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Artist Spotlight: Yoon Hyun Sang

SBS’s “K-pop Star” has had four seasons so far, and each season produces fresh new talent for the ever expanding Kpop industry. The winners of said competition normally achieve commercial success when they make their debut (think Akdong Musician and Bernard Park) but what happens to the rest of the contestants who do not make […]

Which TWICE Member Are You? [Quiz]

Competition reality show “Sixteen” aired its finale 2 weeks ago and amidst much controversy, JYP’s new girl group TWICE was formed. The group was designated from the start to have seven members, but at the end of the competition two previously eliminated members were added, resulting in the group to have a total of nine people. […]

INFINITE’s ‘Reality’ Album Review

A year since their last return with “Be Back”, INFINITE is back with their newest album “Reality“, which has topped music charts ever since it was released on the 13th of July. Through this album INFINITE shows development and growth, not just as a group but individually as well. “Betting” As with every INFINITE album, […]

4 Ways to Promote a K-pop Trainee

[Disclaimer: No offense intended to any group or company mentioned] All K-pop idols have to go through life as a trainee before they can debut, and this period of time is usually the most difficult for them. It’s filled with never-ending practices, criticisms, and at times even hopelessness, but this all serves as a foundation […]

2PM’s ‘My House’ Music Video & Song Review

Two weeks after their initially planned date of release, 2PM is back with their fifth full album, appropriately titled “No.5”. Written and composed by oldest member Jun. K, “My House”  marks the return of the group ever since their last release “Go Crazy” in 2014. 2PM is back! Meaning It’s alright. Let’s go to my house […]

Korean Variety’s Hidden Gem: ‘Crime Scene’

Amidst popular variety shows such as “Running Man” and “Infinity Challenge”, the deduction game “Crime Scene” is slowly emerging as a hidden gem in the Korean entertainment scene. Despite being produced by a cable TV network (JBTC), this show drew attention because of its elaborate sets and props and the highly entertaining yet intelligent cast. […]

‘Miss Korea’ Season 2 Contestant Jojo Hung Discusses Trying To Make It As A K-Pop Star [Interview]

Jojo Hung, also known as a Ga-in of Brown-eyed Girls look-alike, is an average Singaporean adult with an extraordinary love for K-pop. Currently a dance instructor at Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts, this special 25-year-old was a participant of the second season of CJ E&M’s “Miss Korea” alongside 19-year-old Julia Wu, and is also […]

‘The Producers’: First Thoughts

[Disclaimer: This article contains minor spoilers] KBS’s The Producers premiered last week on the 15th of May to high ratings but mixed reviews. Netizens were mostly divided, some of them fully on the Producer bandwagon, while others rejected it as being too boring. As a drama being shot like a mockumentary, it is a rarity among […]