Playlist Sunday: Favorite February Releases

Playlist Sunday: Ultimate Bias

Do you remember who your first ultimate Korean idol bias was? Is it still the same person? No? Yes? Well, at KultScene, we understand it might be hard trying to narrow it down to a single favorite artist, especially with new groups debutting each day. However, we all have that one that triumphs over the rest of them. So for this week’s playlist we’re choosing songs from our ultimate K-pop biases because we can’t contain all our feels.

Let’s throw it back to 2002 when I first laid eyes on my first Korean idol and forever-ultimate bias, Eric Mun, from SHINHWA. Eric’s found a nice balance between leading the longest running Korean idol group, to showing off his charismatic acting skills. Not only is he the alluring leader of SHINHWA, he’s also a skilled actor and quite the prankster wherever he goes. Aside from his silly antics, there’s something about those sad puppy eyes, deep husky voice and manly built of his that continuously draws me in. Eric’s been talking about marriage for several years now, but nothing’s really come of it yet, which I’m fine with because I don’t think my heart is ready to let this 13-year-old love go. But when the time comes, I’ll let him go with an open heart. With this said, I have to go with Alright because he gave a great performance.


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The first time I saw Jang Wooyoung (on TV that is) was in 2011, when he acted as Jason in Dream High. Back then, I took a special interest in him, especially as I started to find out about his group, 2PM, and listen to their songs. It was only after I heard This is Love, however, that Wooyoung became my ultimate bias. It may not be a very well-known song, especially compared to the rest of his solo releases, but to me, this jazzy and relaxing song filled with his silky vocals is a masterpiece that showcases Wooyoung’s growth both as a singer and as a composer. It makes me look forward to his future works, and I’ll definitely be supporting him all the way.


He might have not been my first K-pop bias or even my favorite in Super Junior, but Kyuhyun is definitely bae now. And with his solo debut last year, this week’s playlist theme is the perfect opportunity to brag on my baby’s talent. Of course At Gwanghwamun is stellar, but it was his contribution to the recent drama Fool’s Love that gets my pick this time. ’Till I Reach Your Star is the main reason why I decided to watch the drama in the first place, and it being played at every other scene was the icing on the cake. The song is everything Kyuhyun is the best at: emotional, heart-tugging ballads. And even though he tones his greatness down, he still delivered a powerful performance.

— Alexis

If you ask me who my favorite K-pop star is, I may have a different answer every day, but there are two people I always go back to, and the first was Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk (The other is INFINITE’s Sungyeol, by the way). As a singer, Leeteuk is typically overlooked as a mediocre vocalist in Super Junior, but he’s the heart and soul of the group. His version of Huh Gak’s Hello from Super Show 6 gave him a chance to shine as a vocalist in a way rarely previously seen from him, showing a great deal of growth and improvement from a singer who had typically shied away from vocally strenuous performances.


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When I think of ultimate biases I always think of the idol that I most want to succeed and I have no doubt that that is Rainbow’s Kim Jaekyung. She is one of the only idols that so completely outshines the rest of her group that I feel sorry for her. Jaekyung excels at singing, dancing, and on variety shows. She is one of the most beautiful female idols working now and is multi-talented (check out her instagram to see the many things she draws and makes). If given the chance to go solo, she would nail every aspect and perform better than nearly all female soloists working right now. I always get the feeling that she genuinely enjoys what she does, and for me, that is most endearing. Unfortunately, Jaekyung has not had the chance to do any solo work that I know of, so I’m picking Rainbow’s To Me for my song. She particularly excels in the chorus wailing her lines to perfection.


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