots, the boys were styled in white suits with black window panels and black suits with a print that features gold embellished crosses. In their individual shots, every member was styled according to their character on the music video and their personalities.

HI SUHYUN – I’m Different (feat. Bobby)

Hi Suhyun Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via YG Entertainment

Lee Hi previously stated that she felt weird performing alone and that she would love to have someone to perform with. While Suhyun from Akdong Musician is no stranger to be in a duo, these two YG Entertainment vocalists, the company that loves to be different, came together on an amazing unit. The title of their debut single is I’m Different and features the amazing rapper and boy wonder Bobby from the upcoming rookie group iKON. The music video has the two ladies falling hard for the handsome Bobby to the point where they even stalk him everywhere almost becoming sasaeng fans of the boy. The girls are styled in girl next door outfits and cute uniforms. However, Bobby’s styling is completely different than what have seen him before, with the varsity outfits. Both the girls and Bobby look beautiful, but Bobby takes the credit for best dressed. He made us swoon here at KultScene when we first saw his solo part on the music video; that all black suit and tennis shoes make him look very sexy.

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GD X TY Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via YG Entertainment

YG debuted its first hip-hop project in their new sub-unit by G-Dragon and Taeyang. GD X TAEYANG is their sub-unit name and they delivered a video full of neon, accompanied by the boys’ amazing fashion and their amazing party jam. The pair proves us once again why they are the fashion kings of Korea. G-Dragon and Teayang are not afraid of having fun with fashion. Their unique fashion choices by their stylists have turned these guys into true fashionistos. The music video is full of amazing British punk reminiscent looks, ‘90s hip-hop fashion, and high-end pieces that make every fashion aficionado burst with envy.

Got7 – Stop Stop It

got7 stop stop it fashion

Got7 took us to the future with their comeback song Stop Stop It, out of their first album, Identify. The styling is full of interesting pieces, starting with JB’s outfit at the beginning. The asymmetrical striped shirt with one sleeve and zipper paired with the baggy drop crotch overalls. As each member starts to have their own camera time, the viewers can appreciate how much attention to detail went into each look. Their haircuts and pieces they wear give a feeling of a distant future. The stylist played with different silhouettes and proportions that created a very unique look for the Got7 members. There are no favorite looks on this video, all of them are similar, but they all look unique in their own way.

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Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: October Releases

October saw very interesting fashion in the music video releases that had audiences oohing and ahhing. As we’ve seen time and time again, fashion can be used as a tool, and K-Pop stylists are always surprising us with fun outfits. The favorites this month include the debuts by Strawberry Milk and MADTOWN, as well as the different sides of Zhoumi and Red Velvet.

These are our picks for the best music video fashion among the K-pop releases during October:


MADTOWN YOLO Best Music Video Fashion

Images via Official MV

The newest boy group from J. Tune Camp, MADTOWN, debuted this past October with a very youthful image and sound. The boys dressed in typical idol group fashion, graphic shirts, jeans, caps, and flannels wrapped around their waists, to give them that playful and youthful image. They wore old and new Givenchy pieces scattered on their wardrobe and look quite stunning in their black and white outfits. The styling makes the boys approachable and sexy with a edgy-cool vibe. Did I mention how addicting the song is?

Red Velvet- Be Natural

Red Velvet Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV and SM Entertainment Official Facebook

Red Velvet switched their bubbly image in Happiness for a more sexy and mature look. The girls came back with a cover of the late ‘90s female group S.E.S.’s Be Natural, accompanied with a very sensual choreography. In the music video, they dressed in fitted suits and heels, while their hair went back to a natural dark brown, no longer sporting the different color ombre. This look gives the girls a sense of self confidence and a very powerful image.

And even though they executed this new image well, it was a little bit confusing for a lot of fans. Red Velvet is a rookie group that debuted with youthful and playful looks, and then came back with an image that not even their seniors like Girls’ Generation has ever done. Now, the expectations for Red Velvet’s new concept are very high, and we can’t wait to see what their next image will be.

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Epik High- Born Hater

Epik High Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

Epik High came back with a highly successful track, Born Hater. The song not only featured a great concept for their music video but had amazing stellar collaborations with Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Song Mino, Bobby, and B.I. This music video had one of the best stylings that I have seen in a very long time. The styling concept for each character in the video are spot on. Each character represents one of the seven deadly sins, and if you look closely to each of their styling, you can clearly see how their outfits really represent what sin they are. For a deeper understanding of conceptual music video check out our review of Epik High’s Born Hater.

ToppDogg- Annie

ToppDogg Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

The ‘90s fever doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Case point, ToppDogg released a new music video where the styling, the concept of the video, and the music are a perfect nod to all those acts that we loved growing up in the ‘90s. Their big baggy jeans and shirts all tie together perfectly with their hair styles. ToppDogg reminded us of bands like Seo Taiji & The Boys and H.O.T. with the choreography and styling. The song itself was also very fun and catchy. It made a few of KultScene’s writers fall in love with ToppDogg.

Super Junior- This is Love

Super Junior Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

This is Love by Super Junior has the members dressed up in coordinated suits. This music video really showcases how the group has become more mature and left their boyish images behind. Through the song, the men of Super Junior showcase their manly charisma and took everyone’s breath away. The black and gray color blocked suits really bring out a sexy yet serious side to the group. Even Heechul with that long hair wig looks handsome, as it gives him a sultry rocker vibe along with the wide brimmed hat. But overall, who doesn’t love a man in a beautiful, tailored suit?

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Strawberry Milk- ‘OK

Strawberry Milk Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

Strawberry Milk is a Crayon Pop sub-unit that debuted this past October, consisting of twins Choa and Way. The music video is an explosion of color, and the styling reminds us of that of Orange Caramel. The funky accessories and props really stand out through the video, thus creating perfect outfits that can easily be cosplayed. The overall styling of the twins is feminine and has them in flirty silhouettes, like tier dresses and puffy circle skirts that emulate fruits. There are even some cute pajamas in the music video, and all their hairstyles are cute.

Zhoumi – Rewind

Zhoumi Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

There is no denying that Zhoumi is a very handsome man with a great frame. But on his music video for his solo debut Rewind he assured us of how beautiful he is indeed. The makeup and styling go perfectly well together and enhance both his feminine and masculine features.

Moreover, his tall and lean body showcase the clothes perfectly. He’s styled in various smart pieces (trousers and blazers), but they have different prints that really makes them unique. My favorite look is when he is wearing the leather biker jacket, turtle neck, chelsea boots, and leather pants with zipper and quilted details; he looks sexy and masculine in a Brit punk kind of way. Even Chanyeol who is featured in the song and music video has very interesting outfits. The printed jacket that he has over his shoulders is to die for. And can we talk about that shirtless seen at the end? It surely had us rewinding the music video just to see that scene over and over again…

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K-Pop Fashion Predictions: Spring-Summer 2015

Fashion Week is the time of year when the major design houses present their newest collections. The designers showcase a season in advance so that magazines and buyers know what will be in next season. For fashionistas out there, this is the perfect opportunity to know what new trends are coming and thus be prepared when the next season arrives.

There is no question that K-Pop idols love to wear the latest trends and newest collections on stage, music videos, performances, and their everyday lives. Now that all the major Fashion Weeks around the world are over, here are our predictions of some possible fashion that you’ll see K-Pop idols wearing during Spring-Summer 2015.

1. Chanel

Chanel presented their newest collection was inspired by menswear and powerful women. Chanel took us back when women began wearing suits to demonstrate their power. There was even a staged “feminist” protest by the models and head designer Karl Lagerfeld at the end. Chanel has always been a power house and the brand features in many women’s wardrobes, especially thanks to Luxurytastic Replicas for those who can’t quite afford the real deal. This collection maintains Chanel’s status at the forefront of fashion.

G-Dragon is always seen attending the Chanel shows in Paris every season. He is an avid lover of the brand, and even wore head-to-toe Chanel pieces on his video for One Of A Kind. His androgynous figure let’s him play with the brand’s womenswear, and there is no doubt we will see him sport some of the Chanel pieces from the Spring-Summer 2015 collection.

G-Dragon at Chanel via MNET America

G-Dragon at Chanel via MNET America

Moreover, Girls’ Generation’s outfits are typically custom made for their specific concept, which tend to look more like costumes rather than actual fashion. Chanel’s collection had many pieces that would look amazing on all the girls. We have already seen some of the girls of the group wearing the brand in their everyday life and the I Got a Boy teaser pictures, but not on stage. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see them all styled in head to toe Chanel pieces? One can dare to dream.

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2. Hood By Air

K-Pop idols love to wear Hood By Air, and the latest collections for womenswear and menswear had many pieces that we will definitely be seeing in K-Pop very soon. HBA showcased over-the-top accessories for their menswear collection; a cool and unique take on men suits and their iconic prints. Hood By Air catches K-Pop stylists’ attention because of their uniqueness and stage ready pieces. We will definitely see idols like BTS, SHINee, 2NE1, BEAST, EXO, and K-Hip-hop rapper Beenzino wearing this collection in their upcoming projects.

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3. Moschino by Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott’s second womenswear collection for the iconic brand Moschino has everyone in the fashion world talking because this season’s inspiration was none other than Barbie. The Barbie collection is definitely every girls dream. 2NE1 has a long love affair with designer Jeremy Scott’s designs. Not only have they been his muses, but they have always supported their friend’s work. CL has already worn Moschino several times, like when she was Jeremy Scott’s date for a Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Fashion Week party. Not only can we predict 2NE1 wearing Moschino, but we can picture Red Velvet, f(x), and Lee Hi sporting the brand.

Jeremy Scott and CL via Moschino Instagram

Jeremy Scott and CL via Moschino Instagram

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Moschino also revealed it’s menswear collection that was full of prints and was very reminiscent of the ’80s. We can already see SHINee, BIGBANG, BEAST, Got7, and even the new group MADTOWN showing Moschino’s latest pieces in their variety show appearances, stages, and album jackets.

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4. KTZ

KTZ is known for it’s avant-garde designs and incredible statement pieces. The brand’s womenswear and menswear were inspired by Greece and Alexander The Great. The collection is full of black and white and gold that give a very strong image. Both collections could be styled perfectly and fit a lot of bands in K-Pop.

BTS has worn KTZ in the past, and Rap Monster’s outfit decked out in the brand has become a K-Pop cosplay favorite. We have mentioned 2NE1 before, but they are one of the most fashion forward girl groups in K-Pop and we are sure we will see them in this collection. Block B is another group that has shown love in the past for KTZ. A lot of pieces from their Very Good video were KTZ. Other K-Pop artists that we can expect to see wearing KTZ are once again SHINee, EXO, BEAST, f(x), B1A4, and even the men of Super Junior.

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5. Versace

When you think of Versace what immediately comes to mind are flashy, opulent, and over the top pieces. For the Spring-Summer 2015 collection, Donatella Versace had a lot of fun with her designs. The whole collection has amazing cutouts, beautiful metallics, and, of course, Versace’s iconic Medusa head. Whether it’s a complete head to toe look or just a compliment piece of an outfit, Versace’s pieces are always a great statement. 2NE1 and BIGBANG are groups known for incorporating pieces from the brand. Girl groups like 4MINUTE, T-Ara, and boy groups like WINNER and BTS would also look awesome in pieces from this collection.

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K-Pop and fashion go hand-in-hand, and every time there is a new collection, you can’t help but wonder who will be wearing it next in the K-Pop world.

Which collection was your favorite? Which one would you love to see on your favorite idol? We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Fashion Icon: 2AM’s Jo Kwon

In lieu of Jo Kwon’s super-fabulous musical Priscilla: Queen Of The Dessert, let’s take a look at his fashion icon standing. When it comes to his style, Jo Kwon is constantly changing. His androgynous features and amazing body make him the perfect chameleon. Whether he is looking like the boy next door, or strutting in Jeffrey Campbell heel-less shoes, he always looks fierce. Let’s showcase the prominent styles that Jo Kwon loves to wear.

The Boy Next Door

One of the styles that we see Jo Kwon wearing is “the boy next door” look. He loves to look well kept and clean, pairing sweaters with dress shirts. Even if he looks very preppy, you can see him adding a little twist to the look by carrying an amazing clutch, a Lady Gaga shirt, or streaks of green in his hair. This look is mostly seen in his variety appearances, press events, and his run on the show, Global Request Live: A Song For You. He looks very handsome and, with this look, you could totally bring him home to meet your mom. jo kwon boy 4 jo kwon boy next door collage Jo Kwon Dancing Check out these cool articles around the web

The Trendy Kid

The ’90s fashion is still here and doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. Jo Kwon seems to love sporting this style the most. He pairs oversized sweaters, shorts with socks, and baseball hats. Even overalls (which is one of the trendiest items of the season) look amazing on him. I personally love him in this style because it suits him so well. He becomes a full on avant-garde fashionista when he attends fashion shows. jo kwon overall jo kwon trendy collage

Pretty In Drag

Even though this style is mostly worn on stage, it deserves an honorary mention. Jo Kwon’s appearance lets him play with his image a lot. Throughout his promotions for Animal, from his solo album I’m Da One, Jo Kwon fully expressed himself with his outfits. He became a bird-like creature with feathers and leather that danced on stage. The heel-less Jeffrey Campbell shoes (the shoes assimilated animal feet) created a well-thought-out fashion statement. The shoes brought the animal in Jo Kwon’s mind to life.

Furthermore, he looks gorgeous on his spread for Vogue Korea, revealing his androgynous beauty, and as Priscilla in his musical, Priscilla: Queen Of The Dessert. Jo Kwon Drag Vogue jo kwon drag Jo Kwon As Prescilla Dance

Even though statements of him being gay have been refuted, Jo Kwon does more for the gay community than most idols, from going to gay bars in Thailand to addressing negative comments on his Instagram:
jo kwon instagram adresses negative comments

Jo Kwon is not afraid of supporting the gay community. And for me, being a gay man, I see him as an amazing role model for youth in Korea and abroad. I really hope that more K-Pop idols start supporting equality for everyone.

Fierce Jo Kwon

But overall, Jo Kwon will surely continue to surprise us with his fashion and his awesome self.

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