Taemin ‘Press Your Number’ Music Video & Song Review

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By Sana Parvayz

K-pop is becoming a global phenomenon, and the bridge between Western Pop and K-pop is rapidly decreasing. 2016 has already kicked off as a year filled with Western collaborations, beginning with 4MINUTE and Skrillex on their latest album and now SHINee Taemin’s collaboration with Bruno Mars. There’s been hype for his newest album “Press It” since the teasers. And now that the music video for the title song “Press Your Number” dropped, we’re witnessing nothing less than perfection.


Taemin’s “Press Your Number” is produced by Bruno Mars and team Stereotypes, who have worked with various famous western musicians in the past. The single is an urban pop dance song about a man expressing his broken heart while waiting for the loved one. The song starts off with sensual sighs and a guitar accompanied by synths. Further, the song falls into an electronic beat. The song is amazingly recorded and the sound quality is rich. The chorus is catchy and the vocals are pleasing to the ears.

Moreover, as the title says, Taemin keeps on calling his lover, hence the pressing of the numbers. However, he never gets an answer from the other side. The following lyrical lines expresses the situation really well, “… I started talking to myself often. even though I call you, you don’t answer often. where are you now? Please come back to me….”

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The song definitely has those Bruno Mars vibes we all know with a hint of SHINee flavour. “Press Your Number” shows a mature side of Taemin as an artist. Interestingly, this song has some similarity with Bruno Mars’ “Press It” demo. The demo has a laid back tone, where as Taemin’s “Press Your Number” is more upbeat and lively.

Music Video

The music video starts with Taemin robbing a convenience store. The idol played the part of the criminal and victim as well, from robbing the store to crashing his car. The video shows a lot of symbolism and artistic themes, such as the blue roses that followed him everywhere he went that referenced his past following his present. Eventually, his gang is caught by police, but Taemin escaped. Later on, Taemin started to hallucinate and reached a point where he could no longer bear himself. So, he sets himself and his car on fire. Although the video doesn’t show any direct relation between the girl and Taemin, it still signifies that there was something important between them. The girl casted in this video was also a part of SHINee’s “View.”

Furthermore, the choreography is unique and exquisite. Taemin’s dance moves showed Michael Jackson’s influence. The back-up dancers synced really well with Taemin. The music video captured heavenly landscapes which made it aesthetically pleasing. The cinematography of this video was graceful and the locations were beautiful. Also, the colour correction is mind-blowing; it was like blending the Victorian era with the 21st century. The castle, car, his suit and dial-up telephone gave a vintage feel to the video, blending with urbanization by showing cityscape and modern apparel. SM Entertainment really made sure to highlight Taemin as a promising artist. Taemin portrayed mature and intimidating image through his recent music video and album.

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SM Entertainment also released two dance versions for Taemin’s “Press Your Number.” Both of the dance versions were shooted in different places and different costumes, following the theme of the music video. Have a look at the both dance versions which higlighted Taemin’s dancing skills.

Overall Thoughts

Excluding BoA and Kangta, Taemin is the first SM Entertainment artist to get a solo full-album. Without a doubt, “Press Your Number” is remarkable in every perspective; from song to video, both are aesthetically pleasing. I think Taemin has raised the bar for other SM artists and K-pop idols alike. It definitely showed artist growth since “Danger,” and I can proudly say that I am in love with this work.

Taemin 'Press Your Number'

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