Fly to the Sky’s ‘It Happens To Be That Way’ Music Video & Song Review

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On September 14th, the ballad princes better known as Fly to the Sky released their mini album titled “Love & Hate” with “It Happens to be That Way” as one of their two title tracks. Why one of two title tracks you may ask? Brian and Hwanhee explained that they were rather troubled with the task of choosing one title track and the thought of having two just seemed to make sense. They further went on to explain that although both title tracks are ballads, with both have similar and different feelings, these songs will cause a wet autumn, filled with emotional rain. Let’s see if it’ll be literal rain or tears as we review “It Happens to be That Way”.


I talk about our goodbye like it’s no big deal
But my heart is still filled with you.

In the aftermath of a bitter break up, sometimes the most natural reaction that one can make is by shrugging it off like it’s really no big deal. The last thing you want is for those around you to continuously pester you with a million and one questions as to why the two of you broke up, how it all came about and whose at fault. The best way to avoid these questions and without getting too in-depth when answering is by ending the conversation as quickly as possible in order to make it seem as though you’re actually doing okay. But what happens when you know that you’re not okay?

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It’s rare for one to walk away from a relationship and not feel any sense of remorse, sadness or heartbreak; that space in your heart won’t be vacant until it’s fully repaired and ready to move on. So what do you do in the meantime? What happens when denying reality no longer works? Should you continue shrugging it off and act like you’re not pained by the situation or do you let your emotions take over, that way you can let your heart heal? Whichever decision you opt for, just remember that things will eventually work themselves out, so it’s okay to be angry, sad, and bitter. Don’t let your heart be consumed with all these feelings on it’s own. Express it and let it all out.


As if ballads don’t get a rep for being emotional enough on it’s own, you know a song will be pulling at your heartstrings when it starts off with an orchestra of string instruments. There’s something about those violins in the beginning of “It Happens to be That Way” that quickly engulfs you in an ocean of emotions. Brian and Hwanhee are both extraordinary vocalists, they each have their own distinctive and unique techniques that blend extremely well together, hence how they’ve managed to perform and work as well as they have for the last 15 years. With Brian’s impassioned tone and Hwanhee’s commanding notes transcending throughout the song, these guys will for sure take you on a whirlwind rollercoaster of untamed emotions.

fly to the sky 'it happens to be that way' music video & song review

via brianjoofans on Tumblr

fly to the sky 'it happens to be that way' music video & song review

via brianjoofans on Tumblr

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Black and white usually correlates with something that’s vintage/aged, and although this music video is far from having anything to do with being vintage or old, there’s something about the actors chemistry that bring out a matured and refined atmosphere. Although the concept is a bit upsetting and slightly depressing, the six minutes just didn’t seem long enough. As viewers, we need more information, more substance. What’s the actual relationship between the two girls and actor? Why is he so wishy washy with his feelings? How can you run out on someone because of an ex, go back and apologize, then proceeding to ask them to marry you, only to leave them standing on their own at the altar while you run into the arms of your ex? Just by reading some of the comments made by the viewers, a majority of them are angered at the unclear synopsis and outcome of this music video. Is all this buildup intentional? Will Fly to the Sky’s second title track “If I Had to Hate” give us a better understanding and potentially a more fortunate ending?

fly to the sky 'it happens to be that way' music video & song review

via brianjoofans on Tumblr

Overall Thoughts

With the rapid growing K-pop industry and all the constant changes in trends, it’s great seeing the suave gentlemen of Fly to the Sky staying true to their colors and sticking to what they excel in. It’s insane thinking about how these guys are apart of the “first generation idols” and for them to have made it this far in a career which can quickly diminish as quickly as it started, making ballads that continues to melt our hearts, blows my mind. As long as they’re still around making these sweet, heart rending songs, then the fans will always have a full heart.

Fly to the Sky 'It Happens To Be That Way'

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