epik high new york dallas vancouver los angeles chicago toronto songs information shows

10 Epik High Songs to Get You Ready for Their North American Tour [UPDATED]

epik high new york dallas vancouver los angeles chicago toronto songs information shows

After slaying SXSW last month, Epik High will come back to this side of the pond with their North American tour. And while a lot of K-pop acts only come to one or two cities in the U.S., the YG Entertainment group will embark on a real mini tour hitting cities such as Vancouver and Dallas.

And since we’re all very excited for the tour, we figured we would put together a list of their top songs to get you ready and excited.

1. Don’t Hate Me

If anyone can put on a show, it’s Epik High, made evident at the 2012 MAMA Awards when they performed Don’t Hate Me with one of the most memorable acts of the night. Decked out as iconic Batman villains, the group turned up the whole venue with their hate brushing-off anthem. You can expect lots of jumping around, by the members and the audience, during this song.

2. Wannabee

Is this Daft Punk? No, it’s Epik High! Even though the song’s sound is very dated now, it won’t stop fans from jamming out to this high energy, epic (pun intended) song. Once again, jumping around is a must during Wannabee.

3. One

Another jam in their extensive repertoire that, despite the Euro-pop beats, still sounds relative today. Or maybe it’s nostalgia? Either way, One’s comforting message will hit you right in the feels and you’re probably going to have a moment there…

4. Love, Love, Love

Epik High are the best at taking their emotional songs and performing them with such great energy that they seem like party tracks. And how cute is it when they sing the featured artists parts like in Love, Love, Love and even do a little dance (I see you Tablo!).

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5. Umbrella

The good part about Epik High’s tracks with other artists singing their choruses is that at concerts, it’s the audience who will most likely get to sing it. Umbrella is another heart-wrenching song that will demand a moment from you; it tugs at your feelings even if you don’t exactly know what they’re rapping about.

6. Fan

While Fan is seemingly sweet, it’s actually about obsession, but with that mid-tempo beat and the soft vocals at the chorus, all you’ll be doing is grinding a bit to the track. The song is a tad… well… old, but it still sounds very relevant.

7. Over

In order to have a great show it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to keep the audience jumping and dancing. Sometimes in order to really connect with fans you need to go deeper. Epik High does so with songs like Over, which with its English lyrics, it would be perfect for North American attendees to sing along. Besides, with it’s very relatable lyrics, it just might be the perfect pick.

8. Run

Run is one of those songs that takes you back to the times pre-YG when Epik High was more experimental with their sound than traditional hip hop. The empowering track will surely have everyone in attendance jumping with their hands in the air.

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9. Fly

Watching DJ Tukuz spin is a spectacle of its own, but with such good punchlines, you can expect the group to turn the audience up with Fly. Not to mention they engage with the audience a lot, so their shows always feel very dynamic.

10. Born Hater

One of the most awesome things about Born Hater is the roster of rappers Epik High called upon to collaborate with them. Sadly, it’s impossible to have them all in every show. However, that does not detract from the awesomeness at the least. The group is all about the anthems, and this jam is no different. Born Hater is one of their songs with the most prominent hip hop feel, so you know the energy will be at one hundred.

Thanks to Siva Group, Epik High will hold shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Dallas, New York, and Toronto on May 28, 29, 31, June 5, 12, and 14, respectively. Tickets will go on sale on April 15th at noon (each city’s respective time zone) on Siva’s site. However, you must hurry in order to score VIP tickets and Meet-and-Greet packages! For more information, visit the same site or follow them on Twitter.

epik high vancouver dallas toronto los angeles san francisco chicago new york locations dates north american tour 2015

More shows added:

June 1 – Vancouver, B.C. – Vogue Theatre *encore show added*

June 2 – Seattle, WA – Showbox SODO *venue changed*

June 4 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues

June 7 – Atlanta, GA – Center Stage

June 13 featuring guest Masta Wu – New York, NY – Best Buy Theater *encore show added*

The May 31st, June 2nd, 12th, and 14th are sold out.

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