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2017 Hyuna was the best Hyuna

Between starting the year with a tour in North America and ending it as a mentor on the career-reboot show The Unit, 2017 was a busy year for Hyuna. With the disbandment of 4Minute in 2016, we might have thought that it would mean one less possibility to see her in the media. However, Hyuna […]

Ego tripping, & not, in Korean female rap

  In rap music, ego tripping is the attitude of an individual who brags about themselves in a display of confidence and high self-esteem. Despite not being a necessity for rap lyrics, the confident swagger of ego tripping is definitely a part of hip-hop culture. When it comes to Korean hip-hop, it’s not uncommon to see […]

The sonic identity of K-pop girl groups: intro

This is the first part of a series in which we’ll discuss the changes in the music of K-pop girl groups throughout the last decade and what these changes say about the environment within which they thrive. A common notion about Seoul and South Korea is that everything changes very fast. That’s not surprising for […]

Is K.A.R.D the future of K-pop?

Two months after releasing their first single “Oh NaNa” and catching a lot of attention, K.A.R.D. made their first comeback on Feb. 15 with the intensely popular “Don’t Recall.” After its release, its music video racked up millions of views on YouTube with, at the time of publishing this article, over 6 million views. DSP […]