Flash Music Video Reviews: Taeyeon, 24K, Oh My Girl, MFBTY, Ailee, Melody Day, iKon, AA

iKONI tried my hand at flash music video reviews earlier this year and I’m back for more. This week, I reviewed music videos released by Korean artists including Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, AA (Aoora & Hoik,) MFBTY, Oh My Girl, 24K, AileeMelody Day, and iKon. Each mini review doesn’t offer up in depth critiques of the music or music videos, but instead represent this writer’s first impressions.

Taeyeon “I”

First off, this music video has four million views already, so I know it’s going to be good. Taeyeon is a very talented singer and looks mad adorable as a waitress. The earthy elements and cinematic videography is really lovely. This soft rock thing that seems to be going on is new for Taeyeon, but it’s a nice change and it suits Verbal Jint’s featured rap. Those sheep are adorable, and I want Taeyeon’s outfits to laze around my house in.

I’m not sure if this is a complaint, but it took over a minute to get to a main stanza of the song and hear its sound other than its chorus. I’m a big fan of this sound. The lyrics are inspirational and shows of Taeyeon’s powerful vocals in a great way, while offering a really nicely made music video (obviously filmed in Portland.) With fuzzy sheep and a pretty butterfly, there’s really nothing I can fault.

The song isn’t typical K-pop, which is really great to see SM Entertainment attempting as its artists mature. Also, did she just steal her boss’s key after quitting? It doesn’t matter, this is a beautiful song and a beautifully shot music video. SM Entertainment really knows what it is doing with these solo debuts and taking time to make sure that everything is stellar.

24K “Super Fly”

This music video got a lot of attention because it was erroneously reported that a member was caught fighting in a club. But oh, they’re not in a club but instead being school delinquents. We’re going the really strong and powerful, hip hop oriented route that’s been so popular in K-pop lately. Am I watching Monsta X? What happened to my adorable “U R So Cute,” 24K?

This rap at the beginning is pretty powerful and the visuals are great. I’m a fan of this singing part that bridges into the chorus, but the whistling and thumping sirens could be brought down a few notches. This is a pretty high quality video, which is really nice to see from a group that I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, but it seems like they took out all the big guns to just go with what has been trending lately and try to get popular. (Is taking out hip hop tropes K-pop male groups the same as wearing scanty clothes is for K-pop girl groups?)

This is a love song, but it seems like the powerful images and sounds would be better put to singing against the establishment. 24K hold their own in this music video, and this is really a step up in their game.

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Oh My Girl “Closer”

“Cupid” was probably my favorite rookie girl group debut of the year, so hopefully “Closer” will live up to that, both plot-wise and musically.

Nope, we’re getting away from the adorable cupids to a really beautiful setting and lovely outfits. Nice dance moves, but I feel like we’re moving away from what made Oh My Girl stand out and moving stylistically more towards the trends. Oh wait, I take that back. These vocals are on par with what I expected from this group. The fairytale elements are really nice, and you can tell that WM spent a lot on this (that company never really disappoints).

I’m two minutes in and I’ve already decided that Oh My Girl should probably be Red Velvet’s real competition for the next generation of K-pop queens (okay, maybe that’s too much but they really deserve to be acknowledge). This song has really clear vocals that I feel like aren’t what most girl groups are putting out today and the members each have distinct images to the point where I don’t feel like I’m looking at plastic surgery monsters. Side point, the dance at the beginning and end are really good.

MFBTY ”6am”

“WondaLand” is easily one of the best Korean albums of the year, so now that MFBTY is out with a music video for “6am,” I hardly need to review this. So this plot is pretty simple, but this is kind of fun to see Bizzy act lovelorn. Oh, and angry. Wow, he’s really angry now. This back lighting is a bit irritating and I’d like it for a few seconds, but I feel like it doesn’t really feel like “6am” but more likely gives the sleezy bar at 1am feel.

This love story is really nicely done, although I definitely need to watch this again to figure out what is going on at what point in the relationship. This is definitely one of MFBTY’s most basic music videos to date, but that’s not really such a bad thing. Keep it simple sometimes.

I have to confess that “6am” is probably my least song from “WondaLand,” and since I’ve already confessed my love for this album, I don’t have much to say about the music except that I wish MFBTY used less autotune on this song.

Ailee “Insane”

Watching a girl while she sleeps isn’t exactly alright and this room is pretty creepy. Oh nevermind, maybe. Work it girl, do rhythmic modern dance moves while some creeper is watching you sleep. Obviously you don’t realize he’s there. Oh! He’s her dream guy, that’s kind of cute for a plot of a music video with a really simple setting.

Straight off the bat, this isn’t my favorite Ailee song, but she’s rocking this dance and I’m very happy that she is getting to sing some R&B, since that’s definitely her strength. These lyrics are really pretty and I love this back up chorus. This song definitely reminds me of Mariah Carey, which isn’t a bad thing. I see why Ailee is promoting “Mind Your Own Business” more, but this song is a really stellar addition to her repertoire.

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Melody Day “Speed Up”

Melody Day is well known for their vocals, but I saw a screen cap that showed this is a dance song, so let’s see how this goes. Because right now, all I see is GOT7’s JR. I’m not complaining. Oh wow, this is really a spin.

They look good and not showing too much skin, but they’re definitely going the sexy dance song route instead of keeping to their typical ballads. I’m really not in love with this song, it seems very typical and Melody Day has much more talent than this song or video showcases. Maybe if this was three years ago, I’d love the styling and video, but this is just basic K-pop at this point. The outfits are pretty great and they’re showcasing a lot of different looks, but it seems just like a really busy music video.

The breaks in the song to tone things down are really cute, but I can’t tell where this song is supposed to be going and the music isn’t ideal for showcasing their talent. There’s a lot of potential, but it feels like every time I expect Melody Day to show off what they have, the song disappoints by taking a vocal group and giving them a KARA or Girl’s Day Concept.

Aoora & Hoik of AA “Afternoon Morning Evening” feat. Taeyeon of she’z

The fact that something happened and AA never had a proper comeback after a member left was really disappointing to me, because their previous songs were really great. But now they’re back, to some degree, with this. Aoora’s had a few solo releases (most of which I was shocked by), but Hoik’s voice was the the thing that really caught my attention when AA debuted and this song is starting off soft and gentle, giving him the perfect way to showcase his voice.

This song is really just perfection, it’s like AA’s “Rollin’ Rollin’” all grown up. The video looks like it has a pretty low production value, but it’s simple and adorable. The song gets a bit quieter towards the end? I can’t tell if that’s my audio or something, but regardless, the combination of the pair’s voices with Taeyeon’s of she’z go really well together.

iKon “Rhythm Ta”

Let’s see, YG, bring your game. Oh, I don’t love basketball jerseys as outfits in K-pop just because it kind of seems a bit lazy. I get that their comeback is basketball themed, but this comes off as a bit too 90’s to me. Definitely not my type of song, but it’s nice to see YG trying to get back to its early hip hop routes.

Compared to Winner’s debut music video, I feel like this looks pretty cool, but I’m a little bored. Oh, hey, there’s a dog! The members look good, but wow there are a lot of dogs in this: I’ll take it. This song is groove-able, but definitely not one of my favorite debut songs of 2015, which is a little bit disappointing considering how much YG Entertainment has hyped up iKON. The groups look good, but the repetitive nature of this song doesn’t seem like something that we should be waiting for. I’d love to hear more of the vocals from this group, because these few moments where the vocalists sing is really great. Side note, why are only the vocalists blonde? This group has a lot of promise and I see why people like them, but I’m going to wait a bit to see if I like iKON’s other songs.

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August K-Pop Releases You May Have Missed

August K-pop releases cheetah
is just about over, but we’re still listening to a lot of the songs that came out from the K-pop world. Popular K-pop acts likeWonder Girls, SHINee, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, HyunA, T-Ara, and B1A4 all released new songs, but so did a lot of other artists. Here are seven songs we think that everyone should have heard in August and maybe didn’t take note of.


After a four-year hiatus, the vocal trio SG Wannabe came back with the dual singles “Love You” and “Good Memory.” Keeping with their usual evocative ballad style, SG Wannabe didn’t disappoint. Both songs are perfect representations of the group’s style, but “Love You” climbed up Korean music charts with its bright, building sound.

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Cheetah “My Number”

Cheetah won the first season of “Unpretty Rapstar” and released her first post-win song at the beginning of the month. “My Number” is a hybrid of pop and hip-hop that showcases Cheetah’s skill and feelings about becoming a celebrity. While the song isn’t as heartfelt as some of her raps on “Unpretty Rapstar,” it’s highly personal and has one of the most intriguing Korean music videos of the year, featuring drag queens, intense dances, and Cheetah herself in all her glory.

Primary “Hello” feat. Lena Park

Primary is arguably one of South Korea’s most up and coming producers and all of his latest songs are a reason to get excited. His latest, “Hello (I Got My Nails Done)” is a bright song with a steady beat and the powerful vocals of Lena Park. The song takes the talent of the Korean fairy of R&B and combines it with Primary’s producing skills and creates a fun summer jam all about nail polish. (And really, everyone needs a song about nails walking).


This song is ridiculous and cute and a gift to their fans, but FTISLAND’s humorous search for their “Puppy” can’t be overlooked. It’s like the Internet got rolled into one, with cute boy band members looking for puppies and pizza, with the talent of FTISLAND and vocals of Lee Hongki thrown in just for good measure. FTISLAND is one of the most underrated acts in K-pop today, but this over-the-top song and music video are just too adorable to overlook.

Baechigi “Shut Up” feat. EXID’s Solji

Combine Solji’s sultry vocals with Beachigi’s distinct rap style and you get one of my personal favorite songs of the summer. The song is about being used by people and the hardships of both general life and romantic relationships But rather than being a depressing tune, “Shut Up” is all about getting over things and doing what is good for you, even if others don’t understand you. “Shut Up” has a lot of soul, saxophone, and self -assertion, so what more is there really to ask for?

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Tiger JK “Blazing” feat. Yoon Mirae and Bizzy

If you ever thought that you’d fall in love with a promotional song for a baseball team, then you must be a big sports fan. But that’s exactly what “Blazing” is — the absolute perfect pump up, sports anthem created by the members of MFBTY, Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy, (although it is officially a song by Tiger JK.) The song is a passionate tune based on the anthem of Korean baseball team Hanhwa Eagles, “I’m The Eagles,” and both the song and the music video offers the fiercest inspiration to pursuing your dreams that you will ever see.

Simon Dominic “Simon Dominic”

Simon D came back this month with several songs, including the self-titled “Simon Dominic.” Like Cheetah’s song, it’s a personal take on what the singer wants to say those around him. “Simon Dominic” is a hook-filled song about Simon’s attempts at making it big in the Korean music world as part of the duo Supreme Team and continuing to make his way in the hip hop world. The song’s style and story led to “Simon Dominic” taking over Korean music charts.

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MFBTY Talks To KultScene About ‘Wondaland,’ Watching Reaction Videos, K-Pop as Escapism, and More

MFBTY talks to KultSceneWhen Korean music royalty releases an album, it’s worth taking note of it and MFBTY’s latest album, Wondaland is one of the most, if not the most, outstanding albums to come out of Korea in recent years. As a creation from the minds of Korean hip hop royalty Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, and Bizzy, Wondaland offers elements of hip hop, rap, electronica, reggae, and more to create an eclectic, otherworldly experience for listeners. With an ample amount of English, the message of Wondaland is highly accessible to music lovers around the world.

MFBTY, an acronym meaning “My Fans [are] Better Than Yours,” is comprised of married couple Tiger JK and Yoonmirae, also known as Tasha, and producer-songwriter Bizzy. The three have worked together throughout the years, collaborating on solo projects, Korean hip hop groups like Drunken Tiger and Movement, and started performing under the MFBTY name in 2013.

KultScene had a chance to talk with MFBTY regarding their album and the Korean music industry.

How does it feel to make a comeback two years after the release of The Cure?

Yoonmirae: It’s exciting and nerve–racking! It’s the worst and best feeling.

Tiger JK: I was in a deep funk for a while and I wanted to quit music. In a way, this project helped me get out of that funk and I realized that I need to thank those who have love for me.

Bizzy: This time has been more challenging for me because it’s MFBTY’s first full-length album and has 16 tracks.

The three of you have worked together for several years. How has your music changed over time?

Yoonmirae: I don’t think we’re ever fully aware of the changes we’re making or have made at the time. Personally, I would say that I’ve started to focus on myself more in terms of what makes me happy musically and a lot less on what’s going to sell.

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Tiger JK: I’m a product of my environment when it comes to writing. I think I’m going through a terrible stage as an 8-year-old right now. Actually my son is a bit more mature than me. I dig what my son digs at the moment, but I think I will soon grow out of this stage.

Bizzy: Music is my best friend and is always there for me. So are my group members. I’m still willing to change for ghood and express my feelings with Feel Ghood Music.

Your group has members of different ages and experiences, and two of the members are married. What’s the most challenging part in working together?

Yoonmirae: Musically we always come together so I don’t feel there’s ever really a problem. The problem with us – and I’m sure the others will agree with me – is we suck at TV and interviews! There’s something about being in front of the camera that rattles us. You’d think that after all this time we’d be used to it but it just get worse for us! Poor JK has no choice but to try and answer everything because Bizzy and I just freeze. And let’s not even get started on our stage fright!

Tiger JK: Tasha is a meanie and she doesn’t understand my struggles.

Bizzy: From time to time I feel left out because I’m not married. Maybe I should get out and look for a wife right now!

Other than Bang Diggy Bang Bang and Buckubucku, which MFBTY released music videos for, if you had to pick one song from Wondaland for people to listen to, what would it be and why?

Yoonmirae: I’d rather people go through the whole album. I believe there’s a song on this album for everybody.

Tiger JK: I recommend Half Time, Rebel Music, Angel, and everything else on the album. But if you’re into “real” hip-hop or are expecting to hear that, maybe this album isn’t for you.

Bizzy: There are so many different styles of music in this wondaland so the choice is yours.

What would be your ideal reaction from someone who hears Wondaland?

Yoonmirae: Hearing that someone appreciates your music is always wonderful! Whether it helped them in some way to get over whatever struggles they are dealing with, or they like it just because it’s something they can dance to, it’s always a blessing! And may I add we are all addicted to watching the reaction videos of our videos and it has been the best gift ever! Watching those videos alone made me feel like we did a good job and reminded me of all the reasons I love music so much. So thank you to everyone who makes those.

Tiger JK: A big priceless smile … a very genuine smile preferably while they are blushing. Then some stank face, like you are taking a big ol’ shit after being constipated for days!

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There were a lot of artists you worked with on the album, including Tiger JK and Yoonmirae’s son Jordan. What was that experience like?

Yoonmirae: Everyone was so nice and so humble. It’s always cool to see how other people work and everyone definitely put in work! With people’s hectic schedules, a lot of times artists just record their vocals separately and send the files in, but everyone drove an hour out of Seoul, stayed till I don’t even know what time, recorded what they needed to do, and just hung out. It was ghood times!

Tiger JK: Interacting with others is always a healthy experience for me.

Bizzy: Everyone who took part in this album, I really thank them from the bottom of my heart. This journey is just beginning, so get ready.

[KultScene note: Rock band Deulgukhwa, BTS member Rap Monster, Beast member Yong Jun Hyung, Dok2, EE, Son Seungyeon (Sonnet Son), Kim Banjang, Yoo Heyeol, Dino-J, and Jordan were all featured on Wondaland.]

You worked with K-pop idols BTS’ Rap Monster and BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung and I saw an interview where you described Wondaland as a K-pop album. K-pop is often trivialized for being too manufactured. Do you think that’s changing?

Yoonmirae: I don’t trust myself enough to answer this question in the “politically correct” way I should!

Tiger JK: It is manufactured. Some trivialize it and others idolize it. There are side effects to all things manufactured. But as long as y’all know the right dosages, it’s fine. Healthy escapism is what I call it. Just be able to snap out of it when needed perhaps.

How did you decide to go K-pop with this album, and how do you feel like it’s different from your past music?

Yoonmirae: As MFBTY we’re making pop music. And I guess since we are from Korea, it’s K-pop. We’re not trying to emulate anything, we’re just trying to have fun with this album.

K-pop has been popular throughout the world for several years, but recently we’ve seen growing interest in Korean hip hop. Shows like Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar are extraordinarily popular. How do you feel about the current state of Korean hip hop? Can you see your influence on it?

Yoonmirae: I’m going to stick with the answer I gave before – I don’t trust myself enough to answer this question in the “politically correct” way I should!

What does Yoonmirae think about being an inspiration to young female rappers and being practically the only established female rapper?

Yoonmirae: I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. But it’s also a lot of pressure, which I try to take as a good thing because it keeps me on my toes.

Wondaland contains a lot of English. Do you think MFBTY would ever release an English language album?

Yoonmirae:I would love to do that.

Tiger JK: Yes. Hopefully we can do it very soon.

Bizzy: It’s going to be a new challenge for me.

And the last question, which many people are interesting in hearing the answer to… Why ARE your fans better than mine?

Yoonmirae: Because they are mine!

Bizzy: Because they know me. To me, that’s the best.

If you haven’t taken a listen to Wondaland, now’s your chance to do so. Purchase the album on iTunes or at your local Korean music retailer. MFBTY announced that all proceeds will be donated to charity, so there is absolutely no reason not to buy Wondaland right now!

What do you think of Wondaland and MFBTY? What’s your favorite song by the trio? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.