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8 Misheard K-Pop Lyrics Pt. 5

As we’ve talked about previously, as foreign K-pop fans, sometimes we don’t get the lyrics right. We’ve gone through this on multiple installments of this list, but for the fifth, it seems we got a bit hostile. Either by [content warning] hearing bad words or completely interpreting a good message as a bad one. So […]

What We Learned at AOMG’s Los Angeles Show

AOMG artists Jay Park,Simon D, Gray, Loco, and DJ Pumkin turned the Koreatown staple The Wiltern in Los Angeles way up on Apr. 14 with their AOMG Follow the Movement 2016 American Tour. Their show at the City of Angels was part of the home stretch of their eight-city tour, and despite them being a […]

Why You Should Watch Korean Film ‘Time Renegades’

Eight years after filmmaker Kwak Jae Young completed his “Sassy Girl” trilogy with “She Cyborg,” (along with hit “My Sassy Girl” and 2004’s “Windstruck”), the Korean filmmaker returns with his most thought-provoking film to date. “Time Renegades” forgoes the outspoken heroines of Kwak’s most well known films to date and offers us mind-game filled treat. […]