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  1. Diksha
    Diksha says:

    I think it will be terrible if what you expect happens in S-2 since I don’t or I guess nobody would want kim yeol to cheat on Kang Yeon doo rather their relationship should withstand any storm .And why on earth should Kim show any interest on other (transfer )girl if he loves Yeon doo so much as shown ..Iam sorry to say that but It will be better that even if the case of transfer student happens then this should provide for the empty space in Ha -joons heart .He should show interest in her for some reason …While being thankful to Yeon doo for stirring up his numb feelings ,and should try to hangout with the newbie to literally give his life a new start..
    And for the case of their Guardians I hope they don’t get married and that Kim yeols mother reappears to find some space in their small family of father-and- son and in the mean time Yeon doo’s mother may find someone else may be her first love or what.
    And yeah it will be great if other what you have expected for ex-principal and So-Ah and Ha Dong-Jae comes true …
    Sorry for any rude or harsh tone ..But this is what I want .. 😀


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