5 CL Outfits We Want to Wear

Has there ever been a time when you look at an K-Pop artist’s outfit and you really wish you could own it? Idols are mostly always fashionable from head-to-toe, thus having fashionistas around the world on the lookout for inspiration. But no one makes us yearn over their outfit choices quite as the Baddest Female herself, miss CL.

The 2NE1 leader wears fierce outfits like no other idol, because not only does she have the right body for it, but she also has all the sass. Her style is very versatile and always evolving; you will never see her in the same style every time. She can be seen wearing something super feminine one day, and exploring her man repeller the next. Although it’s much, much more, we’ve picked five times where CL completely slayed fashion and made us want to dress like her.

1. Unicorn dress

CL wore Jeremy Scott’s F/W 2012’S Unicorn dress during 2NE1’s promotions for their first Global Tour: New Evolution. If there is anyone who can pull-off this look anywhere is CL. Even if this look can’t be worn in the real world, we still desire and would love this dress to be part of our closet. It throws you back to our childhood and those Lisa Frank stickers.

2ne1 CL fashion

2. Moschino by Jeremy Scott

CL’s Instagram gives you a very inside look to “The Baddest Female’s” world. Moschino was revived by Jeremy Scott recently, and many fashionistas fell in love with his fast food inspired collection. CL was lucky enough to have Jeremy, his dear friend, gift her pieces of his collection for her birthday. That Moschino sweater and bag are to die for; they are inspired by the iconic McDonald’s golden arches. Who wouldn’t love to have those pieces in their wardrobe?

3. Versus by VERSACE

During the Falling in Love promotions, 2NE1 wore head-to-toe Versus by Versace. The label really brought out those iconic prints that Gianni Versace made famous in the ‘90s. This collection sold out online really fast, and the crop top that CL is wearing was one of the most coveted pieces. If we could have that crop top we could easily pair it with so many things, like ripped boyfriend jeans, a circle skirt, or joggers. It could work for anything!



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4. Kesh for American Apparel

CL wears from high-end designers to more accessible labels like American Apparel. When 2NE1 wore the acclaimed Kesh for American Apparel pieces, Blackjacks around the world were very happy. The collection had just launched and it was very attainable since it wasn’t crazy expensive.

5. Shaun Samson and Chanel

Who doesn’t love cats, especially if it’s a cat that has piercings all over his face? CL wore Shaun Samson’s SS 2013 pierced cat shirt and paired it with checkered shorts and Chanel creepers. G-Dragon also wore these pieces before during his Michi Go promotions. But seeing the way CL styled both items together, it really makes it look effortlessly chic.



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[Featured picture via LuannaMaria]  

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