Omega X’s ‘Vamos’ mini album review

OMEGA X vamos kpop debut review album mini
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By Júlia Henn

Giving up when something does not go the way we hoped it would might be most people’s first instinct. Well, not for the members of Spire Entertainment’s newest boy group, Omega X. All 11 of them come from the same scenario in the K-pop industry: they were part of groups that are currently inactive or have disbanded, or, in some cases, never even got the chance to debut.

Each of the 11 has a particular story in this industry, but some of them were not strangers to each other before joining Spire Entertainment. Xen and Jehyun were members of the group 1TEAM, which disbanded on March 2021; Kevin, Junghoon, and Hyuk were part of the group ENOi, which also announced disbandment early this year; Jaehan, – the eldest in Omega X – and Taedong were both contestants on the second season of the K-pop survival reality show Produce 101, placing 75th and 30th. Also, they were also part of the now defunct boy groups SPECTRUM and GIDONGDAE, respectively.  

As for the remaining members, Hwichan is still part of the currently inactive group Limitless; Sebin is a member of the inactive SNUPER; Hangyeom placed 6th on the survival reality show Miximine – which later canceled the debut of the winning contestants –, and was a member of the now disbanded Seven O’Clock; and the maknae, Yechan, ended up in 4th place on the reality show Under Nineteen, debuting as a member of the group 1THE9, which had its disbandment announced on August 2020.

In a business as competitive as K-pop, where young people with a dream train for years for the opportunity of someday making their big break, where new groups debut (and fail) every day, it is hard enough to secure a first chance when it comes your way. But a second chance, it is practically a miracle, and the boys of Omega X are eager to prove they deserve it.


Now, they finally have the opportunity to prove themselves and show the world what they are made of with Vamos, their first mini album that brings together heavy hip-pop and EDM beats along with Latin rhythms. About the group’s expectations, Jaehan says on the group’s press release, “The 11 of us are thrilled about the release of Vamos, our new start, and meeting the fans.” Regarding the process of making the album, he adds: “We poured our hearts into this album, and now we’re ready to share that energy with our fans.”

With only five tracks on the EP, each of them showcases a different layer of the group, each song allowing the listener to understand a bit more who Omega X are. For those who are just being introduced to them, it is a chance to get to know their personalities and particularities; for old fans of the boys, it is a chance to appreciate a different side of them in a new journey.

The first track is “OX Win Ha!,” which if you have watched their Youtube reality show Loading – One More Chanx, you might have recognized it as their group slogan. This is an instrumental track filled with energy and featuring samples of shots being fired, which make you feel like you have been hit by the intensity of their music. In mere 42 seconds, Omega X already manages to make a statement of their power and intensity. 

Next we have the title track “Vamos,” filled with strong beats and a melody that mixes Latin rhythms, hip-hop, and pop together, which is reflected in its multilingual lyrics, with parts in English and Spanish, besides Korean. It is a dancing track that presents the best the group has to offer – be it vocals, rap, or choreography, as it is noticeable from the music video. The music video for the song is a celebration in itself; colorful, stylish, and fast. It doesn’t offer a storyline but, instead, quality entertainment.

The third track on the album is “Ice Tag.” While still keeping up the energy the group has already made it clear it has to spare, this album cut is not as intense as the two previous tracks — it’s sexier. Both in rhythm and in lyrics, which might feel like a call back to the sensation of flirting with someone at a party, a feeling more perceptible in parts such as “Before the city lights go out, let’s run away just the two of us.” Arguably the most romantic song on the album, “Ice Tag” is a banger.

The second-to-last track on the EP is the self-titled “Omega X.” This EDM piece is a sibling to “OX Win Ha!” Both songs fulfill the same role, which is to show the world who are Omega X in all their powerful, intense, and determined glory, reminiscent of a group that so wishes to prove themselves. Thanks to the confident lyrics and the crowd vocals effect present in the chorus, giving an epic feeling to the tune, “Omega X” is even more powerful and successful in its mission than the album’s first track.      

Closing out the very first mini album of a group is not an easy task, but “Younger” seems to be the perfect choice for it. With an innocent child’s laugh playing, the track shows it is the most different and personal song on “Vamos” from the first few seconds, and it is also the only piece on the EP with lyrics by the members. A sweet and hopeful melody cradles lines that talk about staying young and enjoying the best moments of our youth. It is a message that certainly carries a special weight for a group formed by boys who are being given a second chance to achieve their dreams.


Overall Thoughts

One thing that gets clear once you get to know Omega X is that they might have preferences but are never stuck in a specific role. For example, Yechan has a great singing voice, but at some moments shares the rapper role with Hangyeom, who shines in the lowest parts of the songs on the EP. Same goes for Xen. Even in a group with so many members, everyone has something to add to the dynamic and shine for their versatility — a trait that will come in handy in determining the longevity of the group.

Overall, Vamos is a solid debut mini album, managing to showcase both the strengths and tenderness of the artists. During their reality show, the boys mentioned they wanted to have a concept that was pure, sexy, and fresh. And with this album, they got their wish granted. Listening to Vamos is an opportunity to get to know a new K-pop group that is bound to be successful, thanks to their determination, talent, and camaraderie.

Omega X's "Vamos"

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