8 K-Pop Girl Power Anthems Pt. 3

As we’ve stated before, K-Pop songs are mostly focused on love related topics; breakups, first loves, revenge, you name it… And they’re cute and all, but sometimes they’re just not the best message for impressionable young women. That’s why we dig through the archives to compile lists of Girl Power Anthems that are empowering.

On this latest edition, the songs touch upon topics such as sex, self-confidence, friendship, and more.

1. Orange CaramelCatallena

It may be difficult to look past Catallena’s music video. And with the sushi concept, the girls dressed as mermaids, and even eating themselves at the end, who can blame you? However, the song is actually about a girl named Catallena, who is the Regina George (pre-demise) of their world in that she’s the girl everyone wants to be or have as a friend –especially this trio.

Lizzy, Nana, and Rania compliment Catallena calling her “chic and proud,” “great,” and even admitting that they have fallen for her and want to dance with her. In the song, Orange Caramel is singing about having a girl crush, which is perfectly normal. Being a hetereosexual woman, having a girl crush can be romantic, but it’s not sexual. Girl crushes are all about admiration, so while a lot of artists, in and out of K-Pop, like to focus on putting other women down in order to pull themselves up, Orange Caramel is promoting healthy relationships between women with this song.

2. GainBloom

Gain is not one to shy away from sexy concepts, but with Bloom she took it to a whole different level by talking about the O word. Yes, orgasms. You can’t get any less cliche than relating a woman’s sexual awakening with a flower blooming, but since K-Pop tends to be conservative, it’s the best metaphor in order to not be banned from promoting the song.

Even though the song’s lyrics are far coyer and making it seem romantic, the rated 19+ music video shows Gain masturbating and having sex. This means that her “wonderland” and “whole new world” is not necessarily a guy, but orgasms. Gain is a grown woman and should be singing about topics that relate to her, and sex is one of those.

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3. Sunny HillIs the White Horse Coming?

Sunny Hill is known for their social commentary songs, and Is the White Horse Coming? is no different. The lyrics talk about having your life under society’s scrutiny when it comes to dating, and how you shouldn’t lead your life seeing yourself and potential suitors as pieces of meat. It criticizes society’s vanity and encourages people to cut the bs and just be themselves. With this song, the girls deliver probably the most positive song in K-Pop by saying,

Stop being self-conscious toward others, this isn’t some show
Stop looking for something to display, come on
Stop crying because you’re lonely, stop looking far away
Just look near you, come on

4. Lee HyoriChitty Chitty Bang Bang

KultScene has featured Lee Hyori on this list’s first and second editions because she epitomizes the strong female artist image. But this time, it’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that made the cut for being an anthem for independent women. Despite the title being, well, odd and irrelevant, the lyrics are actually about a boss lady in control of her life and work and being proud about what she achieved on her own. If that doesn’t scream “girl power,” I don’t know what does…

5. miss AMa Style

miss A is another regular in our girl power lists, and now we bring you Ma Style. This song talks about meeting a guy —sans specs, six pack, and playboys– who is just their style and being bold enough to voice that to them. While the K-Pop and K-Drama industries generally portray women as passive and not as assertive when it comes to having a crush, it’s refreshing that there is one group –miss A –that is all about being strong women who know what they want and how to get it.

6. Wonder Girls – G.N.O 

G.N.O stands for “girls’ night out,” so this song by the Wonder Girls is exactly that; a party song about hitting the town with your friends wearing high heels and tight dresses. It’s an upbeat and fun jam that celebrates friendship and letting loose. In the lyrics, they mention leaving their “boo” back home in order to go out with their girlfriends, perfectly portraying how you should put your friends before your significant other.

7. 2NE1Pretty Boy

On Pretty Boy, 2NE1 puts a guy on blast for being vain and all talk and no action. It criticizes “pretty boys” who think they can get by with their looks only with girls, rather than personality and character. 2NE1 flipped the situation, since women normally have these prejudices held against them, and put the spotlight on those men out there who are all about appearances and no heart. They these type of guys,

Hey pretty boy, you’re lacking something
You don’t have any charm, you’re just pretty
Hey pretty boy, put some effort into it
More like a man, more with personality
Ch-ch-ch-change yourself

You’re too P.R.E.T.T.Y
Don’t just rely on your pretty face to steal a girl’s heart
You’re not for me, I’m not for you

The song does come off pretty strong, but given it’s a hip hop track, the disses are understandable.

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8. Brown Eyed GirlsGlam Girl

Brown Eyed Girls are also a group of women who follow the sexy concept but always push the “strong woman” image. Their music videos and performances exude confidence, but with Glam Girl, it’s all about self confidence. Taking the “glam” in its actual definition, the girls sing about them being fashionable and fierce and super hot. If you look past all the superficial aspects of the track, the message is actually about being comfortable and confident in one’s skin. Hey, if you don’t think you’re “G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S” yourself, who will? But being a Glam Girl doesn’t just apply to them. Brown Eyed Girls tell listeners that they can be one too if they truly believe it.

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8 K-Pop Girl Power Anthems Pt. 2

Despite them being scarce, K-Pop girl power anthems do exist. Their messages are often hidden between break-up or self-empowerment lyrics. However, there are a few that convey the message a little more explicitly.

As previously said in the first installment of K-Pop girl power anthems, some female groups have songs about being confident, loving yourself, and friendship. Here are another eight songs talking about just that:

1. miss A – I Don’t Need a Man
miss A took the Destiny’s Child Independent Women pt. II path (even named their album that) by delivering an anthem that states that women are perfectly capable of taking care and responsibility of themselves because they don’t need a guy for that.

Moreover, the girls call out the boy for saying he’ll take care of and cherish them. Ha! These strong, confident women don’t need anyone’s protection or money because they can hold their own. The song “overflows with confidence,” and has a positive message that tells women to be self-sufficient and proud of it.

2. Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl
This fun song by the queen of sexy K-Pop is all about celebrating and encouraging being yourself. It tells girls not to be burdened with society’s expectations of women, to just enjoy the moment, and be themselves. What to wear? How should you style your hair? Does the guy like you? Lee Hyori says not to worry about all that, let go, and have fun.

3. SPICA – I Did It
Despite this song being in English for SPICA’s American debut, it’s undisputably K-Pop. Furthermore, it has to be the girl power anthem ever in the genre. Seriously, what other song says they’re going to get turned up all night without any other guys and just kicking it with their girlfriends just because that’s how they like it? Definitely not one from A Pink… The best part of the song is the title and the chorus’ ending:

I did it, yes I did it. I did it for me.

Not for a guy, not for their parents, but they “set [themselves’] free” only for themselves. If that’s not girl power, I don’t know what it is.

4. 4minute – Whatcha Doin’ Today?
This track is all about friendship, asking their girlfriends what they’re doing later so they can meet up. The lyrics talk about being free and doing whatever you want since every day life can be boring sometimes. The girls also suggest to “stop prettying yourself and enjoy life;” you can go out, meet boys, watch a movie, gossip, party or whatever. The point is to have fun and be together.

5. Lim Kim – All Right
Not all breakup songs are about heartache and despair. Truth is, the best breakup songs are the ones that acknowledge pain, but also the fact that they’ll be All Right. Lim Kim does exactly that with this song, saying that despite her ex being gone, being alone, and thinking about him at night, she’s ok.

6. 2NE1 – I’m Busy
I’m Busy could be interpreted as 2NE1 being mean towards a guy, but if you really look into the lyrics, you’ll see this is clearly a guy who won’t take no for an answer, and that’s harassment. The girls repeatedly tell the boy to leave them alone because they’re not interested. It takes guts to say that to a guy instead of making up excuses like “I have a boyfriend.”

Since the 2NE1 ladies are strong and fierce, they deliver an equally strong and fierce song that’s misinterpreted as cocky, but it really is just girls taking matters into their own hands.

7. Sistar – Touch My Body
While the song’s verses contain cute, romantic scenarios with, let’s assume, their boyfriend, make no mistake; Touch My Body is a sexual song. Touching hands won’t “feel like paradise.” Besides, what should you go faster, little by little, for? Yep, Sistar went there.

A strong, empowered woman is in control of her sexuality, and won’t think twice to say what she wants and how she wants it, and that’s what Touch My Body is all about. Moreover, the girls all look great in their outfits and dancing that sexy choreography, proving their comfortable in their own skin.

8. Ga In – Truth or Dare
Speaking of sexy, Ga In delivers a song about not being fazed with rumors her ex is spreading about her. She’s confident and doesn’t let what others say get to her, because she’s perfectly aware of her worth. Enough said!

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8 K-Pop Girl Power Anthems

K-Pop’s filled with love and break-up tracks that we enjoy, but what about girl power anthems that make you feel empowered for being a woman? Not all girl groups’ songs revolve around boys all the time. Some female artists have great lyrics about being confident, sticking up for yourself, go about getting what you want, and friendship. Here’s a list of eight songs that cover those subjects:


K-Pop’s Queen of Sexy Pop begins the list with “Bad Girls,” a song that teaches you what a bad girl is and how she acts. It’s all about being confident as a woman and letting the world know why and just how bad you really are. You’re sexy? That’s great. You like to get your hair and makeup done? That’s fine too. You’re determined and strong? Yep, definitely a bad girl by Hyori’s standards.


Following Hyori’s mantra, CL reinforces the “being your fierce self” concept with her first solo song. Like her bad predecessor, 2NE1’s leader sings about embracing your ability to be a strong woman. Yes, “Baddest Female” might seem like a vain manifesto to some, but if you look past the “I am,” you’ll see that she acknowledges her worth and is confident in herself enough to flaunt it. This is the perfect anthem for all the grown women, as Beyonce would put it, out there.


Miss A delivered a strong anthem for all the women who have been slut-shamed by a guy before with their debut song. The track calls out the ex-boyfriend for enjoying the girl’s freeness, let’s say, when they were together, but then talked ill of her when they broke up – the classic trope many of us go through after a break-up. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” says that there’s nothing wrong with being confident, forward, and sexy, and that what’s actually wrong is men’s hypocrisy.


This song might not be a single, but it’s definitely one of f(x)’s most meaningful songs. “Toy” talks about not letting men mistreat you, not needing a man in order to live, and being your bright self. The concept is definitely a more mature one than what we regularly see from this group; I hope they continue this path in the future.


Orange Caramel consistently delivers cutesy and weird style concepts, but “Lipstick” is a perfect example of being a go-getter. You know, a girl who doesn’t feel the need to act shy and is confident enough to pursue any man she likes. The song is the boy crazy type, but since it talks about going up to a boy and kissing him and tells him to stop playing hard to get, it’s inevitable to recognize the guts behind a woman who would do this. The girls seem coyer in the music video than what the lyrics say, but it makes the list nevertheless.


Similarly to “Lipstick,” “Female President” is also a boy crazy song where the girl asks the guy what’s wrong with them being forward, I mean, they do have a female president in South Korea, so what’s the fuss? This song brings up the topic of it being modern times, and tries to normalize girls who seek out men and don’t just wait around to be pursued. Furthermore, in contrast with Orange Caramel, Girl’s Day did deliver a sexy music video, even if member Yura got in trouble with netizens for her nude colored dress.


“I Like That” is a breakup song, but that doesn’t mean it’s full of bitterness and spite. No, this track talks about being ok with and actually liking doing couple things by themselves. The girls sing about going to eat BBQ for two, singing karaoke, getting home when drunk, etc. all by themselves. It’s a great song because it addresses a woman’s ability to be independent without having to be rescued by men.


While this might be in Japanese, it doesn’t minimize South Korea’s most successful girl group’s message of the fun and happiness of being a girl. Moreover, the music video is a big party with lots of fans and drag queens at an amusement park.

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