Intro To Lovelyz

Woollim Entertainment’s upcoming girl group Lovelyz is the long-awaited little sister group to popular act INFINITE, and the company’s first girl group. Because of these two factor and the fact that Woollim is also the company that created popular hip-hop trio Epik High and one of Korea’s most popular indie rock band’s Nell, Lovelyz is highly anticipated.

Fans have been waiting for the so-called “Woollim Girls” for a long time; one fan reserved the Twitter handle @WoollimGirls in August 2011. Because of their popularity, some people are wondering who these eight girls are, and we know about them.

Lovelyz also released a teaser video for the group’s debut song, Good Night Like Yesterday. Yoon Sang, who has written songs that IU and Ga-In have sung, wrote the song. The album will be called Girls’ Invasion. 


Image credit: Woollim Entertainment

Image credit: Woollim Entertainment

Baby Soul

The leader and vocalist, Baby Soul, was born in 1992. Her legal name is Lee Soo Jung, and she’s one of the most popular members in Lovelyz. Fans of INFINITE’s subgroup, INFINITE-H, will recognize her rapping on the songs Fly High and Crying.

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However, Baby Soul’s done more than just feature on songs. She released a solo song, Stranger featuring Wheesung, in 2011. She also released a duet, She’s A Flirt with former Woollim trainee Yoo Ji Ah in 2012. Along with several other members of Lovelyz, Baby Soul has appeared in several of INFINITE’s dance performances.


The main vocalist gained attention for her solo song Gone due to the music video featuring popular actress Kim Yoo Jung and EXO’s Xiumin. She also featured on INFINITE-H’s Life Goes On. JIN’s legal legal name is Park Myung Eun.

Lee Mi Joo

Lee Mi Joo appeared in INFINITE’s music video for Last Romeo as the love interest. She will be Lovelyz’s rapper/dancer.

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Yoo Ji Ae

Lovelyz’s visual and vocalist released a solo song, Delight, in 2013. She is best known to long-time INFINITE fans who watched the group’s pre-debut show, You’re My Oppa, where she acted as the group’s little sister. Yoo Ji Ae also appeared on a 2013 episode of Running Man with other trainees.

Seo Jisoo

Born in 1994, Jisoo appeared as a contestant on Korea’s Got Talent in 2011. Her special talent? Imitating animals, specifically puppies!

Kei & Ryu Soojung

The two members only appeared publicly as Woollim trainees during a year-end KBS show, where seven members of Lovelyz danced with INFINITE.

Jung Yein

The maknae joined Woollim Entertainment in July 2014 and was born in 1998.

Lovelyz also released two other videos, a teaser image video and a pre-debut video. The image teaser is Girls’ Invasion:

And their pre-debut video:

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