K-pop Unmuted: The best of the decade part 1

On Episode 47 of Kultscene’s K-pop Unmuted, Joe, Scott, Stephen, and Tamar look back on the last decade of Kpop. In the first of two episodes, we discuss our personal Kpop journeys over the last ten years, we pick our Artist of the Decade, and we list our picks for Top Five Music Videos of the Decade.

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K-Pop Unmuted: Jazz & K-Pop

On Episode 28 of KultScene’s K-pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight is joined by musician and podcaster Rhodri Thomas to discuss Jazz and Kpop. We talk about the influence of jazz on a dozen Kpop songs. We also discuss our K-pop Unmuted picks, The Snowman by Jung Seung Hwan, and Bboom Bboom by Momoland.

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Playlist Sunday: Game Day

12714112_10156740816255019_181376715_nIf you’re anywhere in the world, Sunday is pretty much always game day. But yesterday, if you’re in the United States or a fan of American football, you know that it was Super Bowl Sunday. There’s no way to avoid it, even if you don’t like the sport, there’s the likelihood that you went to (or hid from) a Super Bowl party. In honor of Super Bowl 50, we’re going to dedicate this KultScene Playlist Sunday to Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars.

Just joking!

This Playlist Sunday is all about the K-pop songs and music videos inspired by sports and sports uniforms.

EXO’s “Love Me Right” concept photos are practically perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, baseball hats aside. The upbeat song is all about being in love and loving someone in the right way, but the music video is all about the group, their teamwork, and the locker room. (Seriously, though.) EXO’s members are a little bit on the scrawny side when compared to the average football star, but maybe they’d be good quarterbacks? But, luckily, that’s not a concern, because EXO is killing the dance and music routine of “Love Me Right” in a way that definitely makes them win the game.

— Tamar

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I am very much not a sports person. I am, however, into sportswear. Despite it being very dated now, when “Oh!” came out, Girls’ Generation rocked the hell out of those outfits. Those cropped varsity jackets were cute af — how did this oppa only see them as little sisters? So if you’re like me who doesn’t really care for sports but likes looking cute at all times, “Oh!” is the perfect song since the girls were just being their fabulous selves while the game is happening.

— Alexis

True to style, Orange Caramel didn’t use sports to look cool or athletic. They took table tennis/ping pong, nearly hobby more than a sport, and applied it to a fight for love. In cute matching uniforms, Nana, Raina, and Lizzy compete against a number of opponents to impress their crush. Their acrobatic skills are unprecedented as they crush them one by one. It’s a quirky use of the sport and is shot more like a level of Street Fighter than a sport, but it works perfectly thanks to it. It has boss battles, special moves, and Lizzy’s killer expressions. The song bears the same quirky touches to Orange Caramel’s original formula too. A more quirky effort with its bouncing europop synths and talkative chorus.

— Joe

Also on KultScene: 4minute’s ‘Hate’ Music Video & Song Review

Never would I have thought I’d obsess over a cheesy of a music video as I did with MyB’s “My Oh My.” Their cheerleading choreography is simple and easy on the eyes; from their quick one-two steps to their high kicks, nothing too flashy, with clean cut and smooth transitions. It almost looks better than some of the dance routines real cheerleaders in the NBA and NFL put on. This group really took the idea of uniforms to a whole another level with their cute loose cropped tops, pale pink jackets and matching blonde hairstyles! Usually, my brain only allows itself to take in a very small percentage of the girliness that comes from these ultra high energy Korean girl groups, and luckily, at no point during this video did I feel the usual sense of queasiness I normally would, which means they did well.


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The Colors Of K-Pop: Orange

Next up in our Colors of K-Pop line-up, the color orange!

Even though orange is the next in the rainbow’s acronym Roy G. Biv, it is not a color that is extremely popular in South Korean music. Only a few songs had the song title,

Seo Taiji Orange

Korea’s King of Culture Seo Taiji recently made headlines for his 2014 comeback and appearance at MAMA 2014, but its song Orange that we’re highlighting today. From Seo Taiji’s 2000 album Ultramania, the song features Seo Taiji’s typical metal-synthpop style. Orange is not one of Seo Taiji’s most well-known songs, but it’s definitely worthy of listening to.

Orange Caramel Playlist

The number one search term in South Korean music and the word “orange” was, unsurprisingly, Orange Caramel! If you haven’t listened to Orange Caramel’s zany songs yet, here’s a playlist for your listening pleasure. The playlist includes top hits by Orange Caramel, including Lipstick, Aing, and more.

Kwon Sohyun Orange

4Minute’s youngest member Sohyun may look a little different to you now, but when she debuted as a member of the young girl group Orange, she still had a lot of her charge. The group’s debut music video is absolutely sweet and adorable. Unfortunately, Orange disbanded due to numerous anti-fan cafes, but Sohyun ended up debuting with popular girl group 4Minute.

Coming soon to KultScene’s The Colors of K-Pop? Yellow!

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5 Super Easy Last-Minute K-Pop Halloween Costumes

October 31 is a day for costumes and candy, but sometimes people are too busy to put together extraordinary costumes that need tons of planning. If you’re one of those people and you’re looking for some last minute inspiration, or heading to an exclusive K-Pop themed Halloween party, then you’ll need a great costume that’s simple, and that you can make from what you have in your closet.

An oldie but a goodie, Gee.

For many people, Girls’ Generation’s Gee was the song of 2009, and is still one of the most iconic songs in K-Pop. But the outfits that the nine members of Girls’ wear are so simple, just about every girl has something to work with inside her own closet. You have two options here- You can go the minimal look that Girls’ Generation dances in by wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a solid color pair of shorts and white shoes. Blow dry your hair straight, or throw in some soft waves.

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment

Or, you can go the skinny-jeans look. All you need is a graphic t-shirt, preferably with cap sleeves or no sleeves at all, and a a colored pair of skinny jeans. Throw on one iconic accessory, – a long necklace, a costume pilot’s hat, a fedora, a sequined hoodie etc- add a pair of killer heels and you’re all done. Britney Spears outfits in music videos can also be used as an inspiration to create an outfit and might make you look like a bombshell!

Costume ease level – 5/5
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 1/5

Crayon Pop’s helmet look from Bar Bar Bar.

For this one, you need a polo shirt, a short skirt, a pair of leggings that are the same color of your shoes and preferably the skirt (try all black if white is not an option,) and throw on a bike helmet. Add some white gloves from your winter closet, or else run to a local pharmacy and buy a pack of medical gloves. Put multiple ponytails into pigtails to get Soyou’s look. Finishing touch? Put your name on your chest and on your back with some name tag labels or use a safety-pin to clip paper to your shirt.

Chrome Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment

Costume ease level – 4/5, helmets aren’t always easily accessible
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 3/5, but people may theink you’re Yony and Zony, the two twins who appeared on Ellen rather than Crayon Pop.

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No More Dream-era of BTS

While Hood By Air clothing that BTS wears may be a bit hard to get last-minute, but you can definitely pull off the look. Anything black and white that you own, layered with gold jewelry and/or bandanas, the more athletic-looking the better. If you have a varsity jacket or athletic jersey, you just owned this outfit. For your feet, black-and-white tube socks pulled up rather than rolled down with black and white sneakers complete the outfit. Surround your eyes with thick black eyeliner, and, if you want, add a baseball cap or bandana. If you’re trying to be Rap Monster, sunglasses are a must, but if you don’t have his intense-visor type, just wear a black headband over your eyes.

Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment

Don’t forget to walk with swag! (But do so carefully if you’re wearing a headband over your face!)

Costume ease level – 4/5, it sounds easy but putting the outfit together and layering properly can be difficult.
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 1/5, people may think you’re just trying to be a random rapper, which is also cool.

Orange Caramel’s My Copycat

Again, two options here. Take a solid color dress, or tight shirt and shorts/jeans combination in the same color, and put large graphic stickers on them. Ideally, iron on stamps would be great, but then you’d ruin your clothes. Add white sneakers, cream eyeshadow with coral lipstick, a faux pearl necklace, bracelets, and big earrings– you’re ready to imitate the copycats. If you want to really rock it, match your nails to the color of your outfit.

Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment

Alternatively, put on a short jean skirt and a horizontal red-and-white striped shirt for the look from the end of the video. If you have overalls or a jean romper, that’s even better. Add a striped bow headband, and you’re all set. Don’t have one? Use paper and draw stripes, then attach it to your headband. Not ideal, but it works! Don’t forget the dark red lipstick!

Costume ease level – 2/5, the decals are a bit annoying
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 2/5, people might think you’re Where’s Waldo.

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in Fantastic Baby

Fantastic Baby has an intense concept, and you’re going to have to tone it down a bit. The first thing about G-Dragon’s outfit is the hair, which may seem like a problem, but it can actually be pretty easy. You may have to run to a drugstore for some hair extensions or, if you have long hair, red hair spray. You may need both, let’s be honest. Unless you have a black-and-white pinstriped suit, you’re not going to be able to do G-Dragon’s most iconic outfit. But there’s another one that will definitely do! Pull on a black beanie or winter hat, with a red jacket, a white/beige t-shirt, gray pants, and gym shoes. Red and white shoes would be best, but hey, there’s not much you can do last minute so just go with it!

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment

As for accessories, bedazzle (or put gold stickers/tape) on an umbrella, and put on some intense bracelets and necklaces.Add a smoky eye, with eyeliner on the lower lid, and the rest of the face pretty clean of makeup, and you’re going to be a great GD!

Costume ease level – 5/5, other than the umbrella, the costume’s pretty simple.
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 4/5

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Thuctorials: Orange Caramel’s Nana “Lipstick” Makeup Tutorial

There’s no doubt that Orange Caramel is always fun and colorful, but have you ever wanted to try their makeup style for yourself? I will show you how to Get That Look of Nana during the group’s Lipstick promotions!

As part of our very own Thuctorials series, this article will give you the full details on the colors and products that I used to imitate Nana’s makeup. None of these are exclusive products and you can get most of them in your regular department stores or online (online is recommendable especially as you can apply discounts like when you shop). When it comes to the foundation you might want to adjust to match your base skin tone but the brand itself you might want to stick with.

At the end of the day this is about having fun, so getting too stuck in the details of this brand and that product shouldn’t be on the agenda. If you feel a different brand or shade matches Nana‘s look then go for it!

Check out our video to watch a step-by-step tutorial of this look:

Prefer a written tutorial? Read on!



Before I put on my primer, I always make sure my face is clean and free of any dirt or oil. That way, the primer can stick onto my skin rather than the gross stuff! I used Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Primer:


I use my fingers for application because I feel like it’s the best method of making sure the primer is even and blended throughout my face.


You don’t have to use primer, but I prefer to do so because it helps smooth out my skin and pores, plus it helps my makeup stay on for a longer period of time!



If you have clear skin, and you want lighter coverage, you can lightly powder your face. However, I like to cover my scars and blemishes with a liquid and powder foundation combination. I first applied Revlon’s 24 Hour Colorstay in medium beige with my fingers (MAKE SURE YOUR FINGERS ARE CLEAN), but a beauty sponge or likewise would work better. I didn’t have any in my possession at the time:



Afterwards, I used bareMinerals’ MATTE Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in medium beige with the brand’s Precision Face buffing brush for application. The instructions that come with the loose powder recommend a circular application, so I followed suit. Blend everything towards your neck for a smoother gradient.





I don’t have orange brow gel, so I used my bhCosmetics BH Day & Night eyeshadow palette, an angled brush from a dollar store pack of brushes, and eyedrops:




The eyedrops help intensify the eyeshadows and bring out their color! To tame my brows, I used a spoolie that you can buy at dollar stores, and then I drew a rough draft of what I wanted my eyebrows to look like with this orange color:





Then I went over my brows with this darker, orange-brown color to make it stand out a bit more:


I groomed and set the eyeshadow with my wet n wild’s megaclear Brow & Lash Mascara.





Instead of eyeshadow primer, I use my wet n wild’s idol eyes crème shadow pencil in Pixie as a base, covering my eyelid area:



I followed this up with NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk for my waterline, making my eyes appear larger. Try not to tug on your eyes too much, because it could stress them out!




For the eyeshadow, I used an eyeshadow brush, which came from the same dollar store pack as my angled brush, with the Day & Night palette. I went with this purple color first:


Covering up my eyelid area, I extended the shadow while following my crease and pulled the color under my eyes to connect the lines. You can do a little wing shape if you’d like!



After the purple, I chose a darker navy blue:


I covered the same area as the purple, as well as extending the blue past my inner tearduct.



To prep for my eyeliner, I used my angled brush and black eyeshadow:


If you haven’t noticed already, I like to layer my makeup! It adds more color, and I’ve found that it blends out really well. I made a guideline for my eyeliner with the black eyeshadow, following my lash line and extending it out on both sides.



I’m a fan of marker-type liquid eyeliners, so L’Oréal’s THE infallible BLACKBUSTER 8 HR liquid eyeliner works great for me. Choose an eyeliner that you like and are most comfortable with using.


I basically followed the eyeshadow guideline:




Nana may be using fake lashes, but my personal pair of lashes don’t match the dolly, fluffy ones that she sports. As a result, I forgoed the lashes and just went with mascara. I generally do multiple mascara products to make my lashes as long as possible, because I am just a sucker for long lashes. I started off with my clear mascara as a base and to separate my lashes:


I then went over it with one coat of my jordana’s BESTlength EXTREME Lengthening Mascara. I apply my mascara at this angle because it helps me not get any residue on my eyelids! Blinking while applying the mascara also helps me get the most product onto my lashes.



For volume and added length, I used my little sample of MAC’s ZOOM Fast Black Lash and applied it in the same manner.


As you can see, I like to put mascara on both my upper and lower lashes. If you’re not into that, you don’t have to do it!



For the base, I used wet n wild’s megaslicks lip balm in Rico Mauve, covering the shape of my lips.




To imitate Nana’s bright pink lips in the reference photo I used, I decided to go with my homemade carnation pink lipstick and a lip brush from the aforementioned brush pack.


It looks a little funky because it melts in hotter temperatures, but it works fine, don’t worry! I warmed up this lipstick using my breath for two reasons: (1) it was in an air-conditioned room for the majority of the tutorial, and (2) it helps make the lipstick workable. I applied it on the same area as the lip balm.


To make sure none of the lipstick got on my teeth, I sucked on my thumb for a little bit and pulled it out, wiping the extra residue. Do a final check on your own teeth and wipe any stains that you see before you go out!



I don’t really have a stylish wardrobe like Nana’s, but you could pair a bright, fun dress or layered look with this! Here’s what Nana chose to wear:

Nana clothes 2

Nana clothes

Patterns with analogous or split complementary colors work very well with her makeup, and I’m positive they will work well for you if you choose to try this look out!


For hair, I personally would have liked to curl my bangs and do a curly-wavy hybrid of a ponytail; however, I needed to do more yardwork and consequently shower, so I felt no need to do my hair. Here are some hairstyles you could try:

Nana hair sample

That’s it for this Thuctorial! If you’d like me to do more of these, feel free to make a request on any of our social media sites or just comment below. I will also be doing Korean beauty product reviews, so request any products that you’d like a second opinion on!

[DISCLAIMER: All products are mine, bought with my own money. This tutorial was not sponsored]

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