Weekly K-pop faves: April 17-23

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At last, K-pop’s starting to pick up, with more and more artists dropping new music. This week, we’ll tackle our fave up and coming rookie groups, as well as a much anticipated solo debut from a renowned artist.

“Will You Go Out With Me” by DIA (Released Apr. 18)

I am a huge fan DIA’s unique brand of aegyo. Theirs is brash, not innocent, and slightly deranged. While new single “Will You Go Out With Me?” is not as chaotic as “Mr. Potter” or “My Friend’s Boyfriend,” DIA do not lose their trademark edge. Apparently produced by the girls themselves alongside member of Brave Sound Park Hyun Joong, “Will You Go Out With Me” sounds like a little sister companion to another Brave Sound belter Stellar’s “Crying.” Squealing synths drive the girls to confront their crush rather than wait. This is best encapsulated by rapers Huihyun and Eunjin’s conversational style. They swap between straight rapping and inquisitive confrontation. It goes well with the best vocals of their career so far as well, abely helped especially by new member Jueun. To top it all off, the video has a Terence Malick-esque intro with whispered voiceover and backwards walking.

— Joe

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“Easy Love” by SF9 (Released Apr. 18)

I haven’t really been a fan of a lot of the music rookie boy bands have been putting out so I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to SF9’s “Easy Love” for the first time. The song is more melodic than their previous releases, and I’m here for it. It reminds me a lot of BTOB’s early songs (“Insane,” “Irresistible Lips”) because it both shows off the group’s evocative vocal capabilities while still providing space for the rapper’s to do their thing. The song’s pre-chorus build is pretty unique, at least recently, leading into the song’s hook. I honestly enjoyed “Easy Love” because it sounds a lot like the K-pop boy band releases of a few years ago rather than the EDM-focused music we’ve been seeing lately. It’s a good sound for SF9, and I honestly think it works much better than their other songs (I’m looking at you, “Fanfare.”) SF9 were just announced for KCON NY and I was kind of unimpressed, but now that I heard “Easy Love” I’m looking forward to their performance.


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“Flashlight feat. Jay Park” by Minzy (Released Apr. 17)

After giving up every hope of CL’s solo (I like to think “Lifted” never happened), I put up all my expectations on another ex-2NE1 member, Minzy. My faith in her was tested when she released an OST ballad, but it was all cool, cause that wasn’t it. “Ninano” was everything I expected from her, but “Flashlight” was what I wanted. From various 2NE1 songs we knew homegirl could sing and rival even Bom, but I didn’t know she had a bit of soul in there. “Flashlight” is more pop than actual R&B, but I’d go as far as to say that Minzy is probably one of two female idols able to tackle the genre successfully (the other one is Hyorin). If Jay Park would’ve sang instead of raped in a “My Boo” kind of way, it would’ve taken the song to a whole other level. Alas, this didn’t happen, but his Drake-esque sing-rap verse worked and gave the song another dimension. Minzy should further develop an R&B sound rather than try to go the CL in “Mental Breakdown” route.

— Alexis

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