5 Fave Moments from Giriboy & Blacknut’s San Francisco Show

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On Mar. 25, Korean hip-hop stars, Giriboy and Blacknut came to San Francisco and conquered the stage at one of the hottest night clubs, The Grand. Giriboy and Blacknut first gained international fame when they joined the cast of Korea’s Number one hip-hop show Show Me The Money and have been making waves ever since. Although the concert didn’t start until midnight, the dance floor was filled with fans hours before the show who were ready to party with their favorite Korean rappers! The whole show was amazing but here are some of our favorite moments.

The Club Atmosphere

The room was jammed packed with people and bright lights, with the DJ playing the latest hits as confetti fell from the ceiling. It was the perfect environment for the energetic duo that was about to hit the stage. By the time the opening talent for the K Hip Hop Fest started, the crowd was already wild!

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Giriboy’s Stealthiness

giriboy korean rapper k rap hip hop concert show san francisco sf

The Grand, although big, offered a very intimate stage where fans were just a couple feet away from the performers. Since there were VIP tables all around the stage, all of the opening rappers were up there hanging out and having a good time when, although there was a very clear route to the stage, Giriboy seemed to appear out of thin air. Everyone gasped and then yelled ‘Giriboy!’ once they realized he was on stage. His presence commanded the room and just like the best things in life, he appeared out of nowhere and was gone quicker than we could imagine.

Blacknut’s Antics: ‘My name is GD’

blacknut black nut korean rapper concert show san francisco sf korean hip hop rap k

Blacknut’s antics were everything we could dream of and more! When he came on stage, the amount of energy he brought with him was intense. The whole crowd was so hyped! However, nothing could prepare us for what he had in store. As Blacknut started his set he introduced himself by saying “Hi, my name is GD… Ladies, if you think I’m hot just throw me your bra!”


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That Giriboy/Blacknut Duo!

giriboy blacknut san francisco sf show concert k hip hop k rap korean rappers

When Giriboy said ‘last song’, the whole crowd was sad. But that quickly ended as we received a pleasant surprise: the beginning of Blacknut’s set and the night’s hottest collaboration. The pair put on an amazing performance of the Giriboy classic “Rain Showers,” which got the whole crowd going crazy!

Blacknut Shirtless: No Musele

 No that is not a typo. Blacknut continued to surprise us as the night went on. The most unforgettable moment was when he took off his shirt and revealed his bare skin with a special message on his abs, ‘No Musele.’ Even if you don’t have any muscles, Blacknut, we still love you!

blacknut black nut sf san francisco show concert korean rapper korean hip hop rap khip hop

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