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Why We Love Kim Woo Bin [& Don’t Miss Out On A Chance To Meet Him]

Let us just start by saying, what’s not to love about Kim Woo Bin? But because that’s absolutely no fun at all, let us elaborate. Kim Woo Bin is one of the most popular young actors in Korea, and thanks to Hallyu, one of the most internationally beloved Korean actors. That’s why an ode to his greatness is completely called for.

Flawless Acting Skills

Models-turned-actors aren’t a rare species or an endangered one; it seems like this is a shortcut to fame. With that said, these breed of men are not necessarily the best actors, but Kim Woo Bin is the exception. However small his roles were in A Gentleman’s Dignity or To The Beautiful You, it was clear he had a knack for it.

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And while it may take TV actors a while before starring on films, Woo Bin cemented his place in the game with popular movies like Friend: The Great Legacy and The Technicians. Sure he’s handsome, but if he weren’t actually good at his craft, he wouldn’t have so much applauded work. Moreover, he has range, for he can successfully play both dramatic and comedic roles.

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Bad Boy Image

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We know, we know, he might not actually be a bad boy in real life, but he plays one on screen damn well. You can’t deny you weren’t torn between him and Lee Minho on The Heirs, secretly leaning towards the misunderstood Choi Young Do. Curse you second male-lead syndrome!

The boy has a niche, and being the bad boy is it. Whether he was the bully on The Heirs, a rebel on A Gentleman’s Dignity, or a crook on The Technicians, Woo Bin has the anti hero character down to a T.

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His Bromance with Lee Jong Suk

We might ship different idols together, but few are more popular among actors than the Lee Jong Suk-Kim Woo Bin bromance. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to where it all started: School 2013. This drama might have dealt with hardcore issues like bullying and suicide among high school students, but that didn’t stop the producers from showing a love-hate relationship between the two actors. The love interests were never the emphasis of the show’s relationships. Instead, it was all about Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo’s relationship and all of their bonding times.

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Being friends in real life successfully sold us the idea of them as friends, and we just loved watching every second of it. School 2013, because of Jong Suk and Woo Bin, proved that viewers don’t necessarily need a love triangle for a drama to work.

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Greek God-Like Good Looks

Now that we’ve established how talented this man is, we can get to the other main reason hundreds of girls around the globe drool over Kim Woo Bin: his handsome looks, of course. This guy used to be a runway model, for god’s sake! And like a pro, he still models in all of his dramas and movies.

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I mean, can we all just agree that he’s too damned handsome for his own good? He’s as tall as a tree, has a sexy, chiseled body as if carved by Michelangelo himself, and his strong almost lizard like facial features give him a hot edge to his attractiveness. I’m just saying that even if we didn’t have something as wondrous as DramaFever, I’d watch his dramas and movies without subtitles just to watch him being his magnificent, talented, stallion self. But I’ll stop there before the thirst gets any realer…

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Because Eyebrows

As mentioned before, Kim Woo Bin has benefit for his atypical looks; he’s so strange looking that he’s absolutely handsome. However, it seems that his signature feature are his eyebrows. Who can forget that one scene on The Heirs where his character was asked to put his eyebrows away? Simply epic.

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They might be manly, big, and bushy, but the boy’s eyebrows are on fleek; actresses wish they had such game (which is totally on trend right now, mind you). Aside from making him look good, they are also part of the package as to why his facial expressions are awesome. A simple rise of an eyebrow can go from indifferent to mischievous, or even yet, seductive. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is sheer talent; whose eyebrows can have such duality and a personality of its own?

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DramaFever recently released Kim Woo Bin’s latest film The Technicians. And if that’s not enough, the site will also host a Google Hangout live-chat Q&A session with the actor on March 24th. Unfortunately, only premium members will be able to have their questions considered. However, DramaFever is offering a discount for those interested in a premium account. Submissions will be accepted until the 22nd at 12:01 a.m. EST. To join, click here.

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