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VIBE & 4MEN Songs to Know Before their U.S. Concerts

Production company Powerhouse recently announced their latest set of concerts on U.S. soil featuring VIBE and 4MEN. Both R&B duo groups will serenade audiences in New York and Los Angeles on February 11th and Valentine’s Day, respectively. And what better way to spend this romantic holiday being treated to a show filled with heartfelt performances?

Single or with a partner, Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love and friendship. But even if you have a broken heart, VIBE and 4MEN songs about love, happiness, and many other human emotions can surely mend them or at least make you feel warm inside. The duos have made their careers doing music that move audiences, making it the perfectly convenient occasion for the L.A. and NY shows. With discographies that go back to the 90’s and countless OSTs under their belts, we can count on these duos for a romantic, memorable night.

But with such long careers and member changes, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what songs both groups will perform. That’s why we did some digging and came up with these tracks that you absolutely must know before the concerts.


After Kim Young Jae left the group following his contract’s expiration last March, Shin Young Jae and Kim Won Joo continued 4MEN activities as a duo and released this power ballad. Even without their hyung, the remaining members continued the 4MEN legacy with their incredibly strong vocals.


Last year’s album, 1998, also delivered Pray, which was a little bit more lively than its predecessor but still heart wrenching. The sense of longing the members are able to deliver throughout the song displays the duos incredible skills as performers.

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The Man, The Woman

When this song came out in 2006, VIBE slayed the charts. And with such a powerful song, the duo will continue the slayage by performing a now classic hit.

As I’m Getting Older

Singing about age and being lonely, VIBE puts their pipes to rest with As I’m Getting Older. The feel is much more mellow, but the message is still strong and the members convey their angst.

Thorn Love

In Korea, if you’re a great ballad singer, you’re probably making bank singing OSTs for dramas. 4MEN, as the incredible vocalists that they are, have more than a few these out there, but it is Thorn Love from Empress Ki that stood out thanks to the drama’s popularity. The song is a bit more fast than 4MEN’s songs and feels a bit livelier, but with their signature abundance of emotion.

Drink Again

Another VIBE classic that moves audiences even by it’s simple opening piano is Drink Again. This is one of those songs that is music together with pure emotion, which the members leave on the stage every time they perform it. It’s a very nostalgic song that you can’t help but to feel in your chest when you listen to it.

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I Miss You So Much

But since these shows will be a joint concert with both groups, they obviously have to perform together at some point. This will be the perfect opportunity for VIBE to bust out I Miss You So Much from their greatest hits album MEMORIES which features 4MEN. This song showcases what a great team the duos make when they form a quartet. Their vocal ranges go from powerful to sweet to mellow and back to strong again.

In order for the event to truly celebrate the essence of Valentine’s Day, both concerts will feature surprise events for singles and couples, where they can win prizes.

The VIBE and 4MEN Valentine’s Concert in New York and Los Angeles will take place on February 11th at the Best Buy Theater and 14th at The Wiltern Theatre respectively. Ticket prices range from $125 to $50, plus surcharges. New York and Los Angeles tickets are available at Powerhouse.

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