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8 K-pop girl power anthems pt. 7

As mentioned over and over in other installments of our girl power series, women empowerment songs in K-pop are rare, though they do exist. And as feminism (or a pop-packaged version of it) becomes more prevalent and “trendy,” we’re seeing more and more songs that put women in the forefront that don’t only revolve around […]

8 misheard K-pop lyrics pt. 6

As long as K-pop artists put out music, the chances of foreign fans mishearing the lyrics are large. We’ve talked about it in previous installments: we think a certain line is in English, but it’s actually Korean, or it’s the other way around. Either way, in most cases, it makes for a funny experience. So […]

KCON 2016 LA’s M! Countdown Day 2 Concert Recap

If KCON’s first concert night was amazing, there was little to prepare attendees for the pandemonium that was day two. For the second and final night on July 31, fans were treated to a first-rate show filled with the hottest names in K-pop at the moment: BTS, TWICE, Girls’ Generation TTS, Monsta X, Eric Nam, […]

KCON 2016 LA’s M! Countdown Day 1 Concert Recap

To say the concert portion of KCON 2016 LA Presented by Toyota was bigger than ever is an understatement. Because not only was M! Countdown held in the Staples Center for the second year, but the July 30 show was sold out and featured some of the hottest names in Hallyu right now. For day […]

KCON 2016 NY’s M! Countdown Day 2 Concert Recap

If KCON 2016 NY presented by Toyota’s day one concert was a blast, the follow up M! Countdown show closed the event off with a bang. Held at Newark’s Prudential Center on June 25, the night prior was visibly not sold out, with whole sections of the nose-bleeds empty. That changed the second night, though, […]