5 Songs to Get You Ready For Beenzino’s North American Tour + TICKET GIVEAWAY

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How many Korean artists out there can say that they’ve done three separate North American tours in a matter of less than two years? Not many, but Lim Sungbin, otherwise known as Beenzino, can. In the last 16 months alone, Beenzino has performed on six different stages in North America. This time, CHL Entertainment in collaboration with PlatniumKShows is bringing the Beenzino North American Tour 2015 five U.S. cities this upcoming December: Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, and New York City.

Aside from just hitting up the bigger cities, Beenzino will be making his first appearances in different coastal cities such as Boston on December 11 at Royale and Seattle on the 4th at Shoebox Sodo. As for the rest of the dates, Zino will be hitting the Golden City San Francisco on the 5th at The Factory, D-Town Dallas on the 9 th at Granada Theater, and, lastly, the city that never sleeps New York City’s Stage 48 on the 12 th. And if you’re unsure of whether or not if you should even go to one of Beenzino’s tour stops, check out these five songs and make your decision then.

1. “Break”

His most recent release, “Break” carries an addictive beat with ear catching lyrics from beginning to end. The song doesn’t have that rough and heavy sound that some hip-hop songs occasionally carry. Instead, there’s a mixture of old school jazz and funk indie rock that can’t be categorized into just one genre.

I wanna be myself, I wanna be different.
So let me be imperfect but you just can’t resist it.

Beenzino is not one to hide his inner thoughts and feelings; he says what he wants, does what he wants, whether he’s allowed to or not but while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. “Break” is a song that’ll have you reevaluating those in your life especially those Debbie Downers who always seem to rain on your parades. With this being Beenzino’s latest release, it’ll be without a doubt that he’ll perform this for his U.S. crowd.

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2. “Aqua Man”

Stemming from his first mini album “24:26,” “Aqua Man” is always a crowd favorite. Could it be Beenzino’s smooth vocals and transitions, or that this song is such a groove worthy song that makes it all the more attractive and easy to listen to?

You don’t give a shit about my broken heart.
Bitch, you gotta get your mind right.

He isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings, especially after being rejected. The best way to defeat and get over those crummy feelings is to bounce right back up and say “peace out” to that person who couldn’t have cared less about you. For someone who sounded so sweet in the song, Beenzino sure as hell laid it out and gave it to you straight with zero F’s given.

3. “Dali, Van, Picasso”

Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso are all renowned artists of their times. If you mention Dali, people will associate his name with “the melting clock” painting, better known as “The Persistence of Memory.” On the other hand, if you mention Van Gogh, people think of “The Starry Night,” and if you mention Picasso, then you have cubism, which was a revolutionary start in the painting world. Each of these artists have created great masterpieces, and even after death, they’re still widely talked about and recognized.

That’s Beenzino’s goal. As an artist, whether in present time or even after decades have passed, he wants to be known for his artistry in lyrics and music. Of course, what artist doesn’t want that? But it’s all about how you go about it and the different paths you take in order to get to the top of that podium. Beenzino, without a doubt, has all that it takes and more, to make it; He’s already proven himself by doing things that are completely out of the box, without the approval of others and succeeding at it. He can only go up from here. There’s no stopping this man.

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4. “If I Die Tomorrow”

For starters, “If I Die Tomorrow” has one of the most mellow intros in any of Beenzino’s songs, which makes sense considering it’s heavy title.

A young painter’s career gone astray, because out of nowhere I found hip-hop.
But I wasn’t afraid at all cause I didn’t give a fuck.

How many times have you been told to live life like there’s no tomorrow? Or how about to live everyday like it’s your last? It all makes sense though, doesn’t it? Why live a life doing something you don’t enjoy and utterly hate only to then force yourself to continue doing that everyday for 300 and something days out of the year, for the next 50 years of your life? Why not add some enjoyment to it? Do something that’ll make you genuinely happy for the rest of your waking days, even if it throws you off course from that “life plan” that people tell you that you apparently have to follow. Don’t you want to live life without regrets?

5. “Up All Night”

Enough of the heavy real life lessons from above, let’s talk about why “Up All Night” will give you automatic life. Beenzino knows how to party; it goes without saying that this man can put on a fantastic show, with or without an entourage. If Beenzino is there, then you should really expect to be up all night.

We up all night, tonight.
Forget about a damn thang tonight.

It’s all about living in the moment. Enjoying it while you can. Stop sweating the small stuff and worrying about things that’ll be totally irrelevant to your life after the day is over. Let the worries of yesterday and anything prior to the present time fade. Start each day anew and live for what’s going to be instead of what could’ve been. Beenzino likes to teach us lessons with every song; this one in particular is probably his life motto — a motto in which he wants to instill in all of us. You really can’t blame the guy for trying, right?

Ticket prices range between $55 for general admission to $185 for VVIP. The dates of ticket sales go as follow: Seattle on November 6th at 1 p.m., Dallas on the 4th at noon, Boston on the 4th, San Francisco on the 2nd, and New York on the 5th at 8 p.m. EST. Moreover, the age restrictions on the Dallas show is 14 and up.

And a message from the rapper himself!

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[UPDATE!] Here are the links to purchase tickets for every stop, including the ones that aren’t live yet:

San Francisco HERE

Dallas HERE

Boston HERE

New York HERE

Seattle HERE

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And since we’ll be partying with Zino in Boston, we want you to join us! That’s why we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the Boston show on December 12, thanks to our friends at PlatinumKshows. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps on the plugin below. The winner will be randomly selected on December 8 at midnight EST and we’ll announce it through our social media accounts. The winner has 18 hours to get back to us, otherwise we’ll have to redraw. And remember, only enter if you’re either in Boston or are able to make the trip since the giveaway is exclusively for that show.

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