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Playlist Sunday: Favorite Girl Group Debuts

If you had to choose your favorite girl group debut of all time, which group would it be? With an increasing number of girl groups debuting left and right, it’s hard to keep track, isn’t it? At KultScene, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite debuts, new and old. miss A made its debut in […]

Playlist Sunday: Ultimate Bias

Do you remember who your first ultimate Korean idol bias was? Is it still the same person? No? Yes? Well, at KultScene, we understand it might be hard trying to narrow it down to a single favorite artist, especially with new groups debutting each day. However, we all have that one that triumphs over the […]

Playlist Sunday: Mother’s Day

With much of America (and KultScene’s writers) celebrating Mother’s Day today, we thought it would be appreciated for all of us to take a moment and call our mothers and tell them how much we love them. Then we looked at our playlists and picked our favorite mommy-related songs. INFINITE’s ballad Omma (Mom) is a […]

Playlist Sunday: BIGBANG

BIGBANG is probably the group that truly makes a comeback every time they release new music. After three years on focusing on their solo work, the guys are back with their latest releases, making fans all over the world rejoice, for, let’s be real here, we were all thirsty. So in order to celebrate this […]

Playlist Sunday: CF Jingles

Unless the commercials are about makeup, a majority of South Korean commercials, better known as CFs, tend to land on the corner of cheesy and can occasionally be overly exaggerated. However, we could say the same for some K-pop acts and K-Dramas, and, well, we all love them for it! So that’s why at KultScene, […]

Playlist Sunday: Korean Competition Show Songs

Big K-pop groups from big agencies get all the attention abroad most of the times. But in Korea, the songs performed by contestants participating in competition shows chart regularly alongside established idols and artists and are immensely popular. That’s why we’re dedicating this week’s playlist to the songs that came out of our favorite shows. […]