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Playlist Sunday: Fairy Tale

Everyone loves a good fairy tale and all of us here at KultScene are no exception to that. K-pop delivers with many fairy tale-themed and styled songs that are not only attractive musically, but lyrically as well. From the title of songs to the other worldly feel to the lyrics, K-pop provides us with a […]

Playlist Sunday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Snowstorms in the Middle East and Texas are not exactly normal, even in January, so this week’s Playlist Sunday is dedicated to everyone suffering from the unusual cold weather. Here are some songs that will definitely warm you up or remind you of the coldness in the world. Even though it’s cold outside, ice eventually […]

Top 20 K-Pop Albums of 2014

Wrapping up our series of year-end lists comes the top K-Pop albums of 2014. Every day in the business brings a new song, a new group, a new comeback, etc., and that’s why not everything is always good or that different. But just as there’s some bad releases, there are even more outstanding ones out […]

Playlist Sunday: New Year’s Edition

The last Sunday of the years means two things: that New Year’s is just around the corner and that this edition is KultScene’s last for the year. And in order to ring in 2015, as it has become a custom, we’ve come up with a list of songs around this theme. Our picks range from […]

Top 20 K-Pop Music Videos of 2014

Following our stride of year-end list, we have arrived at the top K-Pop music videos of 2014. Similar to our top songs of the year, entertainment companies stepped their game up and dropped serious cash for the music videos. It seemed that everyone was competing for the best and most innovative video this year, as […]

Top 20 K-Pop Songs of 2014

After the many debacles that plagued the K-Pop industry this year, with scandal after scandal, it seemed like 2014 was the worst year since 2009, and possibly even worse. With members leaving well-established groups, personal scandals, and lost lives, 2014 was not a good year. However, we must not diminish the greatness in music that artists […]

Playlist Sunday: Christmas Edition

We’ve made it a tradition to come up with playlists for Sunday Playlist holiday themed when they’re approaching, and of course one of the major ones couldn’t be bypassed: Christmas. For this edition, we’ve come up with a few songs that set the perfect mood for Christmas parties or the actual 25th. Our picks are […]

Playlist Sunday: Wedding Edition

In honor of the recent K-Pop wedding of Super Junior’s Sungmin and actress Kim Sa Eun, this week’s Playlist Sunday is all wedding themed. While some of the songs on this list are bright, happy songs, we’ve also included some wedding-themed ballad songs that make us think twice about everybody attending weddings. Included on the […]

Playlist Sunday: Winter Edition

Even though winter began last month, it wasn’t until recently that the season was fully experienced by all of us at KultScene. That’s why this week’s Playlist Sunday is fully dedicated to all things winter, including and especially the cold that comes with it. Our picks include songs that talk about snow, the weather, and […]

Playlist Sunday: Junk Food Edition

If we’ve learned anything from watching variety shows is that K-Pop idols love eating. And while Korean food ranks among the healthiest, it doesn’t make for great pop songs. That’s why while picking a theme for this week’s <b>playlist</b> we took the wrong turn in terms of nutritional value and went for <b>junk food</b>. Because […]