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5 Reasons To Love Kim So Eun & Song Jae Rim On ‘We Got Married’

Even before the couple’s first episode aired, those of us at Kultscene thought that We Got Married‘s latest couple was worth watching. Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim are both actors who are talented on their own, but together they make up one of the best couples We Got Married has seen in a long time. The two come together to form a realistic couple, with their similarities and their differences, and are truly enjoyable to watch. The two actors are completely different, incompatible, but somehow they make the audience forget that everything is just for the sake of the show. It’s impossible not to watch this couple without grinning at their interactions, and getting squeamish when it comes down to their over-the-top moments.

[Disclosure: This contains content from the latest episode, so mind the spoilers.]

1. A Perfect Match

Couples need to be different, but they also need to have similarities, and that’s the case here. Both Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are actors with impressive careers but not superstars, so they have a hard-working determination that makes them perfect for one another.

Song Jae Rim Kim So Eun WGM Selca

Some couples on We Got Married are unevenly matched in their careers, but Jae Rim and So Eun are in similar places and really connect over that. Their personalities also match, and, even when bickering, the two find similarities and things that they can bond over– taking selfies, loving cats, living alone, saying “my style,” and countless other things.

Song Jae Rim Kim So Eun Sunglasses Selca ‘We Got Married’

2. Realistic Couple

The two make you forget that We Got Married is just a faux-marriage program. Instead, Song Jae Rim tries multiple times each episode to get closer to Kim So Eun, whether it’s putting his arm sneakily around her or when he tries to kiss her neck in romantic gesture. He constantly teases So Eun about intimate relations and going to bed together that it’s hard to imagine that there are cameramen following them around.

Song Jae Rim Kim So Eun Skinship ‘We Got Married’

Even though Kim So Eun thinks Jae Rim’s cheesiness and attempts at skinship are over the top, she can’t resist his charm. The two became close early on and even felt comfortable watching a mature movie together. They tease each other like normal couples do, but even when they annoy each other, Jae Rim and So Eun find the other charming.

Kim So Eun Hitting Song Jae Rim ‘We Got Married’

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3. Song Jae Rim Is Cute and Sexy All At Once

Known for his powerful roles in The Moon Embraces The Sun, Inspiring Generation, and Two Weeks, as well as for being eye candy in The Idle Mermaid, Song Jae Rim has completely ruined his image on We Got Married.

Song Jae Rim Sexy Bed Picture ‘We Got Married’

He’s gained the nickname “Obligation Song,” due to how he does everything that So Eun asks him to do. Kim So Eun and the in-studio audience cannot handle his over-the-top compliments sometimes, although in the latest episodes, So Eun’s started to be just as ridiculous as Jae Rim. He’s so, so, so cheesy that even the MC’s can’t handle it.

4. Kim So Eun Shows Her Tough Attitude and Soft Side

The leading lady doesn’t take anything from her man, even when he tries to tease her by not wearing boxers under his hospital gown. Jae Rim pushes, and So Eun pushes right back. But she also makes him dinner, visits him when he’s ill, and puts up with his over exaggerated attempts at flattery. She’s a bit more innocent than Song Jae Rim, and admits that she hasn’t been in a relationship in a while, but even though she gets flustered when he teases her, she is ready to match him head to head rather than letting him take control of the situation. So Eun’s able to take as much as Jae Rim gives and it’s simply fantastic to watch them try to go head-to-head with one another. (Plus, she’s great on Liar Game!)

But, at the end of the day, Kim So Eun is independent, and whenever Song Jae Rim teases her, she finds something to tease him about. JaeRim couple may as well be called “bickering couple” based on how they go at it sometimes, and it’s absolutely amazing.

5. Kuni Omma & Olla Appa

We Got Married couples usually have names for each other, often “darling” or “honey,” but this couple became parents early on in their marriage. Both Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are cat lovers, and instead of dropping their cats off somewhere else during filming, they both brought their cats, Kim Seo Eun’s Kuni and Song Jae Rim’s Olla, to their We Got Married home. Of course, they also needed to carry all the necessary supplies with them, like catnip, a Range of CBD products for cats, treats, and more, to make sure that their beloved cats are well taken care of.

The cats make a common appearance, and the two have bonded over their common love by decorating their house and clothes with cat decals. They let the cats sleep on the bed, which didn’t leave room for the couple. Kuni Omma and Olla Appa’s response? Build a cat tower from scratch and forcibly lift the cats to it after sprinkling catnip on it.

Song Jae Rim Kim So Eun ‘WGM’

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Bonus: Eric Nam Is The Best Commentator

Eric Nam is an unwitting star due to his hilarious reactions at Jae Rim and So Eun’s interactions.

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