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’20 Once Again’ vs. ‘Miss Granny’: Which One Is Better?

Korean comedy film “Miss Granny” was released in 2014, and due to its massive popularity, a Chinese remake “20 Once Again” was produced in 2015. Both the movies received a lot of international attention, partially due to its engaging storyline but also because many famous stars were casted for the films. Remakes and adaptations are […]

Artist Spotlight: April

DSP Media’s rookie girl group April entered the scene last August and has released three albums since then. They’ve also had their fair share of pre-debut drama and member departures, even though it’s only been less than a year since their debut. With so much going on for them however, why is it that April remains […]

5 Must See K-dramas of 2015

With the arrival of 2016, it’s another new year for K-dramas but before we look to the fresh selection of anticipated dramas such as “Cheese In The Trap” and “Moorim School,” let’s take a look back at the wide array of dramas we enjoyed in 2015. In particular, here are my top five picks. Though […]

5 Underrated K-Pop Solo Debuts of 2015

2015 was a year chock full of K-pop goodness, both for groups and for solo artists. In particular, there were many idols who made their solo debuts this year. While some of them were well-received in Korea and on international charts, there were also some others who didn’t garner so much attention. As with most […]

K-Drama’s Latest Trend: Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss is a pretty common K-drama trope that has been used many times over the years. It’s used to create some emotional angst for the drama’s plot, but it’s also been widely recognised as a very cliché and boring plot device, resulting in its lessened use in the past few years. Memory loss is […]

Which K-Pop Male Rookie Group Are You? [QUIZ]

If anything, 2015 has been the year for rookie male K-pop groups as many fresh groups such as iKON and DAY6 have made their successful debuts. Armed with both youthful energy and high-level performance skills, these groups are likely to become big hits and household names in the K-pop industry in the future. From synchronised dancing to […]