EXO’s ‘Exodus’ Teasers Herald The Group’s Rebirth

After a whirlwind 2014, EXO will be reborn in 2015 on March 30th.

EXO is one of K-pop’s most popular acts internationally with an intense fanbase made up of EXO-L’s, the group’s official fanclub name. But all of the fans in the world can’t help the fact that EXO went through some rough times in 2014, with members leaving. But, from first impressions, the group’s upcoming album, Exodus, is exactly what can save EXO from falling apart at the seams, giving the group a second chance. Read more

Let’s Discuss: EXO Luhan & Departure Rumors

This isn’t the first time that it’s being said, but 2014 was not the best year for SM Entertainment. Kris leaving EXO, Sulli going on hiatus from f(x), and Jessica’s removal from Girls’ Generation are not exactly signs of a stellar company. And now there are rumors, mostly among international fans, that EXO’s Luhan will be leaving the group due to poor health, which isn’t good. Not that Luhan shouldn’t take care of his health, but the rumors themselves, and if they were to come true, are not good.

Why Are The Rumors Bad?

It shows panic among SM Entertainment’s audience. Other SM Entertainment idols have been sick in the past and have taken extended leave. SHINee’s Onew only recently rejoined activities after surgery, but there weren’t wide-spread rumors about him leaving the group. However, following the news that Girls’ Generation, one of the most seemingly-stable groups in K-Pop, is removing a member, SM Entertainment fans show that they no longer know what is what at the company.If fans cannot show full support for SM Entertainment, it is likely that SM will act even more recklessly than it has recently.

Following a downward spiral of f(x)’s Red Light promotions being overshadowed by Sulli’s dating and hiatus scandal, SM announced a new girl group, Red Velvet. Unlike the highly hyped debut of EXO, Red Velvet released its first song with little prior-fanfare, and a relatively sloppy, problem-plagued debut.

In regards to Girls’ Generation’s disaster, SM is continuing as usual with TaeTiSeo and individual promotions. But everything that the Girls’ do and every word they say is under strict scrutiny, and the company is likely to announce a comeback of one of its other groups to try and get attention off of the remaining eight Girls’ Generation members.

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SM Entertainment is often perceived to be the “worst” company of “the Big 3” Korean entertainment companies (SM, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment), due to its history with contract scandals and idols leaving the company. The company needs intense PR, but sudden member losses has become almost expected; EXO fans are practically counting down the days until another member announces that he is leaving, and Luhan appears the likely choice, due to his health issues.

The rumors are bad because it shows a complete lack of faith by fans in SM to manage its artists. SM fans need to support not only their favorite artists but the company, because the Korean entertainment industry is currently a company-dominated one. But right now, SM is in crisis mode and lack of support is making the company struggle anymore.

What oh nonon Luhan

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What If Luhan Actually Leaves?

If Luhan leaving EXO becomes reality, not just a rumor, SM Entertainment will find itself in serious trouble. Luhan is one of EXO’s three remaining Chinese members, and by far the most popular one. Luhan is so popular that he earned a Guinness Award for on Weibo- over 13 million comments on his account, double the amount of the next runner up. If Luhan’s health issues require that he, unfortunately, leaves the group, it would mean that SM’s EXO experiment has failed.

EXO has already failed in some ways, when the group became EXO rather than EXO-K and EXO-M. Fans wanted all twelve members together, but it meant that the split marketing campaigns were a failure, and fans wanted one, traditional K-Pop act.

Luhan’s absence would mean that only two Chinese members of EXO remain, Lay and Tao. Both, as all members of EXO, are immensely popular, but former member Kris and Luhan have definitely been the two most popular members of the EXO-M contingency. If Luhan leaves, EXO’s Chinese fanbase will reel and accusations of unfairness towards Chinese members will fly.

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Remember, initial reports of Kris’ withdrawal blamed his health. Luhan’s poor health condition has already been acknowledged by SM Entertainment, so the rumors are understandable. Hopefully, they will just be rumors and Luhan will get the rest that he needs.

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EXO needs no more problems, and SM Entertainment needs no more headaches. Hopefully these rumors will be pointless, but if Luhan, or any Chinese member leaves, EXO is in trouble.

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8 Reasons Why Fans Love Luhan

EXO has been popular since their debut (and even before that), as each of their members possess a certain air that makes their fans swoon. There’s no doubt in particular that Luhan has quite the large fanbase, but what is it about him that grabs your attention?

At first, I couldn’t come up with definite explanations, but I gradually came up with eight reasons why this guy is so darn lovable.

1. He’s kind of pretty-handsome

Luhan pretty

Yes, we all know that SM Entertainment is known for their gorgeous idols, but Luhan ranks high on the list of pretty-yet-handsome celebrities. In an industry where androgynous looks are popular, he definitely excels in that field.

Luhan handsome

However, let’s not forget his sharp debut pictures that put great emphasis on his handsome jawline:

Luhan handsome teaser

2. His proportions are elfin

Luhan body

Branching out from his attractiveness, his proportions are otherworldly. From his baby face to his tall stature to his very cute hands, it’s hard to believe that this guy’s not from another planet.

Luhan hands

Let’s not forget about his lean physique:

His long neck adds a graceful aspect to complete the whole package:

Luhan neck

3. He sings well

I fell in love with Luhan’s voice when I first heard him sing with Chen in Baby Don’t Cry for the group’s debut showcase. There’s a reason why he’s the lead vocalist; his voice is extremely soft and soothing, and yet he maintains a strong sense of emotion along with gentle vibrato:

4. He takes care of his members

You wouldn’t think, with his youthful appearance, that Luhan is one of the oldest members of EXO. Well, he is, and he shows his protective, brotherly side to his younger bandmates. Not only does he make sure they’re doing okay in variety shows and performances, but he also translates for the Korean members during Chinese promotions.

5. He’s not afraid of sasaengs

In this current time period where many people have no idea what personal lives are, idols have to deal with a number of obsessive stalker “fans” called sasaengs. When faced with annoying, overzealous sasaengs, Luhan doesn’t back down; he stands up for himself and makes sure the rest of the good fans know exactly what’s going on.

You see that? That’s the face of someone who’s not afraid to show how annoyed they are when people call them nonstop on their personal phones.

6. He’s sporty

Luhan soccer

Tons of idols get their bodies from sheer practice alone, but Luhan actually enjoys sports as a hobby. Growing up with football (or soccer) and being a fan of Manchester United, he’s participated in a variety of idol events involving the sport. Did I mention he’s also pretty good?

7. His manliness complex

This is what you might call a cute fault! Due to his feminine appearance, Luhan often reminds people that he’s not just a pretty-boy by claiming that he’s the manliest member in his group. Sometimes he plays along to the cute trope, but he generally stands his ground:

8. He’s a weirdo

Do I even need to say anything about this? Despite being an idol, Luhan has the widest range of facial expressions I’ve ever seen:

Yeah… Weirdo. But that doesn’t mean I hate him for it. It kind of makes me cry more inside because he’s so strange, and I can’t help but adore that.

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