Breaking down Red Velvet’s ‘Redmare’ show in Dallas

by Nnehkai Agbor

Red Velvet traveled to Dallas for the first time ever with their Redmare tour earlier this month. The second stop by the group in the U.S. during this tour, it featured special moments, tangible energy, and fan-favorites from the group’s “red”-themed albums. Adding more meaning to the night, the sold-out show took place on the birthday of member Seulgi, who celebrated turning 25. Despite the dreary weather, Red Velvet’s vibrant aura consumed The Verizon Theatre At Grand Prairie on Feb. 10.

Red Velvet perform Russian Roulette

by Nnehkai Agbor

The quintet kicked the concert off with “Russian Roulette” and “Power Up,” getting the crowd excited for the night ahead. The ladies treated fans with solo dances and introductions before their first few songs, before taking break with what would be a series of fun intermission videos that showed off their quirky, captivating concept.

The group’s dual identity ventures between “red’” and “velvet.” The former consists of peculiar, upbeat pop tracks while the latter is mature, refined R&B tracks. No matter what genre is incorporated into either concept, there’s always a chilling ambiance to every song, and it was visible throughout the night. For Redmare, both concepts blend to create an enchanting nightmare by mixing innocence with eerie results. One video intermission shows the group having fun while enjoying each other’s company, but one member takes her science experiment a little too far causing the rest to shrink or grow beyond belief. The video then returns to cheerful atmosphere as the women find humor in the situation, while another brings them to a gory haunted house.

Red Velvet_Dallas_2

by Nnehkai Agbor

Throughout the night, Red Velvet treated fans to several songs they had yet to perform Stateside. “Mr. E,” “Zoo,” and “Hit that Drum” took fans on a safari ride with the ladies donning outfits similar to animals. Following “Hit the Drum,” Red Velvet took fans back to the song that started it all: “Happiness.” The song was a stand out moment reigniting fan energy. The concert continued the momentum with half a performance of “Lucky Girl” paired with “Bad Dracula.” “All Right” was a pleasantly welcome surprise, and the upbeat R&B track transitioned the concert into the groups’ “velvet” side.

Red Velvet_Dallas_3

by Nnehkai Agbor

“Blue Lemonade”’s mellow vibe eased the group into R&B ballads “About Love” and “Moonlight Melody” as each member flaunted their vocal abilities securing the crowd’s attention. The latter served as a special moment between fans and Red Velvet, and emotions were high throughout the venue during the quintet’s heartfelt rendition. In general, Redmare had copious amounts of fan interaction as Red Velvet has a special way of making each of their fans feel seen and appreciated. From tossing easter eggs into the crowd to asking for recommendations about the best things to do in Dallas, their playfulness and charms filled the entire theatre.

The group then upped the ante with the English versions of “Bad Boy” and “RBB (Really Bad Boy).” Excited fans belted out every word to the song, not missing a beat as they joined in by mimicking the choreography with the ladies.

Red Velvet Dallas_4

by Nnehkai Agbor

One of the most poignant moments of the show was during lead vocalist Seulgi’s birthday celebration, as Reveluv, their fans, gathered together to organize an event. From around the theater, fans waved signs wishing Seulgi a happy birthday during “Moonlight Melody.” Each member expressed how meaningful Reveluv are to them, and how special it was to be able to share the day with them on Seulgi’s birthday. Overwhelmed with emotion, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri fought back tears while being consoled by Irene and Wendy.

The encore brought out even more fan interaction, as the members navigated across each section of the stage gazing from floor to balcony to catch a glimpse of each fan in the crowd. Red Velvet’s contagious smiles and bright energy manifested throughout their performance of “Day 1.” It was the most intimate interaction of the show, and things closed out with a bright “Red Flavor.” 

Overall Experience

Red Velvet_Dallas_5

by Nnehkai Agbor

While there was a noted lack of “velvet” songs performed compared to “red,” the songs performed played more into Redmare‘s quirkiness. Each tune’s placement was well thought out in their grouping, and the setlist showed the ladies abilities as singers and entertainers.

The graphics and visuals over the course of the show were memorable, and the group’s ability of making every person in the room feel something is commendable. It felt like we were all friends hanging out singing our favorite songs, and the connection between Red Velvet and Reveluv is impressive. It’s like an extended family. The relationship and appreciation for each other was evident in Seulgi’s birthday celebration, making it clear that Red Velvet and Reveluv have an unbreakable bond.

Redmare in Dallas had laughter, tears, and intriguing moments. Beginning to end, the energy never left. The ladies proved why they are a growing force in K-pop’s expansion through their personality, visuals, and dedication, and hopefully they’ll be back soon. 

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