5 Songs to Get You Ready for Dok2 & The Quiett’s NO RE$T US Tour


If you’ve ever scrolled past Dok2’s Instagram, you know that, together with The Quiett, the Illionaire Records CEOs are no strangers to the US — especially if we’re talking about partying. But this time around, the “YGGR” rappers are not only dropping stacks in Las Vegas or displaying their #blessed lifestyle in Hawaii. Dok2 and The Quiett are finally embarking on their first US tour, NO RE$T, stopping in four major cities to unload their trap masterpieces upon K-rap fans.

The NO RE$T Tour kicked off in Chicago on July 21 at the Concord Music Hall, then heads to New York on the 22 at Terminal 5, Atlanta on the 23 at Center Stage, and lastly Los Angeles at The Wiltern on the 29. Tickets are still available here and general admission prices vary depending on the city and range between $65 and $80.

Saying you can’t miss the NO RE$T Tour is an understatement, given we can’t even begin to describe how lit it will get. So let’s start getting in the mood with 5 Illionaire songs to get you ready and turnt.

1. “2 Chainz & Rollies”

Let’s start off this list with a classic. The rappers released “2 Chainz & Rollies” back in 2013 and it has quickly become an Illionaire staple given that it epitomizes their whole concept and aesthetic. With a music video that follows them through the Vegas strip and their hotel, the track is only meant to make you turn up rather than focus on meaningful lyrics. You know turnin’ up is a universal language.

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2. “Beverly 1lls Remix”

Released just this week, viewers got an early taste of “Beverly 1lls” when Dok2 lent the track to their “Show Me the Money 5” team members Superbee and myunDo. And while that version was alright, they had nothing on Illionaire’s CEOs. The official version with is a bop, with its haunting bells, subtle piano, and signature trap snares. Also, good luck getting that chorus out of your head after listening to it.

3. “Profile”

While “Profile” is label mate Beenzino’s song originally, the verses Dok2 and The Quiett dropped on it as featured artists are so fiery that they deserve to be performed even without the main attraction. Beenzino is better known for his artsy rap rather than signature Illionaire turn up trap and self-promoting narrative, so it makes sense that the CEOs have taken this song on tour given it suits their style better.

4. “Don”

Another song that the Illionaire heads took on the road from another artist is “Don.” The track was originally released by rapper Vasco to mimic their sound and entire concept, so Dok2 and The Quiett took it, dropped their own verses, and released a music video just to show off their newest rides. If that doesn’t scream “Illionaire” to you, I don’t know what does.

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5. “Rockin with the Best”

Circling back to songs that epitomize the Illionaire sound and concept, “Rocking with the Best” essentially embodies what Dok2 and The Quiett are all about: making money, being at the top of the game, and trap beats that will make people jump and dance. We can already picture both rappers bouncing all over the stage throwing water at the audience. We can’t wait.

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