Music Video Fashion: Red Velvet’s “Automatic”

Red Velvet debuted with amazing looks on their track Happiness, which showed the girls with a fresh and innocent look. Then the girls took the risque road with Be Natural, which showed a fierce side. Now the girls are back as a five member group with their new member YeRi and a new music video for Automatic, fresh off of their upcoming first album Ice Cream Cake. The girls once again took the classy sexy route and showed amazing fashion inspired by an iconic era in fashion that is very on trend with the spring/summer 2015 fashion lines that are being showcased on fashion runways right now.

Putting aside the beautiful cinematography of the music video, the styling is very trendy. The music video and clothes seem to be taken straight out of the ‘70s, which is one of the top trends for this spring/summer season. The ‘70s is one of the most iconic eras in fashion, full of glamour that still continues to inspire. Many fashion houses like Prada, Chanel, and Givenchy were inspired by it for their collections, so it’s no surprise that SM Entertainment appropriated this trendy look for their newest girl group.

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But with this comeback, Red Velvet plays with both words in their name once again to show duality. Red is used to showcase their sexy and fierce side while velvet shows their more bubbly and soft image. From head-to-toe, the girls are fully styled with silhouettes from the seventies: Flounced and trumpet sleeved shirts are mixed with modern pieces like high waisted skinny jeans and skater skirts that create a very refreshing look for the girls. White lace dresses and Moschino by Jeremy Scott’s Barbie collection were used in the car scenes for the music video to once again show a modern look of the girls.



Along with the retro outfits, this time around, Red Velvet underwent a complete hair transformation. The girls got their hair dyed in different shades of strawberry blonde, a complete 360 from the black-and-rainbow concept that they debuted with, as well as the un-dyed look that they wore in Be Natural. For the video, Red Velvet wore their hair styled in long, big, loose waves featuring centre parts. Their makeup was kept simple and very natural with only terracotta eyeshadow and nude lips.



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So if you’re loving this concept and want to recreate some of Red Velvet’s looks, here are a few tips: Go to your nearest favorite retailer like Forever 21, Zara, Topshop, or H&M and find your favorite bell sleeve top and pair it with skinny high waisted jeans. If you feel a little bit more daring, grab a simple crop top with a halter neck line and pair with with flare jeans that taper from your waist and start flaring out at your knees. You’ll look just as fabulous as the the girls!

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