Playlist Sunday: Valentine’s Day


This day, once a year, when couples are lauded and told to eat chocolate and do something fun, is all about love. So, for this year’s Valentine’s Day, our KultScene Playlist Sunday is all about love and relationships. Each of our writers has a different take on the perfect love song and what love is. Pairing individual opinions and matching them to their favorite songs, we put together a perfectly romantic playlist for the holiday.

Whether you’re single or taken this Valentine’s Day, B.A.P will be sure to make your heart flutter with their enjoyable and bright song “Crash.” “I can’t believe it, it’s really perfect,” they sing. “I am breathless, it’s not fair. Your eyes, your lips, you’re everything really left me shook up.” Have you ever met someone who put you in an instant daze and left you completely mesmerized? Is it your current significant other or perhaps someone of the past? Or maybe, even someone famous? Regardless of who it was/is, it’s a great deal of feelings and emotions that can’t fully be expressed and put into words. The members hearts are thumping so hard that it’s about to erupt and burst out of the bodies at just the mere thought of meeting someone with such great qualities and characteristics. Does your heart do the same notion whenever you think of or if you’re around that person?

— Tam

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What better song to dedicate to that special someone this Valentine’s Day than IKON’s “My Type?” An ode to the members’ ideal girl, the lighthearted song describes everything about her that they love, including her fashion sense, her voice, her smile, and even her yawn. And though the lyrics describe her body movements as “slightly awkward,” they also let her know that she has no flaws. She can literally be mute, and they would still have the hots for her. But I guess that’s when you know that the love is real, when you are able to look past the other’s faults and appreciate all of his or her nuances, such as the look on his or her face when spacing out. “My Type” works well whether you are confessing for the first time in a “some” relationship or for the thousand and first time in a long-term one, because who would not like to hear how perfect they are?

— Shelley

I’m not much of a romantic, but how can anyone resist an ode to your beauty like in Big Bang’s “Bae Bae?” I mean, next to my intelligence, if you want me to fall in love with you, highlighting my chicness and my doe-like eyes is the way to go. Both the song and the music video for “Bae Bae” are weird, no doubt about that. But it’s awesomeness relies in the fact that it’s different and not cookie-cutter. “Bae Bae” is a testament to the girl they’re so enamoured by, how they wish she won’t change ever because in this moment, she’s perfect. During the honeymoon stage of a relationship, what’s not romantic about that?

— Alexis

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Sometimes it’s important to constantly remind a person that they are your valentine and you are theirs. Even if they don’t agree, you can do what AOA Cream do and keep shouting, “I’m your baby.” The subunit’s debut single “I’m Jelly Baby” is about a jealous girl who is afraid her boyfriend is looking at other girls. Maybe it’s not the most romantic of songs for Valentine’s Day but the sheer devotion on Cream’s part is admirable and romantic in a creepy way. The song itself is a wonderfully inventive bit of pop rock built on top hip hop beats. Guitars drive the song but it flits in and out styles and contains a chorus which takes a while to get to the point. It also features maybe the most beautiful bit of vocal so far this year with Hyejeong’s second part in the long pre-chorus build up.

— Joe

Park Hyo Shin’s “Wild Flower” is pretty sad as it comes post-breakup, but the vocally expressive song is lyrically beautiful to the point that it is quite obvious that this is love. The ballad, beginning with strings then pausing completely to allow Park’s crisp vocals to be begin backed only by a simple keyboard accompaniment, is about lost love and the future of a new spring together after the “wild flower” returns to bloom again. The song is one of Korea’s most popular songs in the past few years thanks to the poetic lyrics that describe the feelings of love and heartbreak: “Love is a fiery flower that blooms and withers,” he sings at one point. “…On top of the dry land, my entire body is burning. Your scent that remained on my fingers is scattering away.” At a time when many of the most popular Korean “love” songs are nothing more than hook-filled dance songs, Park Hyo Shin’s “Wild Flower” reflects the passion of love and anguish of a break up, while still depicting faith in finding happiness again. So, even though it’s Valentine’s Day and “Wild Flower” seems like a sad song, it’s actually something we should all hope we experience in our lives. We are all secretly waiting for our “Wild Flower”-like emotions of love.


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5 K-Dramas To Get You In The Mood For Valentine’s Day

vday kdramas

It’s Valentine’s Day again and despite its grisly origins, the 14th of February is probably the most romantic day of the year. Romantic comedy is a really popular genre for K-dramas, so there will never be a shortage of dramas to get you in the right mood for this special day. Ranging from period dramas to hit modern ones, here are five spectacular K-dramas to put you in the Valentine’s Day mood. Who knows, you could even get some last minute celebration ideas from these shows!

1. “Queen Inhyun’s Man”

“Queen Inhyun’s Man” was so much more than a romantic comedy because it remains one of the few K-dramas to actually get the time travel trope right. At the heart of it all however, the beautiful relationship between Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo was the drama’s winning factor. They had a perfect chemistry, they looked good together, and their relationship was so well-crafted that the romance became real. Despite being star-crossed lovers, they managed to overcome all odds (including that of distance and time) and their sweet resolution will definitely leave you swooning.

2. “The Greatest Love”

Gong Hyo Jin seems to click very well with every actor she works with but “The Greatest Love” is definitely one of her best works. Her romance with Cha Seung Won was chock full of chemistry and this showed even when they were having petty arguments. The drama had a pretty interesting set-up as well, with the show being centered around Korea’s entertainment industry, but it was the iconic character of Dokko Jin (Cha Seung Won) that stole the show (and probably the hearts of all the female viewers as well). A top star with a horrible personality and a machine for a heart, Dokko Jin was at first just another bad boy, but Cha Seung Won played him with a subtlety and depth that made him extra relatable to viewers.

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3. “You Who Came From The Stars”

Easily the biggest hit of 2014, “You Who Came From The Stars” had many novel plot points along with great and dedicated actors, but above all an addictive romance. Despite their age gap, actors Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun were a very believable and shippable couple. Whether it was their lively banter or their sizzling eye gazes, the couple was a joy to watch. There were many ultra romantic moments in this drama as well, whether the couple was hanging out at a secluded island or when fairy lights just magically lit up around them (perks of having an alien boyfriend).

4. “Pinocchio”

Another drama with many fairy-tale like moments, “Pinocchio” didn’t have the strongest storyline or premise, but it definitely succeeded in the romance department. Lee Jongsuk and Park Shinhye displayed such a great relationship that up till today, rumors of them dating are still rampant (despite the actors denying it sometime last year). Just like Gong Hyojin, Park Shinhye has had many wonderful co-stars (Jang Geun Suk, Lee Minho), but her romance with Lee Jongsuk was definitely the most believable because both actors threw themselves into their respective characters. The characters were enthusiastic about journalism, but also about following their heart. As you can probably imagine, their romance was filled with many heart-melting/stopping/wrenching moments that made this drama very memorable.

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5. “She Was Pretty”

From a brother-sister relationship in “Kill Me Heal Me” to that of lovers in “She Was Pretty,” Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum presented a natural chemistry that was more romantic than I thought possible. There was nothing original about their romance, which included being each other’s first loves when they were young and reuniting as adults, but somehow it magically worked. “She Was Pretty” was like a fairytale at some points because of its encouraging message that superficial beauty didn’t matter as much as inner beauty. Park Seo Joon in his role of Ji Sung Joon showed his love for Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) perfectly, not only through big gestures (back hugs, kisses) but even through actions like affectionately gazing at Hye Jin and smiling slightly to himself. There are many beautiful and romantic scenes in this drama which will definitely warm your heart even on cold winter days and will leave a smile on your face.

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