Live Action ‘Mulan’ Dream Cast, K-Pop Style

Disney’s Mulan is going to be remade as a live action film, which means that actors of Asian descent will get their chance to shine.
Who better to partake in the film than K-pop stars? While that’s highly unlikely, there are a few Korean stars that we think would be realistically good choices and should definitely be considered for the starring roles in Mulan.

Hua Mulan

f(x) Amber as Mulan KultScene
KultScene Favorite: Amber Liu

Reason: Amber is a tomboy who could definitely pull off tricking an entire army that she’s a man. She’s also a singer, which means that there wouldn’t need to be someone else singing Mulan’s iconic song, Reflection. Bonus, Amber is actually Taiwanese-American, so she’d be upholding the cultural heritage of the Chinese lead role.
Other Picks: Miss a’s Min or Ha Ji Won. f(x)’s Victoria and Luna would also be personal favorites.
Hollywood favorite: Arden Cho. She sings and knows how to use weapons thanks to her role in Teen Wolf. Constance Wu from Fresh Off The Boat is also a great choice.

Captain Li Shang

Siwon as Li Shang Mulan KultScene
KultScene Favorite: Super Junior’s Siwon.

Reason: He already began his Hollywood acting career in the film Dragon Blade. He played the villain there, but proved he looked good in historical Chinese military uniform. Again, sings. Plus, fans all over the world, and non-K-pop fans alike, would be pleased to see Siwon shirtless for the majority of his scenes.
Other Picks: 2PM’s Taecyeon, actor Choi Jin Hyuk, or…
Hollywood Favorite: Rain himself. Or Godfrey Gao. We’ll take both. Or Takeshi Kaneshiro.


KultScene Favorite: SHINee’s Key.

SHINee Key as Mushu Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: SHINee’s Key.

Reason: This guy has so much sass that it doesn’t matter that he’ll be CG-ed into the film; he’ll be a breakout role. The fact that he speaks English is more of a problem, though.
Other Picks: 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Eric Nam
Hollywood Favorite: Eddie Murphy. He started the role, why change it? This is one of the few non-appearing roles in the movie, so Hollywood will likely give it to a non-Asian actor. If Hollywood will actually use a fully Asian cast, Jackie Chan for the win.

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Shan Yu

Lee Byung Hun Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: Lee Byung Hun.
Other Picks: Shinhwa’s Eric
Hollywood Favorite: Lee Byung Hun



KultScene Favorite: SHINee’s Jonghyun
Other Picks: EXO’s D.O., BTS’ Rap Monster
Hollywood Favorite: Ki Hong Lee.


Lee Joon Mulan KultScene

KultScene Favorite: Lee Joon.
Other Picks: San-E
Hollywood Favorite: Eugene Yang Lee.

Chien Po

Lee Guk Ju Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: Lee Guk Ju. Because Lee Guk Ju!
Other Picks: Super Junior’s Shindong
Hollywood Favorite: Masi Oka

Chi Fu

Brian Joo Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: Fly To The Sky’s Brian Joo. He’s funny and could pull off the fake mustache in a ridiculous way.
Other Picks: Julien Kang
Hollywood Favorite: Ken Leung

Fa Zhou

Kim Sang Joong Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: Kim Sang Joong. He’s the dad from City Hunter and Doctor Stranger, and he’d be perfect at saying the iconic, inspirational lines.
Other Picks: Ken Watanabe. We know he’s not K-pop. Still pick him.
Hollywood Favorite: BD Wong. He played Li Shang in the film, and that deserves recognition. But Watanabe is our real hopeful.

The Emperor

Park Jin Young Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: Park Jin Young. We want to see him try to convince everything that his whisper is wonderful.
Reason: Kim Kap Soo.
Other Picks: Yoo Hee Yeol. (We may have watched too much K-Pop Star..
Hollywood Favorite: James Hong. Or George Takei, but about that one….

First Ancestor

Sung Dong Il Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: Sung Dong Il, he played the dad in the Reply/Answer Me series, and has the straight face-humor down pat.
Other Picks: See below. There is no real option in our mind.
Hollywood Favorite: George Takei originated the role, why not keep it?


KultScene Favorite: Eugene Lee Yang
Other Picks: Lee Guk Joo
Hollywood Favorite: Margaret Cho

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Fa Li

Yoon MiraeKultScene Favorite: Yoon Mi Rae
Reason: As Mulan’s mom, Fa Li only has a few singing parts. Yoon Mi Rae has the proper vocals, is a mother, and it would be great for her to get more recognition around the world.
Other Picks: Lee Il Hwa.
Hollywood Favorite: Ming Na Wen or Lea Solanga. The original Mulan voice actresses both deserve roles in the film.

General Li

Ahn Sung Ki Mulan KultSceneKultScene Favorite: Ahn Sung Ki
Hollywood Favorite: Russell Wong


Kim Hae Sook Mulan KultScene

KultScene Favorite: Kim Hae Sook. She’s acted as the mother in many K-dramas, and needs her chance to shine as a humorous, wise elderly woman.
Hollywood Favorite: Lucille Soong.
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