5 Reasons Why Teen Top is Awesome [+ US Live Tour Info]

teen top kpop korean us tour 2016

One K-pop group that we can say we watched grow up in the spotlight is Teen Top. Debuting as fetuses, the boys have slowly but surely grown with each release, both musically and individually, and have become well-rounded performers. They’ve given us more than a handful of songs to jam to over the years, as well as serenaded us with outstanding vocals. In a genre where the competition is fierce, it’s hard to stand out. Teen Top however, shines for their greatness. Whether we’re talking music or personality-wise, we can’t get enough of them.

Fortunately, fans in the U.S. have been #blessed with many Teen Top shows. And with a new year comes a new tour, and this upcoming April the guys will embark on a U.S. tour. They’ll be performing on the 2nd in New York at Terminal 5, Chicago at Copernicus Center on the 5th, McFarlin Memorial Auditorium in Dallas on the 8th, and at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on the 10th. Tickets for Chicago, Dallas, New York, and L.A. are now on sale. And while prices vary with each stop, they range from around $234 to $60. For more details, check out KPOPLive.TV’s Facebook page.

But now, as we were. Here’s why Teen Top is awesome and hence should attend their shows.

1. Buttery vocals

Teen Top are great dancers, no doubt about that. However, their backbone is truly their main vocalists. Niel and Chunji both have interesting high voices, which one would think would deepen as they age, especially given they all debuted at a very young age. And yet, instead of going up, their voices have only matured without losing their pitch. Niel nailed it with his solo “Lovekiller,” while Chunji held his own on “King of Masked Singer.” While both vocalists have high voices, each of them is distinctive and adds character to every Teen Top song.

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2. Knife-like choreography & fancy footwork

Right from the get-go, Teen Top was branded the nickname “knife choreography.” And with intricate footwork as in “Rocking (No Joke),” what do you expect? There’s no such thing as an easy-breezy choreography for them. Even the slower tempo “Missing” featured some chair action and moves. The boys murder each comeback with their performances as if it were nothing.

3. Singles are always flawless

Since their debut “Clap,” Teen Top has released jam after jam. Whether we’re talking about the earworm “Supa Luv” or the catchy “Crazy,” we can count on the boys (and Brave Brothers) to deliver an outstanding single. Seriously, think about it. There’s probably no other group as consistent as them. Their latest, “ah-ah,” is not the exception.

4. This behavior

If you’re into Teen Top, you know about the pettiness they have exhibited during their various stints on “Weekly Idol” during the Random Play. Yeah, I’m talking about the vicious and hilarious violence they inflict on one another. I don’t think any other group has gotten physical with each other on broadcast, let alone make us laugh as hard. However, it’s clear it comes from a place of love, showing they truly have a siblings-like relationship.

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5. Their concerts set records

Three years ago, Teen Top performed in Paris and broke a decibel record. Why? Fans got a little too excited and screamed their lungs out, for it was recorded as being the loudest the concert had ever been. We can only imagine how amazing their show was for it to break a record. We can, however, break some here in the U.S. with their upcoming tour ooh-ing to “To You” or la la-ing to “Miss Right.”

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