UNIQ ‘Luv Again’ Music Video & Song Review


You’ll never know what to expect when it comes to Chinese-South Korean boy group UNIQ. Since debuting in 2014, UNIQ has showcased its youthful and boy next-door side with “Falling In Love” and rebellious and wild side with “EOEO”. This time, they’re back and will have you falling in love at first sight with their music video and song “Luv Again”.


You can’t let love get away
Or else you’ll regret it, so have courage.

How relevant is this line to your life? Would you rather be continuously pondering the what if’s or would you rather be living your life with no regrets?

Take risks. Fall in love and give love in return. How will you ever know if something will work out or not if you don’t give it a try? Of course there’ll be unsuccessful relationships, but sometimes through those failed relationships, somewhere down the road something better will blossom and come out of it. If you see a probable future with someone, go for it. Don’t think about the negative aspects because you’ll be setting yourself up for a bust before anything even starts. Be courageous and have confidence!

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Members Sungjoo and Wehan’s voices is sweet like honey in addition to the already fresh and soothing melody in “Luv Again.” It’s one of those songs that will captivate your heartstrings and give you immediate butterflies from the get go. To not take anything away from this already immensely adorable song, members Yixuan, Seungyoun and Yibo add a bit of flare to it with their endearing raps.

UNIQ 'Luv Again' Music Video & Song Review

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“Luv Again” is contagiously cute and you’ll find yourself singing and humming along to it without knowing. The sound of the guitar and finger snaps throughout the song will easily put you at ease, so just close your eyes, sit back, relax and enjoy the song.


Filmed in Thailand, “Luv Again” will have you ready for the upcoming summer season. You won’t be able to help but smile while watching this sweet and borderline cringe-worthy music video.

UNIQ 'Luv Again' Music Video & Song Review

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Rather than making the entire video be focused on getting the girl, it shows UNIQ having a good time and bonding as a team, meanwhile trying to cheer Wehan up from his missed opportunity at love. In order to help him get over this slump, the other members try to engage him in a friendly game of basketball. After a series of failed attempts, they decided that Wehan had spent enough time moping around, and it was time to venture off and enjoy what the city had to offer.

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They kept the video simple by not adding any choreography. The members are just out and about, genuinely having fun, and simply enjoying one another’s company. It’s always refreshing to see a group film a music video outside, especially when it’s in a different country, for a change. “Luv Again” captures a lot of beautiful scenery and tourist attractions. At times, it almost felt more like a commercial to promote tourism in Thailand than an actual music video, but it was fun to watch nonetheless.

Overall Thoughts

Once you listen to it for the first time, you won’t be able to stop. “Luv Again” will automatically lift up your mood. It’ll definitely be a song that’ll be on continuous repeat this summer. UNIQ has brought something different to the table with every comeback, and I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. Let’s hope their next one will be just as entertaining as this one!

UNIQ's 'Luv Again'

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