Top 6 Must Read Articles to Mark Our 2nd Anniversary

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Two years ago, we decided that we were going to do something. What that thing was, we’re still trying to figure out. But since May 19, 2014, there has been a lot of truly inspired, entertaining, and all-around interesting pieces written by our staff. Over the years, there’s been a few pieces that have stuck out to all of us. They may not have been the most popular articles, but our writers put together a list of their personal favorite KultScene pieces from over the years.






I don’t particularly like lists. I really don’t like Hyunseung’s song. Yet I love this list about Hyunseung’s song.

— Joe

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This feature is definitely one of my favorites because it’s probably the most challenging one I’ve worked on so far as an editor. It’s pretty pleasing to think back how Tamar turned a seemingly boring interview into a compelling feature full of interesting facts and anecdotes with a little editorial direction. It was also a topic no one had discussed before and was later used as reference for multiple sites when Girls’ Generation released “Party.”

— Alexis

Aside from the flashy outfits and occasionally overdone and layered makeup, something that a K-pop fan can always look forward to when awaiting for their favorite artist/idol group’s new music video to drop is the choreography. Whether they impress you or not is up for discussion. In this article, Joe does an excellent job of comparing what are two completely different worlds of dance and how they, in the end, influence one another. Dancing isn’t quite the same as it used to be, but those who appreciate and follow the core values that were made from the beginning will be the ones who will help keep it alive and fun.

— Tam






I would probably pick someone else’s article, except I remember getting so upset when I read the Wall Street Journal’s article that just seeing the title of my own piece makes me fume. This is one of the few, in-depth pieces I’ve done for KultScene and I think it is the ideal sort of think piece we’d like the site to be known for. We began the site two years ago as a place for creative content related to the world of Korean pop culture so… Here’s to the future of KultScene!

— Tamar

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The first article from Kultscene which I had randomly chanced upon was also the article that eventually convinced me to join the team. Joe boldly touched on several sensitive topics that I had been very curious about (JYJ’s relationship with SM Entertainment for example) and gave many detailed insights that convinced me to see things from his point of view.

— Anna






This music video and song review was one of the first articles I’ve published for Kultscene, and by far carries the most personal meaning for me. When the music video for BTS’s “Dope” first came out one of the editors suggested I cover it, and me being the eager rookie correspondent that I was at the time, answered with an enthusiastic “sure!” Only problem was… I knew little to nothing about the group. While that shouldn’t be an issue for a task that required only analyzing the form and content of the song and video, I always had this preconceived notion that good writers researched everything about their subjects before doing their work. In this case, that meant learning all their names and quirks in addition to what the group stood for. All I can say is that a lot went into writing this review; I surprised myself with what I was able to do as a writer of music with a nonexistent background of music theory and of BTS. I would like to think that it was my extensive labor instead of the group’s obvious fanbase that landed this review in our top ten most viewed articles of 2015, but that would be rather narcissistic of me, wouldn’t it? Perhaps almost as narcissistic as highlighting a past review that I had done on a list of Top Ten Must Read Articles.

— Shelley

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