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NU’EST ‘I’m Bad’ Music Video & Song Review

NU’EST are bad guys and they know it. They’re back with their first solo digital single I’m Bad in celebratory of their third anniversary. Unfortunately, one of the members, Baekho, wasn’t able to partake in this production due to recovering from having his vocal cord nodules removed. Nonetheless, this is NU’EST’s tribute to the fans, and they’re here to showcase their glistening masculinity and mature side.


It seems as though the music video was filmed place in an old building that was furnished to look like an apartment. The members each got their share of different sets located throughout the building. At times you can see members lying on a rug, members sitting on leather couches and beds and members leaning against window panes. To round it up, there are the ballet dancer, prancing away in an open and empty room.

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Although NU’EST debuted with strong concepts, the group’s recent music videos tend to stay away from extreme. NU’EST’s videos tend to be filled with flashy outfits while their concepts are usually a little more bubbly and fast paced, which is the complete opposite of this video. I’m Bad starts off slowly by highlighting each member, separately.

Although this is a dance ballad-style song, there isn’t any choreography involved in this production, aside from one ballet dancer. Instead, the members were individually highlighted by their own separate scenes where they were able to depict various emotions and make mesmerizing eye contact with the camera every time there was a close up.

The music video had simplistic feeling to it, but showed NU’EST’s growth and maturity. The song itself is really about second guessing yourself, something that many adults deal with.

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Should I say I’m sorry right now?
Should I run to you and say I love you?
If I do this, will you call me crazy?
I keep thinking of you crying
And it’s driving me crazy

Do you ever question whether or not if breaking up was the right choice? Do you have second thoughts about getting back with that significant other? That’s what I’m Bad asks.

NU’EST is in that very predicament. The lyrics suggest that these men were the ones that broke things off with their lover but after the break up, all these memories come flooding back. Now, they’re second guessing themselves, and are full of regrets as those memories begin to weigh them down. NU’EST begins to agonize about the heartache and loneliness that they’re left with.

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Overall Thoughts

In comparison to NU’EST’s other songs, which are usually a bit more dance oriented, I’m Bad was a better display of their sweet vocals, much like Hello. Although the music video itself was very minimalistic, the members were able to convey a deeper message with their tenacious body language. It’s one of those songs that would play overhead at a café; it’s mellow and rather serene even though the song itself is based on a breakup. However, because NU’EST are never shown together in the same room, it almost felt like a commercial versus it being a music video, but I enjoyed that a little more since each member was able to showcase their own individual charms!

NU'EST 'I'm Bad'

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