KCON 2016 NY’s M! Countdown Day 2 Concert Recap

bts kcon new york 2016

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If KCON 2016 NY presented by Toyota’s day one concert was a blast, the follow up M! Countdown show closed the event off with a bang. Held at Newark’s Prudential Center on June 25, the night prior was visibly not sold out, with whole sections of the nose-bleeds empty. That changed the second night, though, and it was all thanks to a certain K-pop boy group with a massive American fandom…

Mamamoo Shows K-Pop Girl Group’s Aren’t Just Sexy Or Cute

But KCON is not just about the boys, and Mamamoo proved it. It’s a rare sight when a girl group draws screams from men and women alike, and this K-pop quartet is one of those that appeal to everyone. Singing their hits “You’re the Best,” “Mr. Ambiguous,” “Taller than You,” “Piano Man,” and “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” the girls sang mostly (with exception to the last one) without a back up track, slaying the stellar vocals they are known for.

mamamoo kcon new york 2016

Courtesy of CJ E&M

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Eric Nam Tries to be a Stud. Fails

A KCON LA regular for fan engagements and MCing, Eric Nam was finally part of the concert lineup. And how could he not, given that he’s a fan favorite in the States and he’s dominating the charts in Korea with his latest releases? Eric kicked off his set by cheesily giving out roses to fans before jumping right into “Good For You.” Unlike the playful and dorky personality he showed in “After School Club” and everything else he appears in or talks on, Eric turned the male soloist grease on. It might have worked for him if fans had not known his true colors, but he did take the opportunity to show off his improved vocal range with “I’m Okay” and “Heaven’s Door.” Plus, once the music was off, it was regular Eric who made fun of fans for screaming when he drank water. Moreover, even if he gets teased a lot for it, fans in the US love “Ohh Ohh,” which Eric said he was unaware of. And after apologizing for not including it in the set and promising to perform it in the future, he closed his set with his newest release that has been gaining non-K-pop American attention, “Into You.”

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Day6: Korean Alt-Rock Band. Period

Another highly anticipated act of the two-day concert was Day6, which was reflected by the screams and squeals from fans once the screen lifted and five shadows behind their instruments appeared. When the arena was booming with the melancholic sound of “Letting Go,” it was all coming out of the guys’ instruments; no backing track necessary. Day6 made it a point to show that they’re a legit band, jamming through “Congratulations” and “Freely,” off of their first album.

But one of the night’s highlights was the special stage prepared by Day6. After a very awkward introduction by the returning MC’s Rap Monster and Ailee that included the former briefly imitating BIGBANG T.O.P’s rap, the JYP Entertainment band performed what they called “Day6-style” covers of CNBLUE’s “I’m a Loner,” Big Bang’s “Lies,” and Wonder Girls’ “Nobody.” For the last one, Mamamoo ascended to the stage to help the guys out with the chorus, making it a truly memorable performance for the books.

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Kids Watch Their Parents Kiss Thanks to Ailee & Eric Nam

Also delivering a special collaboration stage were BFF’s Ailee and Eric Nam. Who knows who made the executive decision to have these two friends perform Soyou and Junggigo’s “Some,” but they did. And it was awkward. So awkward that, after Eric opened a car door for Ailee, holding hands, and telling each other “you’re mine,” they burst out laughing as soon as the song ended and declared it was “weird.” Their friendship is well-known, but still, it was a funny experience, and fans got to see their playful and natural interactions as they introduced the night’s headliners.

BTS was KCON’s Main Attraction & They Knew It

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To say the Prudential Center went in uproar once BTS came on stage is an understatement. Fans and non-fans alike went insane once the first beat of “Fire” blasted through the speakers. It was lit. Bangtan killed their choreography throughout the whole set, especially with their latest release “Save Me.” Not to mention that, with no backup track, they delivered fierce raps and outstanding vocals, all while not missing a step. That night was the BTS show and they guys knew it. KCON sets are generally comprised of the latest release plus the greatest hits, but Bangtan knew their fans made up the majority of the audience so instead of going with the singles, they performed their b-sides “Boys With Fun” and “Cypher pt. 3.” Once again, the crowd went berserk. And to close the whole event on the highest note possible, their last song was “Dope,” which embodies what their whole set and the last night of KCON was.

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