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12 visually appealing K-pop music videos

K-pop is often too hastily branded as being overwhelmingly bright and obnoxiously over the top as far as music videos go. While some videos certainly do still fit this stereotype, K-pop has evolved into so much more. Creating music videos has now become an art form in its own right. Whether it’s boy groups or […]

Day6’s ‘I’m Serious’ song & music video review

Since debuting in 2015, Day6 has flown under the radar as JYP Entertainment’s underrated rock band. But with their newest project, Every Day6, they’re sure to gain success and recognition. Through this project, they’ll be debuting two new singles on the 6th of every month this year. So far, the releases for the last three […]

CNBLUE’s ‘Between Us’ music video & song review

CNBLUE’s music has changed greatly over the years and their newest song “Between Us”, released on Mar. 20, adds even more layers to their unique sound. With this new track, they continue to evolve as musicians while still portraying the talented band we all love. Having had their last comeback in April 2016 with “You’re So […]