5 Reasons to Attend VIXX’s Chicago & NYC Concerts

After holding a successful set at KCON this past summer, VIXX is back on U.S. soil to hold two concerts, and one is not in Los Angeles! Unlike other K-Pop groups, the cities graced by VIXX’s presence will be Chicago and New York City, and tickets are selling fast.

And while fans already know why going to a VIXX show is worth it, non-fans and/or people not acquainted with them might not know what they are missing out on. So if you’re on the fence or simply not feeling this group yet, here are five reasons to sway you into liking VIXX and attending either their NYC or Chicago shows:

1. New Set

VIXX is no stranger to holding shows in the U.S. This past summer, they opened KCON’s first night, and last year they held concerts in Texas and L.A. What’s more, they also participated in Otakon and KCON in 2012. This means that with every American show held, they’ve had new material to show fans, and this time is not an exception.

The boys recently made their comeback with Error from their mini album by the same name. In addition to all the favorite singles, VIXX will perform their newest work for American fans –so why miss that chance?

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2. Their Dark Concept

Let’s be real. Voodoo, Hyde, On and On and pretty much all of VIXX’s music videos are weird and dark –but that’s what makes them so good! Their concept, if you can call it such, is that they’re robots in a dystopian world. VIXX definitely stands out from the rest of the guy groups because they don’t do what everyone else does; they’re unique.

vixx chicago new york city

via Kpopbreak

3. Powerful Performances

“Powerful” is probably the most used adjective to describe guy groups’ performances. But when you take that and add VIXX’s dark, robot concepts, it takes it to another level. Moreover, there’s also an element of theatricality that also enhance the overall picture. On stage or music videos, the boys always convey passion through their choreographies and facial expressions that tap into fans’ emotions, and that’s what makes their performances “powerful” and successful.

4. Cater to Fans

While meet and greets would be awesome, they can be awkward given the language and cultural barriers between the K-Pop artists and the fans. However, the alternative to that are the high touch events. These consists on having a given group stand and having a line of fans stroll past them to give them a high five, and VIXX is holding this event at their shows. What’s more, due to its popularity, the organizers just released more spots! You can find the information here.

With this and the fact that VIXX has performed in the U.S. at least once per year since debut, we can say that the guys acknowledge and have an interest in catering to American fans. A group that consistently comes to the U.S. with every release to make up for the fact that they can’t meet their fans here like they do in Korea is unprecedented in the industry and is bound to deliver a great show.

vixx new york city chicago

by hyukson via rebloggy

Moreover, the KultScene team saw lots of fan service by VIXX at KCON 2014 and have the pictures and video to show it!

5. They’re Personally Inviting You

In order to announce their Chicago and NYC shows, VIXX recorded videos for each date inviting fans. And even though the videos are not subbed (sigh), we understand the point and the sentiment behind them. VIXX is known for being caring with starlights, and even just by looking at their eyes, you can tell that they look forward to seeing those shows packed.

Here are the Chicago and New York City videos:


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Don’t miss out on an awesome and high energy show with VIXX. The boys will be in Chicago at the Star Plaza Theater on November 22nd and you can purchase tickets here. For their NYC, their show will be at Terminal 5 on November 23rd, tickets over here. For more information, be sure to check Limelight Entertainment regularly.

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