K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/10/14-08/16/13

In case you may have missed some of the latest released songs and music videos, KPOPme has you covered. Here’s a look at all of the K-Pop releases from the second week of August.

This week was filled with high profile releases, including the two debut MVs from YG Entertainment‘s new group WINNER, and SM Entertainment’s new solo release from SHINee‘s Taemin. Girl group SECRET also made a comeback, and the Peppertones released several music videos that you can’t help but loving.

[Music Video]

Taemin – Danger

WINNER – Empty

WINNER- Color Ring

SECRET – I’m In Love

ESNA – I Love You

Peppertones – New Chance

Ian Thomas & Tiny-G – Love X 4 Remix

Hong Junghee – Scenery

Tae & E.SANG – How Much Will Come

EVE –Mystery Love

Peppertones –Youth

Peppertones –I Don’t Know

Peppertones –Good Morning Sandwichman

Mayson The Soul- 6 to 9 feat. Loco

Jace – My Serenade

The Vinylhouse – Just Dream


Park Ga Eul – Help Earth

Bobby – Go

Vasco- Guerilla’s Way

Wheesung – For You (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

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