Super M’s ‘Super One’ song ranking

By Maddy Myer

Fresh off two pre-release singles, a new partnership with the superhero media franchise Marvel, and performing their title track “One (Monster & Infinity)” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, SuperM are on a roll. The super K-pop group dropped their debut studio album Super One on Sept. 25, almost a year after their debut. 

The group billed “the Avengers of K-pop” is composed of Taemin from SHINee, Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Lucas and Ten from WayV, and Mark and Taeyong from NCT 127. Even though the members are from different SM Entertainment groups, they mesh together to create the ultimate group. 

Much like the group itself, Super One is the perfect debut full album from the group. With slower R&B songs like “So Long” and faster EDM style songs like “100” all in one album, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

That being said, it’s always fun to rank your favorite songs when a new album drops. Not to mention an album with 15 tracks is very rare in K-pop, where EPs are usually the norm. Though the album has no skips, I do have songs that I prefer over others. This may change as I listen to the album more and more, but for now, here is my ranking for Super One songs.

15. “100”

It’s sad to say, but this song is all over the place. I’m not a fan of the “we go 100” being in the beginning and the chorus as well. I didn’t think too much energy in a song could exist, but it seems this song accomplished that. With so much going on, there is not time for the listener to appreciate the song. You come out listening to it and only remembering “we go 100.” After listening to the whole album multiple times, they could have picked a different song for the first pre-single, in my opinion, but if you’re a big EDM fan, this song may be better for you.

14. “Line Em Up”

The song feels almost incomplete to me. Similar to “100,” it is also another chorus that only used a few repeated phrases for catchiness. I prefer real choruses, so that is my main grievance for this song. I did like how they tried out a new style, but with that kind of track, I think the lyrics could have been better. Nevertheless, the ending is my favorite part simply because of the vocals.


13. “Monster”

After hearing “One (Monster & Infinity),” the chorus on “Monster” is not as good. The chorus is lackluster in comparison because of the same beat being used as the start of the song, rather than switching it up. I think I would have appreciated this song more if I hadn’t heard “One” first. And with other “Monster” songs from SM artists, it’s the weakest. Regardless, the vocals are still very nice and I can see this being played a lot next month as the “Monster” theme fits well with Halloween season.

12. “Drip”

I was excited about hearing “Drip” in full after the preview in the Beyond LIVE concert, but I was somewhat disappointed. I honestly thought it would be a subunit song since SuperM’s first mini album had a few songs without all the members. The beginning isn’t as good as it could be and the background noise during the majority of the song is unnecessary. That being said, it would be great for making a TikTok challenge. People could strike different poses with jewelry while “drip” is repeated. It is also very short which in most cases makes a song stick in your head, but this had the opposite effect on me.

11. “Big Chance”

“Big Chance” is really close to being in my top 10, but I just liked “With You” a little bit more. Kai’s rap verse is unexpected, yet incredible. The lyrics and vocals are very sweet as well. I just wish the song was longer. I can see it being in a soundtrack for a feel-good movie because I couldn’t help but smile while listening to it. I get the message that whatever chance you have at achieving something, you should take it. Songs that resonate messages with listeners always tend to make me listen to them more. With the perceived message and lyrics, I know I can listen to this song anytime I’m feeling down.

10. “With You”

“With You” was another song performed as unreleased during their concert last year. The energy from the members during the concert was infectious. Even though at the time people didn’t know the song, the energy transferred from them to the fans in the arena. For certain parts of the song, I can picture people jumping up and down while it is played at a club. It’s a nice song with almost love song lyrics and overall a good closer for the album.

9. “Together at Home”

“Together at Home” gives me an ‘80s feel. It’s always cool to see songs written by the artists performing them. It’s not necessary, but if the artist took part in writing a song, they most likely have an even stronger connection with it. Finding out that Mark and Taeyong wrote lyrics for this song made it that more special. I really like the heavy bass and synth vibes in the song and the experimentation the track did.

8. “Wish You Were Here”

“Wish You Were Here” is an amazing lively song. Even though you’re wishing for someone, I still feel like it’s a positive song. The raps are also well placed before returning to the impressive vocals. I can honestly see an acoustic version of this song coming out and being a big hit as well. You know those songs you can just lose yourself in if you close your eyes. That’s exactly what this presents. When the “ba-ba, ba-ra..” starts, that feeling really sets in.

7. “Infinity”

“Infinity” is the more rap heavy of the two songs featured in “One (Monster & Infinity).” It is also the better of the two songs. With how much energy this song has, you could do anything from workout to daily household chores while listening. Then the switch up to almost a robotic sound completely throws you for a loop before returning to its set tone. This was also the chorus I preferred out of “Monster” and “Infinity.” Even the vocals are high energy, but not in a bad way, in a way that makes you want to repeat the song over and over again.

6. “Better Days”


“Better Days” is such a beautiful song. It is very relatable right now with everything going on in the world. We have to remember there will be better days and songs like these are good escapes from the current rough days. One could slow dance to this or even be serenaded. If concerts were happening right now, this would be the song where the arena would be filled with swaying iPhone flashlights. All in all, it is the most emotional song on the album.

5. “One (Monster & Infinity)”

“One (Monster & Infinity)” is the song I was a little hesitant to listen to. After learning that it was a combination of “Infinity” and “Monster,” but listening to the song you couldn’t tell it was a mashup. The song flowed really well and honestly took the best parts from both songs. I think it is a great pick for the title track. Seeing it performed on Ellen also made me like it more. The music video was also really good and since it came out before the rest of the album, I listened to it a lot and already almost have it memorized.

4. “Step Up”

“Step Up” may just be the song you hear before you enter the gates of heaven. Baekhyun and Taemin’s voices at the beginning prove why they are two of the best male vocalists in K-pop. And they don’t just sing well, they also put so much emotion into their singing, listeners can’t help but feel it. This song has it all and by the time it gets to the “step-up” chorus, it makes me feel like I’m running in a video game. Now with all the different elements at play here, people may wonder why it’s not in my top three. The reason is “Dangerous Woman.”

3. “Dangerous Woman”

I won’t lie, when I first heard “Dangerous Woman” live at Super M’s concert in Dallas last year, I thought they were about to cover an Ariana Grande song. But as the intro started, I realized this was their own song and it was a damn good one. I think it is my favorite example of a song where the members harmonize together for a big chunk of the song. Their voices complemented each other so well. The iconic back and forth between Ten and Mark is another great highlight of the song. Then at the end, Lucas and Mark come in with a fire rap to top it off. This song had everything a hit song should have, but there was one song that had an even more iconic part that couldn’t go unnoticed.

2. “Tiger Inside”

Simply said, “Tiger Inside” is top-notch. Out of all the songs billed as singles, “Tiger Inside” is the strongest in my opinion. Any song that features Taeyong growling would have to be ranked high. His part of the song went viral on Twitter prior to it’s official release and rightfully so, it is very captivating. In all seriousness, “Tiger Inside” is a super catchy song with an infectious beat. Just when you think the song is over after a high note, in comes a fast tempo rap. The song was performed in full during the group’s Beyond LIVE concert back in April, and waiting those several months was pure torture. It is also my favorite music video out of all the singles. The next song is the best song on the album is one that I think deserves its own music video or at least a THE STAGE performance.

1. “So Long”

Coming in at No. 1 as the best song on the album, we have “So Long.” The thing that makes it stand out is its balance between vocal power and rap flow. It also has harmonies between the members that I’ve been praising. The rap isn’t a high tempo, yet it still remains compelling. The song starts off with silky smooth vocals before the beat picks up. You can’t help but want to snap your fingers and dance. The chorus is an actual chorus rather than just a repetition of one word seen often in songs nowadays. The slow rap is also the icing to the strong vocals throughout the song. After ¾ of the song is done, the strong vocal ending before “I throw ‘em up” is the best in the whole album as well.

Final Thoughts

After a successful mini album, Super One was an appealing full album that showed the group’s evolution. For their debut full album, the members harmonized together more, the songs flowed better, and the raps were even more crisp. Since there were more than just five songs, they were able to show off more styles and distribute lines a little bit better. They had a reinvigorated confidence and edge that solidified that they are indeed K-pop’s supergroup and they’re here to stay. 

With so many songs on the album, there was no way there wasn’t a song for everyone. If you want a song to play on a rainy day, Super One has it. If you want one to turn the bass up to in your car, it has that as well. Try showing your favorite songs from the album to a few of your friends and see what they think. I bet they’ll find a few they like as well, even if they aren’t Super M fans, maybe they will be soon.  

There are sure to be more surprises in store for fans, whether it be another Beyond LIVE concert or exclusive interviews. Let’s see if SuperM can repeat a No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with this excellent album Super One

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